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  • Easy to navigate
  • Many types of services
  • First-time discounts
  • Not enough samples
  • Outdated essay examples
  • High prices
Writing Services: Yes

BestEssays provides numerous writing services. Students could order papers like essays, discussions, analyses, dissertations, reviews, critiques, case studies, lab reports, etc. These writers could also edit or proofread your essay, create an application or write a part of a large project. Programming, presentations, CV writing, and cover letters are present as well. Such width of choice impressed us.

Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Categories: 4
  • Access: Free
  • Originality of Samples: Mostly Unique
  • Quality of Samples: Low to Medium
  • Number of Samples: 22
Tools: Yes


Easy to Use: Yes



The idea for review wasn’t recent as this company has been working since 1997. It’s been on our radar for some time, but we delayed our research into it. We changed our minds after more of you began to leave their requests and ask us to review this service, so here we are! BestEssays has a predominant purple design with a modern layout. It boasts of having a 94% success rate among its customers and it provides various academic writing services. The prices are very high even for simple orders. Our team found mixed reviews about it online, and this intensified our determination to get to the bottom and find out if the company employs actual experts. Follow us on our journey and decide if BestEssays is legit!

Samples as a Bonus for Clients

Samples are a big element of our review of Students might be stuck with their papers and want to see tips, which is why academic companies like to include examples on their platforms. Knowing that students have little cash, most managers make them free of charge. BestEssays also has this category, and we were excited to explore it. Unfortunately, we found only 22 samples. This is too little — few visitors will succeed in finding what they’re looking for since they won’t have enough papers to choose from. But quality matters most! We analyzed 4 random samples to check it.

BestEssays samples uniqueness

Access: Free

Originality: Mostly unique

Overall Quality: Low-to-medium

Summary: Few samples of low quality are not inspiring. Also, most samples have only 1 page, which is useless. Reviews of didn’t complain, but we weren’t entirely happy.

Category: Application Essays

Topic: Personal Statement

Length: 1.5 page

Analysis: This sample is a bit messy. It starts with general info and then the bragging starts. Writing applications is difficult because you need a combination of confidence and modesty, and in this work, the writer overdoes it. They keep mentioning how they differ from others without showing what made them arrive at such conclusions. The first paragraph is adequate, but everything after it is heavy-handed. Just look at these mistakes: “attending a school that was not a community college to begin with” makes no sense; the word “college” is repeated too often and creates tautology; ideas are repeated too, like about the writer being an artist and their school not having an art program. It’s not a very good sample.

BestEssays-sample personal statement

Category: Writing Services

Topic: Annotated Bibliography: Dragon’s Blood

Length: 1 page

Analysis: This sample also lacks professionalism. APA format is incorrect; the writer makes language errors and uses informal expressions. “Handy” is inappropriate for academic level; passive voice is everywhere, sometimes twice in 1 sentence; commas are often flawed or missing. The last sentence is a disaster that’s barely readable.

BestEssays sample bibliography

Category: Article

Topic: Knowledge and Knowledge Generation

Length: 1 page

Analysis: At this point, review team wasn’t surprised at a low level of quality. Some sentences seem to be a mix of words with little meaning. Inversions, flawed punctuation, wrong usage of articles — these are all serious problems that hurt clarity of thought. “A knowledge generation” is one example. Sources are outdated and unreliable.

BestEssays sample it

Category: Book Report

Topic: The Book `Speak` By L. Anderson

Length: 5 pages

Analysis: Informal language, numerous mistakes with commas, overreliance on adverbs are the biggest issues with this sample. Thesis is weak, it actually starts with the words “thesis,” which is the worst mistake one might make. “Break them up,” “basically,” “took place” — this is not academic and the content itself is overly simplistic.

BestEssays sample speak

Sample 1

Personal Statement

Sample 2

Annotated Bibliography: Dragon’s Blood

Sample 3

Knowledge and Knowledge Generation

Sample 4

The Book `Speak` By L. Anderson

Studying Interface: What the Website Looks Like

What is the first thing people see upon visiting a website? Its design and interface. Unsurprisingly, this became the first point of analysis in our BestEssays review. When we opened the home page, we immediately noticed pleasant designs in violet colors. The picture is generic but nice, and the layout is sufficiently modern. If you want to place an order, see prices, clarify which college essay writing services you could ask for, etc., the relevant sections are situated above. We applauded such transparency and thoroughness.

