Every student has to write essays, but only some of them know what conclusion generator is. If you’re here, then you’re among the lucky ones! This is a great tool that can help you finish your paper ASAP. It requires minimal effort and doesn’t take time, which is why many people rely on it as they are drawing their works to a close. You simply put your text into an empty box and boom, your conclusion is ready. But where to find efficient websites? LetsGradeIt team has applied much effort in researching and trying all possible generators. We finally settled on five best options, and we’ll be happy to share our results with you.

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Find the Best Essay Conclusion Generator Here: Top 5 List

We’ve been sharing custom essay writing service reviews and info about the best companies with students for years. Now it’s time to take a look at conclusion generators in particular. We tried numerous tools and studied their prices, design, efficiency, as well many other aspects. Five options below are the ultimate winners. Learn more about them and don’t hesitate to try them personally!

1. GrabMyEssay

grabmyessay conclusion generator review

Conclusion generator by GrabMyEssay is the best tool for students that our team has ever seen. Access is free and students can use it constantly, without any charges, fees, or registration. Tool allows creating a summary of your paper in 4 easy steps. One has to type essay title, paste the text, choose word count, and press the button. The interface of this generator is simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use. The feature that lets you pick the length of your conclusion is actually amazing. As sometimes you may need less than 150 or more than 200 words to conclude an essay.

There’s no unnecessary features or buttons here, the tool is simple and ready to be used. When our team tested this conclusion generator, they got a pretty good summary, of a decent length. It had no mistakes or inaccurate information. Considering the fact that it was done by a software, a machine created by a human – it’s impressive. Moreover, if students are not satisfied with the results they get from this tool, there is a convenient option to get a human to help you. With a click of a button, you have an opportunity to order professional help assistance of an experienced academic editor or conclusion paragraph writer. They will tailor your essay and make the most suitable and accurate conclusion, that will be specific to your instructions. Not all writing companies go beyond their services and offer students free tools for help like GrabMyEssay did. That’s an amazing gesture from their side and we’re thankful for it.

Cost: Free of charge

Accuracy: Accurate but lengthy results

Database: Extensive

Usability: Very comprehensive


  • Quick summary generator
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Human assistance offered
  • Accurate conclusion
  • Option to choose summary length

2. WritingUniverse

writinguniverse conclusion generator

Conclusion generator by Writing Universe was named as one of the best tools by our professional review team. This tool is very useful for students who struggle with creating conclusions and summaries for their papers, so this software can do it for them. To receive a conclusion, just paste your text in the specific field. Remember that it should be at least 200 words long. If the text is shorter, the tool will not create a proper summary. According to academic rules, the conclusion of any paper must constitute approximately 10% of the total word count. After you paste the text, choose the length of the summary. The tool offers 150, 200 words, or another custom word count that suits you better. After that, press the “Generate my conclusion” button and receive your results.
Our reviewers liked this tool as it is free to use and does not ask for registration or any personal information like email or phone number. Also, the quality of the conclusion is decent. There are no grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, or stylistic inconsistencies. There is also an option to get professional editing help if you want to change something in your conclusion but do not know how. Overall, Writing Universe has created one of the best conclusion generators online.

Cost: Free
Accuracy: Accurate
Database: Extensive
Usability: Comprehensive


  • No registration required
  • Free of charge
  • Good quality
  • Choose summary length


3. EssayToolBox

essaytoolbox conclusion generator

EssayToolBox – is the third best concluding paragraph generator with a simple and intuitive design. Its interface is in blue and white colors, and there is a lot of detailed information on how to use and benefit from this tool. Everything’s easy: you insert text of an essay into a box and type a title. There will be a big blue “summarize” button on your right — you’ll have to click it. But first, you need to read privacy policy to know what you’re agreeing to: after you do it, tick the box to show your understanding. You won’t get your conclusion without it. We encourage you to do this personally, but in our opinion, there is nothing special about EssayToolBox’s rules. They are standard and your essay won’t suffer any breach of data.

There is also the required minimum of words you’d have to put in. If your essay or its title is shorter than 500 and 7 words respectively, you won’t be able to use it. What’s annoying is that there are banners that invite you to place your order with the company itself: they are distracting and pop us unannounced. On the brighter side, they are easily removed, and it’s great that EssayToolBox has option of hiring a human writer in general. Students never know what kind of help they might need. The generator works quickly and efficiently. Our conclusion was fluent, logical, and on point, which we appreciated. It was longer than we preferred, but it’s not a bad thing. It is easier to remove unnecessary chunks of text instead of having to add them. Our experience was so positive that we give this website the first spot on our list!

Cost: Totally free

Accuracy: Accurate but lengthy results

Database: Extensive

Usability: Very comprehensive


  • Free
  • High level of efficiency
  • Quick results
  • Generator is easy to use


  • Conclusions are too long
  • Some ads present


4. StudyCorgi

studycorgi conclusion generator

StudyCorgi – This is another best text ending maker that works speedily and provides excellent results completely for free. The website that made it offers help from human experts, too — this is an option you could use in case you’re facing serious difficulties or want someone else’s input. It would cost you some money, but prices are not expensive here. Conclusion sentence generator itself is simple and highly functional. Users could pick how many sentences they want to see — the default number is 10, but anyone could increase or decrease it according to their preferences. Once you paste your text into a summary box, it is ready to go.

