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To see what services WritePaperFor.me offers, people need to scroll through an online order form. Various essay options are present there, like bibliography, research, analysis, term papers, reviews, creative writing, reports, and dissertations. CV and business plans are on offer for other customers. What surprised us is that there are no editing or proofreading options, though most companies provide them. Their absence is a serious drawback.

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  • Access: Free
  • Originality of Samples: Unique
  • Quality of Samples: Medium
  • Number of Samples: 20
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This WritePaperFor.me review is a combination of interest in academics, desire to help students, and loyalty to visitors who urged us to check and verify this company. Our team discussed this and decided, no problems! We started our research that very day. WritePaperFor.me has a clickbaity but smart name. It appeared in 2017 and it’s known for being cheap — whatever services you need, you won’t pay much for them. The reviews about this company differ: some are positive, others complain about low quality and failed deadlines. We wanted to try its work as customers, so we placed our order.

Key Point of WritePaperFor.me Review: Samples

Some websites try to look helpful and earn the devotion and attention of potential customers through samples. These are papers that their writers prepare on different academic topics: when people want help with their assignments, they search for essays on similar themes. WritePaperFor.me has a collection as well, which is a great discovery. But there are only 20 of them, and this is upsetting since such small volumes are rarely helpful. We still wanted to analyze their quality because, in many ways, samples are a reflection of the company’s writing skills.

writepaperforme sample uniqueness

WritePaperFor.me reviews never talked about samples, probably because there are just a couple of them. From good news, their quality is pleasing. While most have issues with grammar and other language mistakes, content is okay and writing style tends to be strong.

Category: Nursing

Topic: Childhood Obesity

Length: 4 pages

Analysis: There is no way that this sample is of Master’s level. It has numerous mistakes, though interesting and well-researched ideas are present. Just look at these sentences: “obesity has reaching,” “cases are also rising rapidly in emerging nations and the fifth leading cause of death” — grammar errors are glaring. A thesis is absent, too. Is WritePaperFor.me good? After such samples, we couldn’t say for certain.

writepaperforme sample analysis

Category: Case Studies

Topic: Supermarkets: Lidl

Length: 5 pages

Analysis: The mistakes in this sample started hurting our eyes from the very first sentence. “Case study provided focuses” sounds ridiculous and like something no native speaker would write. Short sentences and simple ideas are fit for high school, not for any higher levels.

writepawritepaperforme-samplesperforme samples

Category: Research Proposal

Topic: Digital Marketing/Digital Consumer Behavior

Length: 6 pages

Analysis: This is a good sample. It has a strong thesis and minimum language issues. The other problem is the usage of some outdated sources, like the one from 2013, but the content is interesting and mostly corresponds to Ph.D. academic level.

writepaperforme sample

Category: Literature Review

Topic: Benefits of the online studying

Length: 5 pages

Analysis: The quality of this sample is mixed. It’s not terrible but it has its issues. “Article state” is one example; thesis is good but punctuation errors are frequent. The ideas themselves vary from simplistic to acceptable.

writepaperforme samples analysis

Sample 1

Childhood Obesity

Sample 2

Supermarkets: Lidl

Sample 3

Digital Marketing/Digital Consumer Behavior

Sample 4

Benefits of the online studying

Outward Appearances of WriterPaperFor.me

The first thing that took us aback as we began WritePaperFor.me review was the dialogue we saw on the homepage of the website. A generic phrase is formatted according to Russian rules, with dashes instead of quotation marks. We weren’t certain what this meant. The design isn’t bad: grayish background with yellow images of books, clocks, globes, and other relevant things. We appreciated it plus the scrolling-down layout. Sections are clear and useful: students could see samples, prices, list of services, a blog, etc. The only issue is with services: the list is not comprehensive at all. It has repetitive info with nothing concrete. So, the website that writes essays could be better, but it’s appealing and functional enough.

Types of papers:
Prices, Discounts & Comparisons

What many WritePaperFor.me reviews discuss is prices. The company has some of the lowest in the market because one page with a deadline of 14 days costs just $6.99. We agree this is extremely generous, but here is the thing: it’s too generous. Considering that a part of the money goes to operators, managers, and owners, how much is the writer going to earn? No expert will agree to work for a few cents and those who do show an equally low level of quality. There is a discount for clients who have never used this service before, but it’s offered only to those who share their real email and it reaches 7%. This is too little — most other companies have about 15% coupons.

Available Payment Methods

Is WritePaperFor.me reliable? When it comes to payment methods, yes! Clients could select any options they like. Visa, JCB, Master Card, Discover, and American Express are the available variants, and they are trustworthy. We had nothing to complain about in this category.

