Pros & Cons
  • free essay samples
  • urgent assignment delivery
  • affordability
  • urgent 1-hour delivery
  • poor paper quality
Writing Services: Yes
  • Discounts: 15%
  • Types of Papers: School homework, essays, research papers
  • Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmericanExpress
  • Minimum Deadline: 3 hours
  • Lowest Price: $9.35 for 300 words
  • Guarantees: 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee
Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Samples 1k+
  • Number of Categories 500+
  • Access Free
  • Originality of Samples Almost all Original
  • Quality of Samples High
Tools: Yes
  • Essay topic generator, Plagiarism checker, Grammar checker, Text summarizer, Thesis generator, Title page generator, Paraphrasing tool, Case converter, Word counter, Words to minutes converter, Words to pages converter, Test score calculator, College GPA calculator, High School GPA calculator, Final grade calculator, Semester grade calculator, IELTS band score calculator, Random words generator, Alphabetizer, Citation generator

This company offers good prices and discounts for college students with a great collection of free essay samples. Although it sounds good on paper, things are far from being bright because it is either good luck or total failure. Placing our order with this company, we have encountered serious plagiarism issues and formatting mistakes that required urgent revisions. Since this company may not respond to your requests, it is better to avoid it. It has several good samples if you take time to research available posts and some free tools are good as well, yet it should not be your first choice for academic writing services.

As we started completing our Ivypanda review, we have already heard both positive and negative reviews about this service. That’s why it was important to evaluate things to find out how this company functions. The service offers writing help with college/uni tasks with a plethora of free college essays samples. According to them, one must describe some tasks that they want help with, so they connect you with an academic expert in about ten minutes. In addition to that, Ivypanda also offers several free online tools like word counter, thesis generator, or plagiarism checker. Before we proceed with details, it must be said that this service is legal and has a registered office in the United States. This company operates within the academic tutoring field, leading a transparent activity with the various scholarship offers, competitions. It even has a section where student’s questions are answered by the experts.

Free Writing Tools for Students

IvyPanda offers numerous free tools, including Essay Topics Generator, Text Summarizing Tool, and Thesis Generator. For example, an essay topics generator will ask you to enter some terms. It will result in various books or journals that deal with your topic, which is probably meant to help one along when brainstorming various ideas.


The tools that we have encountered are quite good and do not have any hidden (paid) features.

Paper Writing Samples

Ivy Panda promises over 100,000 free essays samples that you can download free of charge. Their sorting system is really good because you can choose among most popular subjects, look through some essay topics, select papers by essay type, essays by number of pages, or by the word count.


It makes it quite convenient, considering all these papers on offer. Now, what about plagiarism?


As we can see, no problems have been encountered.

Access: Website offers free essay samples without any paid subscriptions.

Samples Originality: Our reports have shown that their papers are almost original samples and have a copyright removal feature in case an author wants to see their paper removed.

Number of categories: more than 500 categories, including Religion, Psychology, Politics & Government, Tourism, Transportation, Sociology, Law, Education, etc.

Accuracy of samples & categories: Most of them appear to be accurate and are sorted in a good, convenient way.

Samples quality: It would be safe to say that most of them belong to medium quality but they follow the same problem – lack of a good thesis statement and structure. It can be either due to strict deadlines or not knowing how to do it properly.

Considering the amount of free samples on offer, it would be incorrect to state that they are all wrong since it is physically impossible to analyze them all. Nevertheless, Ivypanda.com must think about some quality control system that would at least check some samples in terms of thesis statements and compliance with an academic research structure.

Internationalized Education and Campus Management Essay

Category: Education

Topic: Campus Management

Words: 853


Analysis: The paper is generally good if one considers the short word count that has been used for this particular writing. The introduction part is too short and starts with a quote that does not focus on management methods or practices that would be suitable for international education. Since no thesis statement has been provided, it does not follow an academic writing structure, which can become problematic for some colleges.

Human and Drug Trafficking as Transnational Organised Crimes Essay (Critical Writing)

Category: Law

Topic: Human Trafficking

Words: 2207


Analysis: The paper has ideas scattered all over with no clear structure. It is one of those problems that we frequently encounter with our Ivypanda.com review while looking through free essay samples. It is a serious omission since it makes it impossible to focus on an argument or follow the thoughts of an author. Grammar is generally good with no serious issues. Another problem with this sample is the lack of analysis and an overfilling of one’s text with numerous sources, which is not always good for proper research.

Spitchcock in Middleton’s “A Trick to Catch the Old One” Essay

Category: Literature

Topic: Literature Analysis

Words: 259


Analysis: The paper is written in the first person, which is generally considered wrong for an essay paper unless it has been specified. The lack of introduction makes it a bit difficult to understand as the author starts with the list of thoughts and then starts with a personal analysis with no explanation regarding any background or anything leading to the main argument. Our Ivypanda.com reviews also noticed a frequent lack of clear thesis in their samples. The paper also lacks proofreading, which would help to eliminate minor stylistic mistakes.

Sample 1

Internationalized Education and Campus Management Essay

Sample 2

Human and Drug Trafficking as Transnational Organised Crimes Essay (Critical Writing)

Sample 3

Spitchcock in Middleton’s “A Trick to Catch the Old One” Essay

Interface and Usability

Regarding website’s interface, it is quite convenient and we had no trouble finding free samples or learning how to place an order. Nevertheless, it is the paper’s quality that matters more in this case.

