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Best Paraphrasing Tool: Top 7 List

Writing is an important skill, especially for students who have a ton of written assignments. But, not every student is skilled in writing, which is why they require the best paraphrasing tool. It helps turn an old written assignment around and improve its quality, without spending too much time working on it. Instead, students can rephrase sentence by sentence until they’re completely happy with results. This would increase their chances of getting the teacher’s approval and a grade they were hoping for. This article will help you learn why and how to use paraphrases that suit your needs. It’ll also break down the top 7 tools we recommend for students. Let’s take a look.

What is Paraphrasing?

Let’s take a quick moment to explain what exactly is paraphrasing and why students sometimes look for good paraphrasing tool to do it. Paraphrasing is changing a source text by making vocabulary, stylistic, and grammar changes, but without changing meaning. Text would take on a different form, but what is said would remain intact.

Let’s say you’re a student who’s writing an academic paper. You’re using scholarly articles to gather information and build your thesis. But, you cannot plagiarize these sources, so you paraphrase them instead. This way, your text remains original and plagiarism-free. Also, if a teacher isn’t happy with the work you’ve done, try paraphrasing your paper instead of changing it altogether. This would improve its quality and earn you a good grade.

Reasons to Use Only the Best Paraphrasing Tool

As a student, you’re expected to produce high-quality academic papers that your professors would think highly of. But, if you use an unreliable tool, you’ll end up with a poorly written paper that would not earn you good grade. This is why you require paraphraser that is reliable, accurate, simple to use, free.

We’ve prepared this guide after doing necessary investigative work. As you should do a lot of online research and try out many options to find decent scholarly paraphrasing tool on your own. Our team tested dozens of rewording tools, looking for the best ones to share with you. We’ve compared their features and rated them objectively only to create this final list with the 7 best ones. Free, reliable, and liked by so many students — these are main features they have.

7 Best Tools for Paraphrasing

Rephrasing and rewriting a text is not an easy task and people struggle to find professional device to do it properly. This is why dependable writing assistant is a key to success. Below, we’ve made a list of 7 best rephrasers that you may start using today. Here they are.

1. GrabMyEssay

The best paraphrase tool is definitely the one created by GrabMyEssay company. This tool is easy to use and is user-friendly. To get your text paraphrased, just add your text in the specific field, add the words that don’t need paraphrasing, and press the button. After that, you’ll get the text with the highlighted words. Press on each word and choose the synonym you think fits the best in the context. Although it may take some time, it’s good that the tool does not change the words automatically. Sometimes the words may not fit the context, and the essay may be ruined.

grabmyessay paraphrasing

What is more, GrabMyEssay paraphraser is completely free and one may use it as many times as needed. That is an excellent feature for students that not every respected company can provide.


  • free of charge
  • no registration
  • no word limit
  • high quality

2. WritingUniverse

WritingUniverse has recently launched a new paraphrasing software that can easily be called one of the best online paraphrasing tools. It meets basic requirements and has some extra features that will be useful for students. The tool does not do automatic rewording – it allows you to choose a synonym for each word from a drop-down list. Our experts find it very convenient as not all the synonyms may fit the context of your paper.

writing universe paraphrasing tool

Before clicking on “Paraphrase” button, you can also indicate specific words that do not need rephrasing – add proper nouns, brand names, book titles, etc. In addition, the tool offers you a rewording mode: Simple, Advanced, or Automatic.

Finally, the tool is free of charge, does not require registration or any other personal data. Moreover, after you finish paraphrasing, you can download your text as a pdf, doc, or docx file.


  • fast paraphrasing
  • accuracy
  • free access
  • download your text
  • editing services offered


  • daily limit of 3 paraphrasing inquiries

3. Grammarly

The third tool on our list is the online writing assistant Grammarly. It is popular among students as paraphrasing tool free of charge, and for its simplicity and practical assistance it gives to whoever’s using it. Either paste text directly into blank space or upload document you want to fix.

grammarly paraphrasing tool

Grammarly will then analyze entire document, and scan it to find room for improvement. You’ll receive tips on how to improve accuracy in terms of grammar, spelling, style, clarity, engagement, readability, vocabulary, and more. If you highlight a word, Grammarly will offer a synonym to use instead.

You’ll be able to rephrase paragraph by paragraph until you’re completely satisfied. Plus, you can choose paper’s intent to help Grammarly make better suggestions. It does come in a Premium paid version, but the basic free one is ideal for students who require assistance with their academic assignments.


  • free
  • unlimited word count
  • accurate


  • requires manual work

4. Paraphraser

Next on our list is a website that paraphrases for you called Paraphraser. This is another simple and professional tool that students love using to edit and rewrite their papers. Once you paste or upload your content, it will take a couple of seconds to scan it. Then, it will provide a rewritten version of source text, while leaving source text as mirror image. This way, you get to compare two versions and choose the best of both.

Another great feature that this tool offers is a free plagiarism check that is necessary for any type of academic or scientific content. After you’re done paraphrasing, check to see if you’ll pass the plagiarism test.


  • free
  • plagiarism check


  • 999 words limit

paraphraser tool review

5. Quillbot

Quillbot is another good paraphrase tool that may be a bit under the radar compared to others. Just like with previous tools, you may either upload, paste or type directly into space provided. Quillbot will provide excellent paraphrasing, leaving you with meaningful, natural-sounding sentences that anyone would hardly believe were written by an AI. Also, pick level of changes you want to make, as well as accuracy you’re aiming for.

The biggest flaw of this tool is that it only allows working with 125 words at a time. This is a word limit some students find annoying, especially when rewriting larger pieces of text.


