Posted September, 2021

frTo make the long story short, i wonder how to get away with plagiarism for my final lit essay. I’m just a freshman 🤓 trying to get to know all the college stuff. Just as i thought I was doing great, my professor got my class to write that final literature essay on Shakespeare. I know its an easy task, but im not that good with words 😥
Anyone here has any ideas/had any experiences? My prof is just too picky when it comes to copying from somewhere. And it’s a lit essay, for shuck’s sake 😐😐

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Posted September 19, 2021

yea, right, if you’re seriously wonderring how to plagiarize a paper without getting caught, you wont get much help here. unis today are extremely harsh about that and the checks are insane 🤯🤪
my big advice here would be to paraphrase as much as you can, whether you copy from the source or anywhere else. that should help a lil bit

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Posted September 19, 2021

hi there! so, you’ve made it to college, thats cool enough already. essays should not be a problem to you, just trust me. i recommend you finding some other students’ essays and read them carefully first. then try to repliocate there style but ‼️ 🚫 DON’T ever copy anything from there. you can shuffle sentences a bit, use synonyms. you know, improvise

Posted September 19, 2021

@mansicky, making it to college doesnt end all the troubles there. and if you’re seriousyl asking how to plagiarize without getting caught then the answer would be “magic”. theres no sane 🤪 way you can trick turnitin or almost any other plagchecker your college uses. so you sould just spill your very own beans about the topic and cite your sources correctly whatever they are …

Posted September 20, 2021

i don’t suppose theres anyone here who got away with plagiarism 👽 just like that. the best advice here is to use your head and be creative as you write.

Posted September 20, 2021

dunno, man 🤔 you can just try any free plag cheker out there. see how much plag you got there and then correct a paper just a bit

Posted September 22, 2021

I guess what you wanted to ask was “how can i lower plagiarism level in my final essay?” there are many techniques regarding that. the first thing you should do is to find out what percentage of plagiarsim is acceptable. in most cases that would be somewhere between 5-15%. to lower plag checker’s chances to wrongfully “bust” you, try writing as much as possible in your own words. if it’s a lit final essay, you’ll probably need to cite a lot. and that’s okay because a paraphrased citation will never be considered plagiarism. paraphrase, summarize and cite. these are the ultimate rules. trust me, there’s nothing wrong with sitting down for a couple of hours on the weekend and just giving yourself your best try. and you wont ever need to learn how to plagiarize and get away with it cause you won’t have to 😀

Posted September 22, 2021

i know that feel man, Shakespeare’s been a pain for many. just stay strong, brave and try to be original. you’ll get it right ✊ i believe in you, man

Posted September 22, 2021

wow there are so many ideas here! 😃 i’ve got another one for you. when youre writing about Shakespeare, just don’t try to be too original. youll inevitably copy and paste from some most obvious sources. try not to explored the unexplorable, if you know what i mean. just relax and state what you think and know about him and his works and you’ll be 100% fine with no plagiarism. i’ll not be the only one to tell you that the only way how to not get caught for plagiarism is not plagiarizing in the first place 🤫

Posted September 22, 2021

theres only one thing you must remember about how to not get caught plagiarizing an essay. and that’s being original and writing in your own words.

one good way to do that is to know the “show dont tell” rule of writing and do exactly the opposite. instead of trying to visualize the story for the reader, siply retell it. 😬 write as dry as possible. don’t describe how characters feel, tell it from the third person perspective. dont bother for more. that’s exactly what your task is and this is the only way to trick the plag checker. you won’t be original but at least you wont plagiarize either. hope this helps 😌

Posted September 22, 2021

there’s def no way you can trick turn it in no matter how much you want it 😞

if youre not good with words, try reading essay writing service reviews and asking one for help. there are lots of them and many can write great original essays that won’t ever be plagiarized. and if you have your own draft, you can ask them to deplagiarize your work and make it look more original. this way is a bit expensive and looks unfair but if you need your essay fast and with good quality thats the only way ☝️🤫

Posted September 23, 2021

man, you shold have asked how to lower your plag level in essay, not how to not get caught plagiarizing. cause you simply cant. you 🚫must write in your own words and quote at minimum

Posted September 23, 2021

lol, theres only one way to get away with plagiarism. and it looks like this

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Posted September 23, 2021

okay, just as @rievered said, getting away with plagiarism is impossible. but there are easy ways to lower your plag level at least for turnItIn. this is a lit essay, so youre in luck. there are lots of helping resources to do that. (1) theres sparknotes for you. that’ll help you learn about your source very quickly. the summarise there are very easy to learn but are also very detailed.
(2) to learn how to cite corectly, you get purdue owl. no point in saying anything else here. (3) finally, to get some inspiration from actual essays, look for free essay samples from real students online.
📌remember only not to copy anything from there as they were submitted already. this way you’ll learn how to plagiarize successfully without even plagiarizing in the first place. good luck! 😀

Posted September 23, 2021

nah, forget about it. there’s no possible way to trick turnitin 😒 that freakin machine knows it all. if you actually wanna learn how to plagiarize and not get caught, you wont get an actual answer

Posted September 24, 2021

@Daysioss42, yea, these litearture essays get more and more painful with every year alright. how can you have a 0% plag if you have to cite from the original source? 😕 ⁉️ never could get it

Posted September 24, 2021

just chillax, man 🙃 plagiarism is not a criminal offense. yes, it’s bad and you wont get the top grade with it, but at least you’ll have your work done. there are lots of ways to learn how to plagiarize an essay in a sophisticated way so that no machine could detect that… just google it 😅

Posted September 24, 2021

@Wittentry, dude, plagiarizing (especially deliberately) in your college essay might not be a crime but its still an offence against your college and education system!! 🚫 just dont even try doing it and consult your writing center

Posted September 24, 2021

if you don’t just copy and paste when writing your esssay, you dont plagiarize, as simple as that 🤷‍♂️

Posted September 24, 2021

learning how not to get caught plagiarizing is one of the ultimate questions for students. and there are very few options. you either learn to write yourself or pay someone to write an essay for you. originality seems to be priority nowadays, so theres no way you can get aaway just like that