Pros & Cons
  • Adorable website design
  • Studyfy offers competitive prices
  • Wide range of writing tools
  • Unreliable reviews
  • Poor quality of essay writing
  • Possibility of late delivery
  • Ineffective revision process
  • Lack of contact with customer support
Writing Services: Yes
  • Lowest Price: $10.80
  • Minimum Deadline: 3 hours
  • Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • Guarantees Anonymity, Reliable Service, Quick Help, Online Support, Safe Payment Methods, Reliable helpers, Affordable prices
  • Discounts: No information
  • Types of Services: Answers to questions in a written form
  • App: No
Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Samples: 1000+
  • Categories: 50+
  • Access: Free
  • Easy to navigate: Yes
  • Originality: Almost all Original
Tools: Yes
  • Word counter
  • Essay title generator
  • Words to pages converter
  • Thesis statement generator
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Summarizer
  • College GPA calculator
  • Spell checker
  • Title page generator
Easy to Navigate: Yes



This comprehensive StudyFy review covers all the essential aspects of using this writing service, including pricing, work quality, customer support, meeting deadlines, and other key elements. It can be challenging to make a final decision when faced with numerous online services and their reviews. In this detailed review, we debunk Studyfy to help you make an informed choice. Alongside a written assessment, we provide ratings from 1 to 10 for each component of Studyfy, ensuring clarity throughout the review.

In the past few months, I received an unexpectedly high number of requests to write a StudyFy review, surpassing my expectations. This piqued my curiosity about what made StudyFy attract so much attention from students. Despite not being the most spontaneous person, I decided to set aside my plans and immediately delve into the task. However, right from the beginning, I encountered confusion as I tried to determine when StudyFy was established. Contradictory information exists, with various dates like 2009, 2021, and even 2023 associated with the company.

Although I couldn’t ascertain the correct date, the oldest StudyFy reviews date back to 2020, suggesting that the company is relatively young but has been operating for a few years. While StudyFy offers competitive prices, they are overshadowed by concerns regarding quality and mixed feedback from previous customers. The website features useful tools and samples, but some of them fall short in terms of quality. The significant marketing efforts explain the influx of requests I received, but the veracity of these advertisements remains uncertain. Stay tuned for further insights into StudyFy!

StudyFy Reviews of Writing Tools for Students

StudyFy offers a range of helpful writing tools to support students in their academic writing endeavors. The Word Counter tool intuitively checks word and character counts, ensuring that essays meet the required length. The Essay Title Generator generates random topic examples with just one click, offering inspiration for essay subjects. The Words to Pages Converter converts word counts into the corresponding number of pages, assisting students in meeting page requirements. The Thesis Statement Generator aids in crafting accurate thesis statements for different types of essays.

The Plagiarism Checker identifies the percentage of plagiarism in a paper and highlights areas that need paraphrasing or correct citation. The Summarizer extracts essential concepts from the text, allowing for quick writing of abstracts, briefs, and conclusions. The College GPA Calculator helps students calculate their grade point average accurately. The Spell Checker automatically detects spelling errors, providing a valuable tool for proofreading. Lastly, the Title Page Generator creates differently formatted title pages, allowing users to choose the style they prefer. These writing tools offered by StudyFy aim to streamline the writing process and enhance students’ academic performance.

free essay writing tools-studyfy announced the creation of 9 more writing tools on their site. That is great for students who can use them for free and excel in their academic game. Our StudyFy review team liked the tools and approved them.

Exploring the Array of Essay Samples

Encountering mentions of diverse services in StudyFy reviews did not come as a surprise. This company genuinely offers a broad range of options, extending beyond writing alone. Students have the opportunity to request essays on various subjects, as well as editing or re-writing assistance. The wide variety available deserves commendation, as it ensures that most clients can find precisely what they are seeking.

studyfy essay samples

The presence of samples is another noteworthy aspect. These samples can be immensely beneficial to students, provided they are of high quality. By examining examples of work from the company’s writers, you can even assess whether they offer the best nursing essay writing service. In the case of StudyFy, free papers are categorized into eight distinct areas, covering a wide range of topics. However, the critical question remains: Does excel in producing professional-sounding samples? To test this, I selected one sample for evaluation.