Results appear instantly, and you’ll see what algorithms the generator relied on when producing your best conclusion right below. It’ll list keywords and point out how many times it used them. No registration, no payment, no limits — students could use it whenever they wanted for free. From less pleasant factors, there are too many ads with offers of human help. They are above, below, and from both sides of a box. While it is easy to close these windows, they are still annoying. Another drawback is that design of this site is amateurish. It’s like an inexperienced team didn’t know what color combination & pictures to choose. For better news, there are useful articles under conclusion box. Students will benefit from reading them. StudyCorgi produces excellent summaries, and it gets its rightful second place in our review list.

Cost: Completely free

Accuracy: High and flexible

Database: Good enough

Usability: Simple


  • Conclusion generator for free
  • Effective summary
  • Instant results
  • Related academic articles present
  • Human assistance option for cheap prices


  • Awkward interface
  • Many frustrating ads


5. TrustMyPaper

trustmypaper conclusion generator review

TrustMyPaper is one of the best conclusion generators that provides a perfect combination of speed and efficiency. Like every other option we’ve discussed, it belongs to an academic writing website that has professional writers specializing in a variety of subjects. If students need more help than they could get with concluding sentence generator, they could hire experts in several minutes. Prices are fully affordable and you could order an entire essay or just its ending. The design of this platform is simple and not very inspiring: white is the dominant color. Still, using it is easy.

Detailed instructions about applying the generator are right there for students to read if they require it, which makes this generator comprehensive and highly intuitive. There are ads urging you to contact writers, but they aren’t overwhelming, so we didn’t consider it a drawback. Like with the first tool, there is a limit: an essay should be at least 200 words long and a short title must be present. Once you include that, click the green button with the word “summarize” and wait for a couple of seconds. Your conclusion will be displayed in a separate box. We liked ours — it was concise and relevant, but it had some negative sides, too. Students cannot choose how many sentences the generator will include, and conclusion itself might have some issues. Correcting them won’t be difficult, but make sure you read what this tool cooked up before using it. Overall, it impressed us, and we confidently give the fifth place to it.

Cost: Entirely free

Accuracy: Moderate

Database: Good

Usability: Simple


  • Free essay conclusion maker
  • Simple & quick process
  • Human specialists available
  • Detailed explanations on generator usage
  • Satisfying results


  • Possible repetitions and mistakes
  • No chance to choose conclusion size


How Does Conclusion Paragraph Generator Work?

Most top homework help websites offer a free conclusion generator. This helps stimulate interest among students and prove that these providers care about them. But how to use such tools? Luckily, they all work in a similar way. This is what you should do:

1) Pick the platform. Choose your conclusion writer by reading reviews or consulting lists like ours. Follow the link to a website & start using it.

2) Read info on the page carefully. Some tools require users to accept confidentiality terms or cookie settings. Read them — you should know what they are offering. There might also be instructions about how to use concluding paragraph maker correctly. In most cases, though, you won’t need them. Almost every best generator is intuitive and clear, and you’ll understand what to do instinctively.

3) Turn your text into conclusion & set parameters. It is great when generators allow their users to set their unique parameters. From our list, StudyCorgi is the tool that does it, and we loved it for this. If such an option is there, pick size of your ideal conclusion. If you think it is too short or too long, try again by selecting different parameters. Results from conclusion typer are either below or right in the middle of the page.

4) Read & edit it. We did a thorough job of evaluating different conclusion generators and picking the best from the best. But in the end, they are automatic tools. They could be smart and effective, but no such typer is perfect. Be sure to read your ending. A sentence or a word might be wrong — if so, correct them. Efficiency is never 100%, but generator is still very useful. Instead of spending an hour writing a conclusion, you could generate and edit it in about 5 minutes.

Choose the Best Conclusion Maker & Speed Your Writing Up

Concluding an essay isn’t difficult as long as you know what you are doing and/or have reliable helpers. If you lack time to write a conclusion, feel unsure about what to include there, or simply don’t want to work on it, use one of five solutions above. Check free essay websites and see what writers did with their own papers at the end. Hire an academic professional or use conclusion paragraph maker. Our list has 5 best free tools that will make your writing quick & efficient. Try each of them and share your thoughts with our team!

 LetsGradeIt's team
LetsGradeIt's team

Team of researchers, teachers, and professors gathered together to help students with their educational needs. Experienced enough to call ourselves good academic advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Conclusion Generators

How can I write a good conclusion?

First, you need to understand what components it has. Text end should be around 10% from your essay; it needs to restate relevant ideas from the body and thesis. Don’t add any new info into it. Using conclusion sentence maker could help a lot — take ideas from it and see how everything should be done.

Do conclusion generators work?

Some generators aren’t effective. They make many mistakes and could bring more harm than good. But if students use the best tools, they will succeed in completing their paper quickly: they’ll take ready-made ideas or even the entire text, putting them into an essay. This is exactly what you should do, too. Find the best conclusion tool in our top list and make your life easier.

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