Pros & Cons
  • Affordable rates for assistance
  • Clients could get help 24/7
  • Plenty of disciplines covered
  • Free summaries of various books
  • Clear privacy policy
  • Unclear revision policies
  • Negative old reviews of SweetStudy
  • Quality heavily depends on a tutor
  • Most older answers cannot be purchased
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Writing Services: Yes
  • Lowest Price: $9
  • Minimum Deadline: 6 hours
  • Payment Methods: Visa, PayPal, Payoneer, Master Card
  • Guarantees: 24/7 support, Reliable helpers, Affordable prices
  • Discounts: No information
  • Types of Services: Answers to questions in a written form
  • App: No
Essay Samples: Yes


Easy to Navigate: Yes


Tools: Yes



There are multiple requests for a SweetStudy review because this resource is essential for students. It has a significant online presence, and it claims to provide high-level academic help. But few companies are as ideal as they market themselves to be. What’s the deal with SweetStudy? The first aspect you should know is that it used to exist under a different name. You might have already encountered it as Homework Market. This domain kept getting serious criticism from clients and employees alike, so it underwent a rebranding and became SweetStudy. Changing a name has a symbolic meaning: it can signify a start of a new life, but did it have a positive impact on this site’s performance? Stay tuned, and you’ll find out!

Free Samples of Answers to Questions

No one likes to pay. Students hope to find the best free essay websites that could supply them with top quality, and you know what? It’s possible. Some companies offer samples for free to help students with their tasks and entice them into placing an order later. SweetStudy isn’t from this category. It has multiple summaries of books and other resources, but there are no examples of its writers’ work, at least not for free.

sweetstudy answer samples

Academic Services on Offer

This site falls into the group of homework help websites for college students with low prices. What became instantly clear in the process of SweetStudy review is how the company tries to limit its own services. It repeats several times that it doesn’t provide paper writing help, and if students want an essay written, they should go elsewhere. Technically, it is true: SweetStudy focuses on answering questions and explaining academic material, and this is the only option you’ll have as you are placing your order. But the collection of old answers reveals that it does create papers sometimes. This is confusing, and our team wasn’t certain why the company pretends like it doesn’t have this service.

sweetstudy service offers

For the most part, as our experience and SweetStudy reviews showed, students ask for help with specific academic questions. It could be a Math task, a Philosophy question, an assignment where you have to prove a theorem, etc. You ask your question, tutors offer their help, and you select which of them to hire. Another part of service is passive. This company posts numerous old answers from its tutors: if you find a question similar to yours, you can purchase a ready-made answer instead of paying a personal writer and waiting for them to complete your task. This is a great and convenient system, but only theoretically. When we tried to buy some answers, we discovered that the majority of them were inaccessible. We have no idea why SweetStudy didn’t remove them from its database. It looks like it tries boosting its usefulness artificially, pretending like it has multiple offers when in fact, none of them are available.

sweetstudy services

Types of papers:
All types
How Many Students Pay for Academic Help at SweetStudy

We noticed an interesting paradox: all students are intensely curious about prices, but most SweetStudy.com reviews don’t say a word about it. Don’t worry, we’re about to change this. Services are affordable at this company — they start at $9, and they can go up and up depending on what a specific writer charges for their work. It’s clear that the best dissertation service is going to be more expensive than help in a simpler Q&A format. We paid $10, $18, and $25 for three assignments with different complexity. These were good prices, though we wish discounts were present. They always inspire clients more. In turn, prices for answers available straight from the database are higher. But in the end, you’re the one making a decision. You could pick a writer with a lower bid or ignore expensive answers.

sweetstudy prices

Deadlines for Your Questions

It’s difficult to determine what deadlines SweetStudy.com works with as its order form is too vague. From what we figured out, students should give their helpers at least 6 hours for complex questions. If your task is simple, assistance could be much quicker. There are no hard lines: one tutor might be ready to help in 20 minutes, while someone else could need hours to complete the same assignment.

Ordering Revisions & Asking for Refunds

We have no idea if SweetStudy offers any revisions or refunds. Its policy doesn’t mention anything about this, and when we tried to ask questions, we got vague answers. This is frustrating because we cannot approve or condemn this agency’s compensation policies. We simply don’t know enough about them because it didn’t specify them.

Confidentiality for Clients: Are They Safe?