Title: “A rose for Emily” by William Faulkner Essay
Topic: Literature
Level: College
Pages: 4
Words: 1789

Assessment: This essay exhibits several flaws that contribute to its overall poor quality. First, there are significant issues with grammar and sentence structure throughout the essay. The author frequently employs run-on sentences and lacks proper punctuation, making it difficult to follow the flow of ideas. Moreover, there are numerous instances of incorrect verb tenses and inconsistent use of pronouns, which further confuse the reader. The essay also lacks coherent paragraph transitions, resulting in a disjointed and haphazard organization of ideas.

Another major flaw is the lack of clarity and conciseness in the essay’s content. The author often repeats ideas and includes unnecessary details that do not contribute to the analysis. The excessive repetition of certain points makes the essay seem redundant and unfocused. Furthermore, the inclusion of lengthy quotations without proper integration or analysis disrupts the flow of the essay and fails to demonstrate the author’s understanding of the text.

studyfy essay sample analysis

Additionally, the essay lacks a clear thesis statement or central argument. The author presents various perspectives and interpretations without offering a cohesive analysis or a well-defined purpose for the essay. This lack of a clear focus makes it challenging for the reader to discern the main points being made or the overall message of the analysis.

Quality: Low

Sample Analysis

“A rose for Emily” by William Faulkner Essay

Website Content, Design, and First Impressions

The appearance of a website is crucial, as I’ve emphasized in all of my best essay writing service reviews, and my stance remains unchanged: the initial perception of a platform significantly influences all future decisions. Unfortunately, reviews fall short in this aspect. Let’s begin with a few positive aspects: the site features an adorable kitten prominently displayed at the center. It exudes an undeniable charm, seemingly begging to be embraced and showered with affection. However, the other elements appear plain and uninteresting beyond this endearing detail. The chosen color scheme consists mostly of bland white with sporadic hints of green and blue. Apart from the kitten, nothing stands out as memorable or distinctive. There is a lack of indications that the website owners possess a genuine passion for their platform or invest their soul into its development.

studyfy review

Additionally, I encountered issues with the website’s content. StudyFy legit provides a plethora of relevant information, including pricing, available services, features, and client reviews. However, numerous language errors quickly become bothersome. Moreover, the information comes across as generic and impersonal. Even the “about us” section fails to captivate. If given the choice, I would gladly keep the adorable kitten while leaving everything else untouched.

Types of papers:
All types
Prices and Discounts

In my review of StudyFy, the prices emerge as the sole genuinely positive aspect. They are consistently affordable across all services. Allow me to provide an overview of the pricing for basic high school papers with 14-day deadlines: Essay writing – $10.80; Editing – $5.40; Re-writing – $7.56. Furthermore, the discounts offered are impressive, with new clients enjoying a 20% reduction in costs. However, a minor issue arises when it comes to locating information on additional services such as proofreading. It’s not readily available, making it challenging to ascertain the associated costs.

studyfy price calculator

StudyFy Review of Deadlines

StudyFy pretends to prioritize deadlines. Upon placing an order, you have the opportunity to specify your preferred completion time. But there is a 50/50 chance you will get the order on time. You are free to choose any deadline that aligns with your needs. In the case of urgent orders, StudyFy accommodates requests for completion within as little as six hours. It is important to note that with such tight deadlines, the quality of your essay may be compromised.

Revision Policy and Refunds

As my paper turned out to be terrible, I decided to request a revision as per the policy that grants clients 14 days for this purpose. However, to my surprise, no one bothered to respond. I sent three separate requests, yet all of them were completely ignored. Although I could have reached out to the managers for assistance, I was already so frustrated by this point that I didn’t find it worthwhile to make an effort.

The refund policy appears to be more favorable, but reviews of StudyFy have raised doubts about its actual effectiveness. Unlike the majority of academic agencies, Study Fy allows clients to request a refund within a six-month timeframe. However, it has been reported that clients rarely receive a full refund, and when they do, the amount is often significantly less than what they initially paid. This lack of satisfactory refund outcomes is simply unacceptable.