But there were some drawbacks. Whether you use your login or browse the platform as a guest, a lot of announcements pop up. They are bothersome and you’d have to spend some time closing them all. More than that, they keep reappearing after some time, which is really annoying. Website content is generic. It is mostly fluent, but some repetitions and mistakes are present. For example, the sentence, “Our team of professionals writer comprises more than 1000 writers” has several errors at once. The word “writer” is repeated twice awkwardly and there is an extra “s” in the word “professionals.” This is not an ideal website, though the problems are small.

Types of papers:
All types
How Much Does It Cost and What BestEssays Reviews Say About It

The agency overcharges its customers. The smallest price for 1 page is $19.13. Compare it to the market norm of $14 and you’ll see the problem. We had to pay over $100 for 5 pages. Discounts of 15% are given to new clients, but this doesn’t change the fact that you would be overpaying.

Ways to Pay for an Essay

For placing your “write my essays online” order, you need account. Make payment via MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Discover, American Express, or Wire Transfer. This is a satisfying array of choices that we welcome.

Situation with Essay Deadlines

BestEssays promises to handle orders with even shockingly short deadlines. If there are 3 hours left before your deadline, you have a chance: this company is going to accept your order and try to find an expert for you ASAP. The problem is, from what we’ve seen in reviews, the reality is different. People often don’t get a writer without any warning — even when just one hour remains, the company doesn’t tell them it failed to assign an expert.

Revisions, Refunds, and Confidentiality

Customers could ask for revisions, but only if they do it timely and do not change initial demands. Refund policies aren’t good. Basically, if you hate your essay, you’ll have to deal with it because full refunds are only for clients who canceled their orders before the writer got them. Late deliveries, bad quality — you will be lucky to receive at least some money back. Privacy is mostly good, though the agency might ask you to take a pic of your credit card, which sounds sketchy.

Who Are These Essay Writers

Is legit? Its writers differ and not all of them are qualified. On a website, students could see their profiles, but there are only 3 of them and they have dry facts. No personal input, nothing to let you feel what kind of person you’re dealing with. The company assigns them personally. Our writer made too many mistakes for us to consider them professional.

BestEssays samples

Essay Quality: A Treasure or a Curse

A curse is more likely. We asked for a standard writer, choosing against paying more for one of the top ten experts, and the results were upsetting. prices are huge, yet the quality was bad. The essay arrived by our deadline, but mistakes made our eyes hurt. Wrong tenses, weird transitions, and content that sounded like it came from Google Translate. We were shocked and asked a writer to revise it. After endless debates, the company agreed and gave us another expert. This one was better: content remained average, but the language got much better. We were almost satisfied.

How Customer Support Works

Is reliable? When it comes to communication, yes. Chat works 24/7 and operators are welcoming. The one con is that you need to mention your name and college department before contacting these guys.

Extra Options for Students

This website offers free samples and nothing else, at least nothing of value. It claims that it has such “great” perks as free revisions and formatting, but literally, every company offers the same. We find such ridiculous marketing techniques misleading.

Hear Fellow Students via Reviews

Most reviews about BestEssays are positive, but a lot of negativity is present as well. See for yourself. We analyzed comments on 3 platforms.


This is 1 example of bad reviews. Management uses the same phrases to reply to them all; clients complain about failed deadlines and low quality.

BestEssays SiteJabber


Reddit comments are primarily negative. This one has 7 upvotes and discusses the same issues with quality we faced.

BestEssays reddit


Then you have reviews on the website, and they are so fake, that even looking at them hurts. They sound like ads and are posted under allegedly real names of students. Duh! No student is willing to share their name publicly when they are buying essays!

BestEssays reviews

Rating BestEssays for Their Work

BestEssays has an okay website, free but inefficient samples, high prices, dedicated operators, and low quality. For this mix, we give it 3 stars out of 5. It isn’t the worst company but it’s far from the best homework answers website. You cannot rely on its writers. Look through our other reviews to find a better fit — your paper deserves the best.

Is BestEssays safe?

More or less. It protects privacy, but if you dislike your paper, you won’t have a good refund.

Does BestEssays have plagiarism?

No, its essays and samples seem to be original.

Are there BestEssays discounts?

Yes. New clients could receive up to a 15% discount for their first order.

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I do not like the quality of the essay. They said that my revision comments are not justified. But I do not agree. Waste of money.

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I expected to get a grade of A, but I ended up with a B.

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