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People often argue about what the best grammar checker is. Opinions differ: some prefer free tools while others like to try several options before settling on the one that fits them most. That’s why students might feel lost when they first start their search: when there are thousands of choices, how to make sure you don’t make a mistake? Our team has been assessing various useful academic tools for a long time. We determined the best essay writing services before, and now we delved into different grammar checkers. After much research and arguments, we’re ready to share 10 options that work best — with their help, you will be able to polish your essays until they shine with fluency.

All ratings, opinions, and reviews you see on this site do not necessarily reflect the official position of any other company, educational establishment, or employer. These reviews are always subject to revision and change. Please do not hold us to them — visit actual websites to make any decision.

10 Best Grammar Checkers For Students

1. Grammarly


Everyone has heard about Grammarly. It has millions of users and ads all over the world, and it invests in improving its service regularly. Anyone who has to write an essay, article, some book, or even a simple Tumblr post will find it useful because it underlines all errors and offers explanations in case you’d like to know what you wrote wrong. Mistakes are divided into different categories like “misuse of passive voice, “punctuation issues,” etc. You could download this best grammar software as an app for your laptop, use it on PC or on your phone. Both free and premium versions are available, so you could try the former before paying for the latter. One of the reasons why we loved Grammarly is that even if you pay nothing, benefits are extensive. You’d see flawed places in your text anyway, although Grammarly cherry-picks which of them to underline. Price for premium version isn’t cheap, but it is really helpful: you could see detailed explanations, use plag scanner, and analyze your essay on a deeper level. Since many colleges use this tool as well, you could get a chance to remove all grammar and proofreading issues by looking at the text through your professors’ eyes.

Price: Free app and premium version. If you’re paying annually, cost is $12.00 per month.

Design: Minimalistic and comprehensive.

Accuracy: Medium in a basic version and high in a paid version.


  • One of the most popular tools
  • Variety of best features for writing needs
  • Extensive free version
  • High degree of accuracy


  • Not all mistakes underlined in basic version
  • Pretty costly

2. HemingwayApp


This is the best free online grammar checker that we loved testing. It has a poetic name, and its interface is equally appealing: website is simple and comprehensive. Students don’t need to register, and what’s unusual is that there is no need to pay, too. Hemingway is entirely free, and it’s also effective, quick, and safe at the same time. All you have to do is paste your text into the blank window and within seconds, you’ll see results. Every issue will be underlined in one of five different colors, with explanations of their meaning provided on your right. Hover your mouse over colored words and choose between two options: use one of suggested corrections or omit them. You’ll also see the number of words and the grade depending on readability of your essay, though we found the latter confusing. There is a desktop app available, too, and it works perfectly. We absolutely loved this grammar checker, even if its explanations aren’t as extensive as some students would prefer.

Price: Completely free.

Design: Good and functional design.

Accuracy: Very high.


  • The best grammar corrector you could get for free
  • Immediate results
  • Best analysis
  • Editing options available


  • Explanations are pretty short
  • Readability grade is confusing

3. GingerSoftware

ginger software

Often, there is Grammarly vs Ginger debate for the title of the preferred grammar checker among college professors. It’s not surprising since Ginger is extremely popular, too: it’s loved by students and teachers alike, even though it has some issues with design. For example, you won’t see how to check your text unless you scroll down. Then you can pick between two versions. With a free one, you can check only 600 characters of your text at a time. This is a very small number — it’s not enough for people who want to upload and check an entire essay in several clicks. But if you download app extension, you’ll be able to notice mistakes live as long as you’re typing something within the browser. Basic version also allows picking between American and British English, which is great. In turn, premium version is fairly cheap, and it offers not just in-depth editing, but also translation, rephrasing tools, and dictionary with synonyms. Accuracy is guaranteed, so we give Ginger the third place.

Price: Use it for free & pay $7.49 monthly for more options.

Design: Grammar checker is hidden.

Accuracy: High.


  • Translator present in premium version
  • Best quality-price ratio
  • Effective grammar check


  • Only 600 characters available in basic version
  • Checker isn’t immediately visible

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4. LanguageTool

language tool

This best online grammar checker offers generous options for those users who don’t want to get premium version. They can check essays up to 10K characters long in many languages, including Spanish, English, and Italian, and see grammar and spelling issues. Design of this tool is pretty outdated, but it works quickly and it has an intuitive interface. Just copy paste your text and check the results. Price for a premium package is great; in addition, there are 50% discounts if you’re lucky. With paid version, students could get Google Docs and Word extensions. They could also see issues with their writing style and correct them. Accuracy varies. Premium LanguageTool recognizes many errors, but free version works only with the most basic mistakes, so keep this in mind.