Types of papers:
All types

IvyPanda Prices

Speaking of prices, they offer various writing levels from high school to Master’s, which means that you can pay $10 for 275 words or $36 for a page that is urgent. It will be written by a skilled specialist. Judging by the Ivy panda reviews found online, they usually meet most deadlines, but it will always depend on the complexity of your task or the writing level that you choose.

Delivery Time

They promise to help you in 3 hours, yet our deadline has not been met with all the revisions involved. Looking through various online websites Ivypanda reviews fail to mention any difference between promises and reality, which is a bit suspicious.

Writing Services and Academic Assistance

IvyPanda offers professional homework help that “can be done in about three hours”. Placing an order, we decided to check whether it is truly so. The ordering process took about five minutes. We were quickly matched with an expert based on our details. We had a choice of picking between their top 5 writers. Even though we could get in touch with our experts, it took them much longer than we expected.

Unfortunately, with all revisions and things we had to add to make our Psychology analysis paper better, our deadline has not been met. Our final essay sample has not been proofread. Our paper included some reference mistakes with indents and spacing. Considering their experience, it is surprising!


Prices. The normal price for a 1-page essay of 275 words with a 3 days deadline is normally $20, which is quite high for college-level writing. At the moment of our analysis, we had a 15% off discount, resulting in $17.

Payment options: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover. As a legal company, they keep things confidential.

Revisions: they have a money-back guarantee and free revisions. However, it did not help us much since it took much longer than our paper’s writing itself.

Confidentiality: no issues here.

Customer Support. They reply immediately and act friendly by answering most questions and telling you about free essay options, student scholarships, and some other features offered free of charge like plagiarism checker.

Our review of IvyPanda had a negative experience. We received an unsatisfactory essay, which required over five revisions and resulted in a missed deadline.

Essay Writers: Who Are They

There is no way to choose the best essay writers online unless you pay and they match you with an expert for your particular case. No information regarding writers’ credentials or any background information. You can communicate directly, which is a good option if you know what you want to receive.

Quality of Written Papers

Customers can choose between School, College, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. levels. The price for one page will go from $16.15 per page to $29.75 per page with their 15% off discount. The quality will increase (supposedly!) as they will match you with their skilled specialists.

Ivy Panda Review and General Thoughts

Generally, Ivypanda has good online reviews with most complaints dealing with waiting for customer support to reply and getting their payments proceeded.


Speaking of Sitejabber, they have 4.9 / 5 stars with the only complaints related to their high prices.


Our experience, however, has been opposite as we received a mediocre quality essay. 2.5 / 5 stars here.

Our Order From Ivy Panda

If not for revisions, our final paper would not meet academic writing standards even among those non-picky college professors. Reading through IvyPanda reviews we could not meet any details regarding deadlines being met or anything about topics they have chosen. Dealing with Psychology, we had to sort paragraphs on our own and ask our expert for a better balance between our sources and analytical writing.

The company appears to be fully legit and provides various information regarding their background in the field and experience of offering academic help. Ivypanda focuses more on their tools or free samples than on the quality of essays that they provide.


Is IvyPanda safe?

Yes, we can assure you that this company is legal and safe to use. Their name is quite famous among users. They have a great deal of reviews and feedback online.

Is IvyPanda plagiarism-free?

Judging by their samples, they are not plagiarism-free as many students may have used them already. However, we have received an original paper done by their writer.

Are there IvyPanda discounts?

At the moment of our Ivypanda review, we have received a 15% discount. Check their website banners, social media channels or simply ask customer support if there are any discounts available.

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1 Reviews

The instructions i gave them were detailed and clear, no ambiguity at all. Still they decided to do what they liked and completely ignored the guidelines i asked them to follow. I dare not submit this work else i am getting F. Please make it right and get the work redone and submit it to me as soon as possible.

1 Reviews

No regard for customers. The writer was unapologetically rude and he didn’t do a great job. I want my money back please. I can’t continue with you guys.

logan p
1 Reviews

Thanks and no thanks… the essay you delivered was below the quality i wanted.

1 Reviews

I hope you treat your future customers well because I didn’t deserve the treatments I got from you guys. I paid you really well and added more for quick delivery yet you guys disappointed me. It is honestly unfair

1 Reviews

Zero uniqueness, poor writing technique

1 Reviews
Ivy Panda

Loved the operator. the paper was not perfect, but still ok, thanks

1 Reviews
Ivy Panda

Everything was fine until the teacher intervened. It’s good that your service provides free revision.

1 Reviews
Ivy Panda

the service is disgusting! I do not recommend it!!!

1 Reviews
Ivy Panda

I am satisfied with this service. I have ordered work here 2 times already, so far they have not let me down.

1 Reviews
Ivy Panda

I rate the quality of the paper at 4 out of 5

1 Reviews

I didn’t like the conclusion of my essay, so I asked them to redo it. They redid it without too many questions, for which I am grateful.

1 Reviews

The service provided clear and concise communication throughout the process which pleasantly surprised me, but I lacked some zest in the text.

1 Reviews

I used an essay writing service for the first time and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I got my essay on time and it was pretty well-written, but on the other hand, it was really expensive and I’m not sure if it was worth the money. I also had a hard time communicating with the writer and making sure they understood what I wanted. Overall, I guess I would recommend this service if you’re in a bind and don’t have time to write an essay yourself, but it’s not something I would use all the time.

1 Reviews

My experience with IvyPanda was a mixed bag. On one hand, the platform offered a wide range of study resources and academic materials that were helpful for my research. The website’s user interface was intuitive and easy to navigate, making it convenient to access the resources I needed. However, I found the quality of some of the materials to be inconsistent.

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