Pros & Cons
  • Essay services are affordable
  • Operators are nice and quick
  • Rich choice of services
  • Tools & samples available
  • Weak quality & privacy policies
  • Dubious SpeedyPaper reviews
  • Unprofessional writers present
  • Website could be frustrating
Writing Services: Yes
  • Lowest Price: $9 (with 20+ day deadline only)
  • Minimum Deadline: 6 hours
  • Payment Methods: Visa, American Express, Discover, Master Card
  • Guarantees: 24/7 support, Free revisions, No plagiarism, Top Quality, Fast Delivery
  • Discounts: Up to 14%
  • Types of Services: Writing, rewriting, paraphrasing, grading, editing, resume, dissertation, problem solving
  • Website Navigation: Mixed
  • App: Yes
Essay Samples: Yes


Tools: Yes


Easy to Navigate: Yes



Writing SpeedyPaper review seemed like a waste of time at first because this company already has a staggering number of comments. The vast majority of them are positive, so we didn’t think we needed to perform an investigation. But over five students complained to us about SpeedyPaper: they felt disappointed and upset, and we decided that it was time to expand our essay writing service reviews by tackling this company. It emerged in 2015. Its experience isn’t vast, but it covers a great range of academic services and offers round-the-clock support. You could contact it by phone, email, or website.

Using SpeedyPaper.com as a platform is only partly convenient. It seems informative: visitors could see what services are available, how much they cost, and what policies the firm supports. Content has some language issues, but it’s cleaner than on most similar websites. The problem is that when you click on a link you find interesting, you cannot open it in a new window. It’s going to replace the page you’re currently at — this is frustrating, and it takes time as you need to go back and forth. But these were merely outward observations. We wanted to take a deeper look, and now you can see what conclusions we’ve reached.

Writing Tool for Students

SpeedyPaper has only one tool on its platform. It’s a thesis generator, and it is efficient. Visitors could use it for free without creating an account. They need to describe the essence of their paper and click “generate” for seeing the results.

Free Samples for Visitors

Everyone knows that free cheese doesn’t exist, at least not without dangers, but it doesn’t mean that students can’t hope to find the best free essay websites anyway. Samples fulfill this need. SpeedyPaper offers multiple free essays on different topics. Students could use them for useful ideas. But are they good? We chose a random sample for analysis.

Number of Samples: Over 2K

Categories: 50

Access: Free

Easy to navigate: Yes

Originality: Almost all Original

Example: Retirement Depression

Subject: Psychology

Pages: 6

Analysis: This essay has no thesis and some language issues, like a repetition of the word “population,” excessive use of passive voice, and such words as “nevertheless.” Its ideas are relevant but generic; the sources it cites are academic but outdated. This is not a bad sample, but it is far from having a high level of quality either.

Quality: Average

speedypaper essay sample

Sample Analysis

Retirement Depression

Services for Clients to Choose From

Requests differ from customer to customer. Students want all kinds of online college homework help from their providers, and the more options are present, the better. As our SpeedyPaper review showed, over 1600 writers work for this company. It’s a good result. These experts specialize in various subjects and provide different sorts of services. You could order writing of papers, applications, research, reviews, labs, and another task. If you doubt your language skills, proofreading and editing are available. Rewriting is an option for those who need to revise their already existing paper, while grading could help get an idea of what mark you can count on when submitting your work to professor. Dissertation and problem-solving close this already impressive list of services. We were happy with what we saw, and we couldn’t wait to place our order.

speedypaper reviews

Types of papers:
All types
SpeedyPaper Review of Prices & Rates

Who wants to overpay for their essay? Obviously, no one. Students hope they’ll find cheap services with large discounts, and SpeedyPaper guarantees at least some of these benefits. Its smallest price is $9 per page. If you think it sounds too good to be true, you’re right: you’ll be able to pay so little only if your deadline is at least 20 days. This is not realistic for
most students, so the option of a 14-day deadline comes up. Here, clients should
pay $11. It is a good price. Editing costs around $5-6, which is also an affordable
sum. We liked these numbers.

Reviews of SpeedyPaper don’t mention discounts, but they exist. The highest is 14%, but it becomes available on Valentine’s Day only. Friday 13 will yield you a 13% discount. On other occasions, you can count on a 10% discount, which is also a nice option. Whatever terms you have, this company won’t rip you off. Pay for your order with your card: systems like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are allowed.

speedypaper order

Deadlines for Orders: How Quick Are These Writers?

Is SpeedyPaper good at corresponding to its own name? It puts an emphasis on quick work, but the shortest deadline it accepts is 6 hours. This isn’t speedy enough. Other firms could help you in 3 or even 1 hour.