Price: Free & premium versions. For those ready to pay annually, price is $2.46 per month.

Design: Outdated but clear.

Accuracy: Medium in free version & High with premium package.


  • Extensive free version
  • Best suggestions for premium users
  • Very affordable costs


  • Boring design
  • Free checker isn’t accurate enough

5. WhiteSmoke


This is the best grammar checker online with the most creative name. We expected to see an equally creative design, but unfortunately, the website isn’t very inspiring. It’s pretty aggressive with this advertising and blank in other ways. Still, effectiveness matters most, so that’s what we focused on. No free option is present. As a client, you could purchase an app for 1 or 3 years, choosing between desktop or web version. This is a good offer for companies or students who find WhiteSmoke trustworthy and feel confident they’ll be using it for a long time. Price is affordable, even more so with discounts, and the work of WhiteSmoke is really great. It’s one of the most accurate programs we’ve tested since it catches 95% of grammar, spelling, proofreading, and style-related issues.

Price: Only paid checker present. Minimal monthly payment is $5.

Design: Tacky and overbearing.

Accuracy: Very high.


  • Extensive premium version for students and firms
  • Best costs
  • Top grammar checker


  • No basic version or trial
  • Unfriendly design

6. Scribens


As the best spelling and grammar check that also makes helpful suggestions, Scribens is a common choice among students. We liked it, too — it has simple design, intuitive interface, and many options aimed at improving your text. Free version is great, but it works only in a limited way. Insert text from your essay and click “check”: it’s in the right corner above the box. You’ll see basic mistakes and explanations for them. Premium version opens a whole new level of opportunities. You would be able to check long texts, install special Word plugin, correct your mail, etc. Scribens is expensive, which is a flaw, but it is accurate, so you should consider all pros and cons.

Price: Free & paid versions. Minimal price is $11.58 monthly.

Design: Good unassuming design.

Accuracy: Very high.


  • Best grammar check software
  • Best free version
  • Lengthy texts and formats supported


  • Too expensive

7. ProWritingAid


The unique thing about this best grammar checker app is that it works with style to an amazing extent. Not only students but also businessmen and people passionate about creative writing will find it essential in their work. ProWritingAid offers help with three types of writing (academic, creative, and business) and allows its users to develop their own dictionary. Free editor is not perfect, but it could be a good helper to those who need some quick polishing of texts not longer than 500 words. Premium version is thorough and extensive. It costs a lot, so it’ll definitely be a problem for students, but end results are great in case you’re interested in improving your style. For simple proofreader, better try other tools.

Price: Free, trial, and paid options. $20 is a monthly starting price.

Design: A little unclear but informative.

Accuracy: High.


  • Lots of attention paid to style
  • Advance grammar checker
  • Integrations and best plag check present


  • Price is very high
  • Free checker is limited

8. CitationMachine


This is one of those best grammar check websites that offer their visitors to check their essay right away. Just put it into a box and see results. It’s convenient for those who are in a hurry. Like with most checkers, students could get free version for basic tests, but if they want to see all suggestions about their writing or use plag checker, they’ll have to start a free trial or pay for subscription. Unfortunately, we weren’t pleased with the free checker: it caught only several mistakes and missed the rest. But after we bought subscription, we were amazed at the change. Every flaw was underlined and explanations made sense. Price is higher than normal, but not as high as at some websites. Based on quality, it’s worth it.

Price: Free & paid versions. Minimal cost is $9.95 per month.

Design: Pleasant pinkish design with
clear features.

Accuracy: Low in free version and High with premium account.


  • Best spell checker available
  • Thoughtful suggestions
  • Several great academic options


  • Free checker is ineffective
  • Costly assistance

9. Reverso


This best grammar and spell checker is a beloved tool of people who like to see context for their mistakes, be able to correct and rephrase them, as well as find synonyms. Reverso corrects your errors right away, highlighting them in blue and letting you see what you wrote versus what the edited version says. You’ll see explanation right there, too. Basic checker works only with 450 characters, so we cannot call it useful, but if you’re willing to pay, situation improves: you’d be able to check up to 2000 characters. It’s still not much, though, so we recommend Reverso to those who write short texts and want to make them perfect. Its work is accurate and it has many great features that students will love — price reflects it, too, since it’s pretty high.

Price: Free & paid versions. Minimal price is $11.68.

Design: Simple calming interface.

Accuracy: High.