Is SweetStudy good at protecting its clients’ privacy? Yes. It has a simple but detailed policy where it explains what data it collects and how its customers should behave when using its services. The only relevant piece of info you’ll have to share is your email address. Payment details remain confidential. Avoid sharing email, name, or phone number with tutors directly.

Speaking with Tutors One to One

As several reviews of SweetStudy mentioned, tutors in this academic agency often come across as unprofessional. They make mistakes in communication, sound overly enthusiastic, and often try to talk clients into placing new orders. Two of the three tutors we tried here showed this exact behavior. They were clearly not native speakers, and they couldn’t have significant writing experience with the subjects we requested. The third tutor sounded more professional.

Speaking with Managers about Orders

We wanted to do a detailed SweetStudy review but were not able to reach customer support. Is SweetStudy effective in terms of communication? Not at all. In fact, SweetStudy is a nonexistent entity. If you attempt to contact their managers through social networks, you’ll face an uphill battle as they typically redirect you to their official website. While there are contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses provided below the FAQ section, the responses received there are mostly limited to specific DMCA requests, with rare replies to general customer inquiries. Your best chance of communication lies with the writers themselves. On one occasion, I managed to connect with someone resembling an operator, but our conversation was brief, as I was advised to discuss all the specifics directly with my assigned expert.

sweetstudy manager

Quality Analysis: Impressions from SweetStudy Review and Other Comments

Quality plays a major role in all evaluations. We pay the closest attention to it in essay service reviews we work on, and SweetStudy didn’t become an exception. There are few online reviews about it after rebranding, but when we combined them, we saw that they are mostly negative. Clients complain about failed quality, rude managers, and the impossibility of settling a dispute appropriately.

Did we find SweetStudy legit after placing our orders? Unfortunately, my personal experience with it was disappointing. Two tasks looked terrible. They had rows of mistakes and unnatural constructions; one was downright incorrect, while another one had an overly vague answer. The third task looked more or less good, but it wasn’t perfect either. Its content was superb, but we caught several considerable mistakes. Overall, we weren’t happy.

Inspecting SweetStudy Reviews for Insights

There are old and new reviews about SweetStudy. We looked at both, and they didn’t impress us. The majority are negative and voice numerous complaints.


sweetstudy sitejabber

There are very few reviews on SiteJabber about
SweetStudy, which is why we focused on older comments that the company got before
it changed its name. The majority are strongly negative.


sweetstudy trustpilot

This comment is more or less positive, but it also complains about managers. Other SweetStudy reviews are negative.


No individual reviews.


sweetstudy website reviews

On the company’s own site, only glowing reviews are present. They sound fake — no client can be happy all the time, and the downright giddy language intensified our disbelief further.

Final Impressions about SweetStudy

After our review of SweetStudy we decided that we can assign it 3 stars out of 5. This academic platform has great potential: it helps with multiple questions and subjects, has a database with more answers, and charges good rates. In reality, it still needs to improve its work. Its quality is insufficient, and most of the posted answers are unavailable. We cannot recommend it. Go through our other reviews and find a better-rated agency. Leave your feedback if you want us to explore more services!

Is SweetStudy reliable?

Not really. This platform has some awesome tutors who could answer any questions and help clients with their homework, but a big part of them are unprofessional. They barely know English, and their work has endless mistakes.

Is SweetStudy safe?

Yes, it seems safe. It warns its clients against sharing their personal information with tutors; it collects only crucial details like email and offers free use of its anonymous chat. If you follow its rules, you do not risk compromising your safety.

Is SweetStudy a scam?

No, this company is real, and it’s been working for many years. It was previously known as a Homework Market. Don’t expect always to enjoy a high level of quality here, but unless you give out personal info to random people, you won’t be scammed.

Client Reviews
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All in all, not bad. But SweetStudy isn’t suitable for those who need urgent homework help. I could barely meet my deadline!

1 Reviews

I have mixed impressions of my experience with SweetStudy. The website offers a wide range of study materials and resources that can be useful for academic purposes. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, making it convenient to access the materials. However, I found the quality of some of the study guides to be inconsistent. While some were comprehensive and well-written, others lacked depth and seemed rushed. The customer support was generally responsive, but there were instances where their assistance could have been more prompt and helpful. Overall, SweetStudy provides a decent collection of study materials, but the varying quality may require careful evaluation before relying on them.

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