Secrets of Clients’ Confidentiality

Always read policies to know what you’re in for. We did this for our review of SpeedyPaper, and we felt shocked. The company collects all possible data you share, and then it distributes it among an astonishing number of third parties. Its partners, partners of its partners, advertising teams, and others can access your information. This is not acceptable!

Policies on Quality: Revising an Essay or Getting Your Money Back

People want guarantees that their essays will look flawless. At a first glance, SpeedyPaper offers this opportunity. Clients should approve their essays if they are satisfied or ask for a revision if they are not. But the problem is, you cannot upload your document and see it properly unless you approve it. This encourages most to click this button in impatience just to read their work normally. After this, you only have 7 days for placing a revision request. You could ask for 3 free revisions, not more. These limitations are outrageous.

The situation is even worse with refunds, as numerous reviews demonstrated. If your essay is full of mistakes, the best you’ll realistically gain is 50% back. This is insufficient. In case the firm failed to find a writer for you when half of your deadline passed, you can return only 90% of your money. These policies aren’t friendly.

Who Are Their Essay Writers

SpeedyPaper reviews provide differing accounts about writers. Most of them praise them, but we sided with negative opinions here. The company selects the best potential experts for a paper based on its instructions; if this person fails, three others could try their luck. While it claims that each expert is qualified, this is not true. Some writers don’t understand their subjects or read requirements inattentively. English of many of them is inadequate as it is too simple and unrefined. Finding a good specialist seems like a lottery — this is not a positive sign.

Level of Assistance from Customer Support

We appreciate these operators. They were attentive and replied quickly. Chat is convenient, although if you ignore it, its pings might start being annoying. The company stays online 24/7, and this is a definite plus.

speedypaper contact us

Quality of Essay Writing: Delivery + Execution

We ordered a Biology essay for creating a detailed SpeedyPaper review. Our deadline was 14 days, but the writer still managed to be late by ten minutes. This was a minor issue: we decided to ignore it, but when we started reading the text, disappointment hit us. We requested college level, but the writer could be classified as someone from high school at best. The text sounded like it was retold based on a textbook: it was dry, awkward, and had no originality, even though the task required it. Thesis was weak and two paragraphs were over 400 words long, which breaks academic rules.

Most reviews of SpeedyPaper don’t share our experience. They are enthusiastic and grateful. Only some of them echo our frustration. Even one bad case is unfortunate, meaning that clients should be careful when placing orders.

What SpeedyPaperReviews Reflect

As we hinted, we found essay writing service reviews on this company suspicious. Yes, they are mostly positive. But are they real?


speedypaper sitejabber reviews

SiteJabber has over 6K reviews about SpeedyPaper. This fact alone made us incredulous. Sorry, but no writing company that’s been around since 2015 has this many reviews. Even the oldest firms don’t show such results. Look at two comments on a screenshot: most of them are like this. They are short and vague, and have the same expressions and style. They are fake.


No SpeedyPaper.com reviews here. This is even more suspicious. If this firm’s clients are this vocal, why are they all flocking to only one platform?


speedypaper reddit

Reddit has mostly negative reviews. But they come from new accounts — we cannot confirm their authenticity.


On its website, it displays positive reviews from SiteJabber. Probably because its managers wrote them.

Rating This Writing Service

Is SpeedyPaper legit? It’s a real firm, but we can give it 2 stars out of 5 only. It charges affordable prices and provides multiple services, but its policies are not client-friendly; its quality is upsetting, and reviews look fake. Drawbacks exceed the strengths. Read dissertation writing services reviews to locate a more suitable agency. You deserve someone who won’t let you down, and unfortunately, SpeedyPaper is not a trusted provider.

Is SpeedyPaper reliable?

No, it is not. Its writers follow instructions only occasionally, and while some might be qualified, others have no idea what they’re doing. Bad quality can haunt you despite revisions.

Is SpeedyPaper safe?

Unfortunately, clients aren’t safe in this company. It shares their data with multiple third parties and it collects info you might not be happy to give.

Is SpeedyPaper a scam?

No, the company is real, and it has been providing academic assistance for almost ten years. It’s not a profoundly impressive term, but it proves that the firm is legit.

Customer Reviews
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Horrible service. I will never use this company for term papers! You ruined my grade!!!

1 Reviews

Every single answer was done horribly wrong and my teacher was basically like wtf. It looked like the person who did the work didn’t even read the questions. I’m so pissed because we probably won’t get my $156 dollars back which is ridiculous. NEVER USE THIS WEBSITE I’m so pissed off. I got a 60 and it brought my grade down

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