What is LetsGradeIt.com?

LetsGradeIt.com is a platform that provides students with the opportunity to share their thoughts, reviews, and other information regarding various academic assistance resources and writing services. The website allows its users to share helpful information about services for students and get other people’s opinions on said services.

Why was LetsGradeIt.com started?

LetsGradeIt.com was created by students with the goal of helping their peers navigate the available services and resources for students, provide true opinions about them, and give a personal rating. Assessments posted on the website are genuine and independent, which makes it a great asset for students who want to learn more about a specific service, as well as to express a personal opinion that will be helpful to other users.

What can LetsGradeIt.com offer me?

Here you can find fair personal reviews of writing services that you can trust, as they come from your fellow students. As a website user, you can offer your personal honest opinion on various services and rate them. LetsGradeIt.com also offers various tools and web resources that contain essay samples for students and other helpful information. Get involved with the Q&A community to learn more about us, and discover tools and services that students love.

How does LetsGradeIt.com differ from other review platforms?

At LetsGradeIt.com we strive to provide 100% fair and honest personal reviews about different writing services that fled the market, which can be counted on to be true, as they come from their primary consumers – students. We don’t use this platform as a marketing tool for our own services, but rather as a virtual space for students to interact and give their feedback about numerous tools and services. Being students ourselves, we encourage others to share their opinions, as we share our own.

How is the review score determined?

Rating is calculated based on the opinion of academics, students, and the LetsGradeIt.com team. We do not prioritize our own opinion. When the review score is calculated the percentage is thus: 35% of the total number corresponds to opinions of knowledgeable academics, another 35% – to personal opinions of users, and the remaining 30% – to the opinions of our team members.

In case when the service does not have any individual ratings at the moment, the review score is based on academics’ review, which accounts for 60% of the rating score, while our team accounts for 30%.

Do websites have a say on which reviews are posted on LetsGradeIt.com?

The websites have absolutely no control over their rating and reviews on our platform. Reviews are left by individuals, who are not affiliated with the websites in any way. They are unbiased and based on personal experience.

LetsGradeIt.com rated the service unfairly. Please explain.

Rating on the website is based on many individual opinions, our team’s input being the least determining factor. LetsGradeIt.com does not control the outcome of the rating. Please check the above in order to learn how the rating is calculated.

How do you weed out reviews that are self-submitted by a company?

We take utmost precautions against fraudulent reviews. Reviews are processed via an algorithm, followed by a thorough manual check. Any submissions that indicate fraud are eliminated.

Do you get payoffs from services to promote them and give higher ratings?

Absolutely not. This website is not a marketing tool for websites. Our main initiative is to provide a safe space for students to share their unbiased opinions to help make an informed decision regarding different websites and services that are getting more and more numerous.

How do I prepare and submit my review?

We provide Guidelines for Reviewers to make the process of posting a review simple and easy. It contains tips on how to compose a constructive review. You can check companies you would like to review by entering their name into a search box or checking the list of companies on our website. The review page of each company has a “Write a Review” button you can click. Once you click it, complete the form that pops up and act according to the instructions it provides.

I posted a review but it doesn’t show up on a website. Why?

Once you submit a review it can take up to 48 hours to process and publish it. If your review takes longer than 48 hours to get posted, it is likely that it was in violation of the website’s policies. Such reviews may be inactive until they are no longer in contradiction with our guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your reviews, please contact us and we will do our best to further clarify the matter and resolve any issues.

I changed my opinion about the company I reviewed before. Can I change my review?

Of course. You can always return to your previously posted review and edit it so it corresponds to your current opinion. The edited review will influence the rating accordingly.

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