  • Many writing options offered
  • Best explanations
  • It improves your text immediately


  • You can check only short texts
  • Price is expensive for such volume

10. GrammarCheck


This is a weird best grammar checker free version available right on its website, but if you’re interested in a deeper check where you would be able to see more detailed explanations and suggestions, the tool will transfer you to Grammarly. We had no idea whether these two tools were affiliated in any way or if maybe GrammarCheck just recommended Grammarly, so we dug deeper. Apparently, if you want the “deep check” and follow the link, you’ll get 20% off the standard Grammarly cost, so it’s really beneficial. If you need basic analysis, simply put an essay into a box and click “free check”. The program shows results in 3 colors that are divided into errors with style, spelling, and grammar. For seeing what the issue is, you need to click on an underlined word and read an explanation. This isn’t the very best tool since it makes mistakes, but all in all, we liked its work. It’s a decent proofreader and its quick work is a lovely bonus.

Price: Free version or paid Grammarly spell check.

Design: Simple design in best colors.

Accuracy: Medium.


  • Editing is quick
  • 20% discount for Grammarly available
  • Clear explanations


  • Tool misses some issues
  • Very limited checker

Writing Grammar Checker Reviews: How Do We Make Our Decisions?

For a review to be proper, it must be objective. That’s the goal we follow whenever we start looking for the best free essay samples or greatest academic tools. Objectivity requires a system, and here’s ours.

  • Checking reviews from students to select options. The first thing we do is go through various online platforms. Reddit, Facebook, student forums — we listen to what others say and make a list with checkers that these people mention most often. After we get about 50, we move onto the next step.
  • Testing efficiency. Now that our list is full, we start the elimination process. Each team member picks the same text; we test all selected grammar check websites and write down our opinions about them. We analyze one sentence, look at results, then check the entire text. This helps us achieve consistency. If an app has a paid version, we buy it to compare it with the basic option.
  • Checking speed. It is great when an app works quickly. People don’t like waiting, and students, in particular, want to be done as soon as possible. To help them out, we compare results and mention them in our reports. Optimal time of work for a checker is less than 10 seconds for short texts and less than a minute for long compositions. If they work more slowly, be assured that we’ll point it out.
  • Assessing prices. It is vital for many to find the best grammar checking software, but a common problem is, not everyone is ready to pay. Students tend to have limited budgets, so they are especially sensitive to prices. We eliminate overly expensive checkers that don’t meet quality standards. If one of them is great but still costs a lot, we point it out for your benefit.
  • Reaching consensus. Now is the time to compare our lists. We look at how many similarities and differences our reviews have and argue about this or that option. In most cases, our conclusions match. For settling arguments, we do additional checks and then start a final discussion that helps us select absolute winners.

After we settle on the best apps, we write grammar software reviews on the basis of our collective reports. Are we always correct? Not on a universal level. Some checkers could work great with our texts but not with yours. This happened a few times before, and we had to change our reviews. So, if you tried any of the options we recommended and were disappointed, let us know. We do everything in our power to make our reviews objective. Your opinion matters.

Consider Everything and Choose the Very Best Grammar Checker

What is the best grammar checker? Everyone should come up with their own answer. We selected ten great tools that will definitely provide you with quality homework help, but the rest is up to you. You might like some but not others — we all have our unique demands, so it is understandable. Maybe you feel more concerned about your writing style; maybe you aren’t a native speaker and you’d like some help with your spelling. Try a few apps, choose the one that pleases you most, and become a better writer by following its suggestions.

 LetsGradeIt's team
LetsGradeIt's team

Team of researchers, teachers, and professors gathered together to help students with their educational needs. Experienced enough to call ourselves good academic advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grammar Checking Tools

Is any grammar checker better than Grammarly?

In general, Grammarly is seen as one of the best checkers because it offers many features and excellent price-to-quality ratio. But some people like other tools more, so it depends on your preferences. Check our HemingwayApp or Ginger grammar check review.

What is the best free grammar checker?

HemingwayApp is definitely our choice. It has lovely design, it’s free, and it is as convenient as it could possibly get. You won’t have to create an account, share any personal details, or wait long — results are speedy and efficient.

What is the most popular grammar checker?

According to all grammar check software reviews, Grammarly takes the leading spot both in academic and non-academic lists. Its reputation has helped it stay there for a long time now.

Where can I check if my grammar is correct?

There are many best online grammar checkers. Look at our reviews and pick the one you like most. We recommend Grammarly and Ginger if you don’t mind paying or HemingwayApp if you need something free. If style is vital to you, try ProWritingAid.

What is the most professional grammar check app?

Again, that would be Grammarly and ProWritingAid. The former offers the best online grammar check; the latter is amazing in everything related to style. Both are professional and highly efficient.

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