  • precise and natural rewording
  • choosing synonyms level


  • 125 words limit

quillbot tool review

6. Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing-Tool – This next tool is quite simple and easy to use but offers somewhat less professional paraphrasing. It doesn’t allow uploading a document, only pasting text or typing directly. You’ll deal with formatting your document all over again, once you finish paraphrasing. This website also imposes a limit set to 10,000 characters which are approximately 1600 words.
The best thing about this paraphraser is that it works quickly and offers a creative word choice. That means your revised document would be original and unique, which should be your goal.


  • quick
  • creative word selection


  • no document upload
  • 10.000 characters limit

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7. Rewriter Tools

RewriterTools is an assistant that helps you with different types of paraphrasing assignments, based on your current needs. It’ll provide you with type of best rephrasing tool you require at a specific moment. Here’s what it offers to a student such as yourself: article rewriter, article spinner, paraphraser, grammar checker.

Each one comes with a set of features that would come in handy for specific editing tasks. That means you get all these different tools in one place. It saves you time and energy you’d spend combining different tools to get desired results. This paraphrase tool might just be writing assistant you need.


  • multiple features
  • allows direct download


  • doesn’t make a huge difference from the source text

rewriter tools review

We created this ultimate paraphrasing tool reviews to help you save time and find tools that truly help. So, these 7 tools we’ve listed above are among the best ones you can find today. Try them out all for free, to see which one works best for you. Combine them, based on your specific need and assignments you want to rewrite and edit. If you require additional writing help, we suggest you look for it at some of the best homework help websites. You’ll learn all about professional academic writing help online.

How to Rephrase a Paragraph with a Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing manually would be a difficult task, especially for students who have their hands full of other academic assignments. So, it’s best to use a helping hand to polish a text, one paragraph at a time.

To learn how to change your text in terms of form and style, without changing the meaning, you should start with a single paragraph. Choose a tool from our list and paste this paragraph to get suggestions. Analyze your paragraph from different aspects:

  • vocabulary
    Is there a better/simpler/more accurate way to say this?
  • redundancy
    Are all the words absolutely necessary?
  • style
    Does the word choice fit the academic style you’re aiming for?
  • grammar
    Is it grammatically correct to say it that way?

Only the best paraphrase tool will have all the answers to these questions. Follow the suggestions it gives you and revise them to get the best results. Once you succeed with a single paragraph, move on to entire paper.

Must-Have Features

When you’re looking for a reliable paraphraser, set your criteria high and settle for nothing less. This is the only way for you to find the best one and make sure your academic papers are perfect. Features any student wants are the following:

  • Free. A student’s budget is as tight as it gets. Most of them couldn’t afford an expensive paraphraser, so this is an important feature.
  • Formatting Restored. If you’ve already handled your document’s formatting, you want it to be saved and restored after making changes. This saves you time and energy and is practical.
  • Unlimited Word Count. The best scholarly paraphrasing tool won’t limit the word count of the document you’re trying to edit. With a limited word count, you should divide your document, check and edit one part at a time and potentially lose track of the stylistic intent.

Word Changer. The best instrument suggests synonyms wisely and makes sure the style of the paper or document is consistent.

On top of all of this, there’s another bonus feature that’s crucial for the most demanding tasks and papers — hiring a human writer to reword your text. Not even the best online paraphrasing tool would be able to edit your paper with such accuracy and a natural sound, as a human writer would. So, always check if the paraphraser you’re using has this option or not. If it doesn’t, a trusted essay writing service will offer professional writers who can do it with ease.

Final Thoughts

To find the best paraphraser, do some research and compare features the most popular ones are offering. Luckily, we did hard work for you and made a list of the top 7 tools for paraphrasing academic writing. Choose any option you trust the most and start making writing improvements today.

 LetsGradeIt's team
LetsGradeIt's team

Team of researchers, teachers, and professors gathered together to help students with their educational needs. Experienced enough to call ourselves good academic advisors.


What is the best paraphrasing tool online free?

When you’re looking for the best paraphrasing website, you have so many choices. Each tool offers something different and unique. This leaves you wondering which one is actually the best.

Only you can decide which tool suits your academic writing needs the most and has necessary features. The options we’ve covered above are all high-quality and reliable tools, but not every of them might work for you. So, to answer this question, take our top 5 picks as a starting point and do some additional research on your own.

What is the best paraphrasing tool for academic writing?

Like so many other students, you too are looking for a paraphrasing tool that can help you with your academic written assignments. That means you need a tool that will check your grammar, polish your vocabulary, and maintain an academic style for your paper.

You require a type of scientific paraphrasing tool that wouldn’t damage paper quality and would only change words and phrases you’ve used. Out of the 5 tools we’ve recommended above, QuillBot may be the best in rephrasing and rewriting in a high-quality manner. But, with the word count limitation it imposes, some students prefer other tools from our list. Also, when academic writing is at stake, students like to look at best free essay websites and find professional writers who handle more demanding tasks.

Which is better Grammarly or QuillBot?

Both Grammarly and Quillbot could be named the best free paraphrasing tool. They both offer reliable, precise, and accurate rewriting and students love the features they offer. But, some differences are notable.

Grammarly primarily focuses on finding errors such as spelling, grammar, or vocabulary use. It is a reliable rephrase paragraph tool but could use another set of features that would focus solely on paraphrasing. Simply put, use it to reword your text, but do some work manually as well. QuillBot does all the work for you, in just one click, but it limits you in word count. Once again, it all comes down to what features you appreciate the most personally, or what you need at a given moment.

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