Are You Safe? Revision, Money-Back & Privacy Policies

WritePaperFor.me reviews rarely mention safety elements, but they are vital. Clients need to be certain that their data will be secured and that they’ll receive top quality. Revision terms aren’t good. You could place a request only within 7 days and for 3 times. After this, you’ll have to pay additionally. The situation with refunds isn’t any better. You won’t return your money in whole even if you got no paper from these guys. Privacy is not a guarantee either: the company says it’ll share your data with its partners, which includes advertisers. We felt extremely unhappy with these policies.

What About Following Deadlines?

This question is more complicated. We found essay writing services reviews that complained about papers arriving too late. The company promises that it’ll manage to complete your order in 6 hours, but is it really so? We have doubts. Our deadline was two weeks and yet the writer failed to upload the essay on time. Other clients mentioned the same, so we don’t believe WritePaperFor.me would succeed with much shorter deadlines.

Real Writers Behind Beautiful Promises

While reviews of WritePaperFor.me don’t really discuss specific writer options, it is a valid point to mention. The company offers 4 variants for clients to pick from: one is general writers and a random pick. Another group is “pro” writers, which costs 25% of the total order cost. “Top” writers are worth 45% more, and if you want a specific writer, you’ll have to give an extra 10%. We don’t like these systems, and WritePaperFor.me doesn’t even explain what every group means.

writemypaperforme writers

Do Essays Have Acceptable Quality?

This is a crucial element most students would love to learn more about. Reviews of WritePaperFor.me are mixed: some clients were unhappy while others seemed to luck out. A lot depended on our own order, and the results were belated since our writer failed to complete it on time. The quality was barely adequate. Mistakes with grammar, use of personal pronouns, and endless paragraphs created a bad impression. We used our first revision option, and it produced better results: the content got more professional, informal expressions disappeared. Alas, the paper still wasn’t perfect, so it looks like pure luck decides who ends up with what writer.

24/7 Online Support

The company has instant online support. When writing review of WritePaperFor.me, we verified that it indeed works 24/7. Operators are friendly, and though they make some English mistakes, they really try to help. We appreciated their answers.

What Else Could Students Gain Here?

We’ve discussed samples in our review, but there is also a blog. It has different articles on academic themes. Paid extras include paper summary, delivery by parts, plagiarism report, draft, abstract, and Grammarly report. Their prices are affordable, though we believe plagiarism reports must be free.

Analysis of WritePaperFor.me Reviews

The majority of reviews are positive. We were curious to see if they are real and what negative comments say. Sometimes, they are more important.


Over 100 reviews here, but look at one of them. Does it sound real? It mentions no personal details and comes across as an ad, with general introductions of writing services. We don’t trust such comments.

writemypaperforme sitejabber

For contrast, see the negative review below. We suggest reading it fully because it offers direct details & offers excerpts from policies that we briefly outlined. It sounds real.

writemypaperforme sitejabber reviews


Just 3 reviews, but all are negative. Only one has enough details to look authentic, and the complaints in it are concerning.

writemypaperforme trustpilot


Mixed reviews on Reddit, but many mention late deliveries.

writemypaperforme reddit

Reviews on Their Website

Look at Write Paper For me reviews on the company’s own site. They are all glowing 5 stars, and funnily, as clients, we didn’t see an option of adding our opinion.

writemypaperforme sitejabber review

Summary Of Our Findings

After seeing low-quality level, late paper arrival, and suspicious reviews, we can give WritePaperFor.me 2.5 stars out of 5. It has very low prices and you could luck out by getting a great expert, but it’s risky. Look for other homework help sites on our platform that scored more points. Check them out, try them, and if you like or hate any of them, let us know!

Is WritePaperFor.me safe?

We wouldn’t say so. Its privacy policies are concerning because it shares client info with numerous third parties.

Is WritePaperFor.me plagiarism free?

Yes, papers seem to have no plagiarism, just as samples.

Are there discounts?

They are small, but they are present. First-time clients could knock from 7% to 9% off their whole price.

Customer Reviews
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1 Reviews

The customer support is useless. They do not know the difference between the research proposal and research paper. Could not even place an order right, So sad.

1 Reviews

My favorite service! always have ordered and will continue to order only from them! they are the best!

1 Reviews

I recommend this service to anyone who needs help writing an essay! This is one of the top services that never lets you down.

1 Reviews

Some may find the service expensive, but the quality and speed of the service is clearly worth it.

1 Reviews

I can say without a doubt that this is the best essay writing service. They have written 8 papers for me this year and they were all of excellent quality.

1 Reviews

I appreciated the easy-to-use website and ordering process.

1 Reviews

I have to say that I was pretty skeptical about using an essay writing service, but I’m really glad I did. These guys really know their stuff. They took my jumbled thoughts and turned them into a coherent essay that made sense. And all this in just a few days! I was very impressed with their communication and how they kept me informed throughout the entire process. Overall, I am very happy with the result and will definitely use this service again in the future.

1 Reviews

I received my tasks two days after I ordered them. They all were elegantly prepared. I’m glad to use this help. It has improved my grades.

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