Policies and Guarantees

It is disconcerting that none of the reviews of StudyFy discuss the company’s policies, leaving many students in the dark about what they are actually signing up for. Clear terms and conditions are essential for reputable best homework help websites, ensuring that customers are aware of the obligations and rights associated with placing an order. While Study Fy does provide such policies, they suffer from suspiciously vague sections despite their length. One particular area of concern is privacy. While the company claims not to misuse any shared information, it also implies that if inadvertently provided with more information than intended, it can retain it—additionally, StudyFy shares customer data with its experts, which opens up the possibility of potential blackmail. Freelance writers typically do not have contractual agreements with companies, which is why most writing agencies do not grant them access to clients’ data.

Assessing the Quality: My Client Experience with StudyFy

As a part of my comprehensive review process, I believe it is essential to immerse myself in the client experience to determine whether the touted best dissertation writing services live up to its claims. In this pursuit, I placed an order for a high school-level Philosophy essay consisting of 5 pages with a 2-week deadline. The price I paid was $43, including a discount, which seemed like a great deal. While waiting for my essay, I took the opportunity to peruse various Study Fy reviews. Although most of them sounded positive, I soon discovered their lack of reliability, as you will see.

Unfortunately, my paper did not arrive by the designated deadline. I attempted to contact my assigned writer, only to be met with silence and disregard. The customer support representatives were equally unhelpful, unable to provide clear answers or solutions. I waited 48 hours until my essay finally appeared. The delay alone was highly frustrating, but little did I know that more disappointments were in store. As I began reading the paper, it quickly became apparent that I could not comprehend the content. It seemed to be a haphazard collection of words with no cohesive meaning.

Inspecting Online Reputation

We couldn’t find many detailed StudyFy review texts and feedback online. The ones I did come across left me with doubts. Most of them seem to be fake, and I strongly believe in this assertion. Let’s go through the platforms where I found some information:


stydyfy sitejabber reviews

There were 26 reviews on SiteJabber, and almost all of them were positive. However, I question the authenticity of these reviews. Many of the comments were absurd, and I’d like to highlight two examples. The first one intentionally misleads readers by stating that StudyFy is a free service, which is not the case. The second comment describes a situation where numerous students supposedly ordered papers and received excellent grades simultaneously. This seems more like a poorly executed advertising campaign than reality.


studyfy trustpilot

I couldn’t find any reviews on TrustPilot, but their rating is 3.5 stars out of 5. It seems to be legit.


There were no reviews from clients on Reddit, which further supports my suspicion that the comments on SiteJabber are fake. It’s peculiar that all StudyFy clients would choose to only share their feedback on a single platform. Perhaps they are the same individuals mentioned by one reviewer as friends.

Social Media

StudyFy has Facebook and Instagram accounts, but both seem to be inactive or abandoned.

Is StudyFy a legitimate service?

Yes, StudyFy is a legitimate company with well-defined policies and real services. Although there is some confusion surrounding its establishment date and background, if you require an essay, StudyFy will write one for you.

Is StudyFy a safe option?

Determining the safety of StudyFy is challenging. While the company assures that it will not disclose client information to random third parties, it remains vague about the type of data it collects. If you inadvertently share more information than intended, StudyFy may potentially use it against you.

Is StudyFy reliable service?

No, StudyFy cannot be considered a reliable company. It frequently fails to meet deadlines, and the quality of its work often falls short. While some clients may occasionally encounter professional writers, the likelihood of such an outcome is minimal.

Is StudyFy good or a scam?

No, StudyFy is not attempting to scam customers. It operates with a genuine team of writers, operators, and managers. However, despite receiving payment, the majority of them do not deliver satisfactory results while still offering legitimate writing services.

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The site seems great, but everything they write is a cap. They lie about their revision policies and refunds. I do not want to expose myself, I will just say that my paper was written poorly, and I got a failing grade.

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