How can I write a great review?

Many students want to contribute their opinions about different writing services, and it’s great! But how to do that effectively? Describe only a website you actually used. Mention key factors of its work before stating whether you recommend it. There is no need to include boring technical details: just list what you loved and hated most. Imagine yourself in the place of a reader and answer the following questions: what would you find most useful? What would help you make a decision for or against a company? Follow this principle when writing your review and give other students valuable insights.

Is there something I shouldn’t mention in my reviews? won’t publish reviews about companies you’re connected with. So, if you own a firm or work for it, don’t review it — this wouldn’t be fair. Avoid swearing or using strong language because you never know who’s reading what you wrote. Some of our visitors are school kids who are just learning about online assistance. Personal attacks are also not welcome. Even if a company lets you down terribly, keep it cool. You can crush it intelligently, without stooping to profanities or hate speech.

Can I write a negative review?

Sure. If a company failed you, let other students know. What worked for one person might not work for another, and diverse opinions help find a golden middle. Just note that you need to be honest. Misleading and false information can result in serious legal ramifications, so better not risk it.

Do you delete any reviews?

Only in rare cases. Free speech is essential, especially in a business like ours, so we post most reviews no matter what they feature. Still, there can be exceptions.

  • Bias because of a reviewer’s personal connection with a company
  • Describing someone else’s experience
  • Personal attacks and profanities
  • Review doesn’t have relevant info
  • Reviewer stole someone else’s opinion

Rest assured that if we end up deleting this or that review, we do it only for the protection of our visitors. Fake comments are a thing, and we do everything in our power to eliminate them.

My company got a negative review. What should I do?

Try not to worry about it. It happens to everyone — no one can provide a flawless service, especially when the human factor comes into play. Actually, as research shows, a combination of negative and positive reviews makes a company more trustworthy. Just keep negative comments in mind and try to improve your service. If you are a company’s owner and want to reply to some reviews about it, please let us know at [email protected], and we’ll make it happen.

Does your website post all reviews?

We urge everyone to share their opinions if they have something to say. There is no discrimination, so you don’t have to concern yourself with it. Our QA team reads every review and checks how authentic it is, whether the reviewer is biased, if their language is respectful, etc. If they find no big issues, they’ll post your comment.


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