Reviews of the Best Free Plagiarism Checkers - Use Only the Top Tools

What is the best plagiarism checker for students and how to recognize one when you see it? It might be a difficult process since there is a huge number of options online. Whether students write by themselves or hire the best paper writing services, they want to know how original their paper is. To give you an answer, we started doing our research. Our list features ten top tools that impressed us with their speed, variety of features, and efficiency. With their help, you’ll be able to detect even the smallest amounts of plag in your papers and remove them, getting better grades and knowing you’re safe as your paper is completely unique. So, on to the best checkers.

All ratings, opinions, and reviews you see on this site do not necessarily reflect the official position of any other company, educational establishment, or employer. These reviews are always subject to revision and change. Please do not hold us to them — visit actual websites to make any decision.

Top 10 Plagiarism Checkers: 2023 Choice

1. Quetext


This is truly one of the best plagiarism checkers in the market that we’ve been delighted to test. It has a simple and unassuming design that doesn’t hurt an eye and underlines user friendliness. The moment you visit Quetext’s website, you see a blank box where you should insert your text. Then press a blue button “check plagiarism” right below it and very soon, you’ll see your results. From elements that made us favor this specific plag detector, there are the facts that it’s completely free and available to anyone. Students won’t need to create an account or even share their email if they’d like to check a short text. For longer texts, you’d have to create an account, but this is a quick process. Everything is as simple as it gets. The only minor problem is, it’s difficult to determine what databases this checker uses — it means that if your text cites some obscure sources, some plagiarized bits could remain undetected. But every time we tested Quetext, accuracy was absolute, so we didn’t face this problem. By all accounts, this tool was the best.

Price: Free

Accuracy: Very high

Database: Unclear

Usability: Quick and user friendly design


  • No registration needed for shorter texts
  • Best plagiarism detector
  • Quick and effective results


  • No info on what databases are searched

2. Copyleaks


This is the best site to check plagiarism for students who want a plag machine that supports several languages. Copyleaks works with 100 of them, so it’s a great choice for foreign folks in particular. Its platform is informative and offers several options, such as comparing sites or different documents. From inconveniences, people should create an account before they get a chance to detect plag even in a short text. Those who are busy and have to check everything ASAP might not like it. For using this tool, you’ll have to pay, but first, there is a trial version. It’s effective, but naturally, it gives you access only to basic features — for example, you could scan your text for plagiarism, but if you want to see a detailed report, you’d have to pay for a subscription. We still found Copyleaks impressive because it covers a big number of databases, and it offers generous conditions. Even a trial version allows checking enough pages for making an informed conclusion about whether you like this scanner or not.

Price: Free temporary version; then you could pay $10.99 or $109.90 for checking 100 or 1200 pages per month/year respectively.

Accuracy: Great

Database: Many supported

Usability: Signing up is a must, but everything works quickly


  • Reliable results
  • Good variety of options
  • Detailed reports
  • Low prices


  • It costs money
  • Users need to log in / register

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3. PlagScan


This is one of the best sites to check for plagiarism for students who want to download their reports. PDF and docx are supported; you could also print it if this is what you prefer. Students should register or log in using one of their social media accounts. Good thing is, this process doesn’t take long, and you’ll be able to check an essay in no time. Three colors are used to help you understand your results. If plag percentage is in red, then you’re in danger. More than 5% could bring you a failing grade or even result in suspension. If results are in orange, your content isn’t bad, but you could work on rephrasing some bits. If it’s colored green, then you have nothing to worry about because your originality is on the top level. Free trial is extensive enough to let students figure out if they want to start paying. Prices are pretty low, especially for those who check academic papers with smaller volume, and results are accurate. PlagScan goes through many databases before arriving at its conclusion.
Price: Free version available; once it expires, minimal price is $5.99 for 24 pages.

Accuracy: High

Database: Lots of platforms covered

Usability: Only works with account


  • Results are efficient
  • It’s easy to understand plag percentage
  • Doesn’t cost much
  • Allows generating reports in several formats


  • Impossible to use without account
  • You need to pay for client package

4. Scribbr


This top plagiarism checker is very popular among students and people in general. It has an informative platform that’s easy to understand; it works smoothly and offers great insights on several subjects at once. You could also find citation tools, professional proofreader, as well as editing assistance here. Students could either create a new account or log in through Google or Facebook profiles, and unfortunately, they’ll have to pay for this program right away. Scribbr relies on its reputation for attracting new clients and there is no chance to test it before buying a subscription. But as we saw, the results are absolutely worth it. Reports have a lot of details and they show you exactly what was plagiarized from which source. Flawed content is marked with numbers, and you can find their meaning in the column on your right. There is an extensive database search, and though generating a report could take some time, you’ll be happy with its thoroughness.

Price: Minimal cost is $19.95: it’ll buy you 7500 words.

Accuracy: Great

Database: Numerous platforms searched

Usability: Only through account


  • Great plagiarism checker reviews
  • Very detailed plag reports
  • Big volume for affordable price
  • High level of accuracy


  • No trial version
  • Getting a report takes time
  • Bad idea for those who want to check one or two texts

5. Plagramme


As a scanner with the best plagiarism checker free online version, this one targets students in particular, so every feature it developed is based on this notion. It offers two versions for your use. If you don’t want to pay and are happy with limited options, you can use free Plagramme and correct your essays after seeing simple reports. If your college is strict and you need a deeper check, you could pay $1 for one paper. It’s a cheap price that most young people would be able to afford. From drawbacks, for accessing even free version, students must create an account. But even if you paid, you’d have to wait in a queue for up to 20 minutes. That’s a really long time. All in all, though, Plagramme is very efficient: it works with many databases and provides great results. No matter how rare your source is, if you took too much info from it, you’ll see it.

Price: Plain free version & $1 for one essay

Accuracy: Best

Database: Extensive

Usability: Need an account for optimal use


  • Plagiarism checker best suitable for students
  • Cheap scanner
  • Good results
  • Clear reports


  • Need an account to check texts
  • Anti-plag check takes too much time

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6. Duplichecker


Duplichecker is known as the best plagiarism checker for research papers since it supports several formats and allows students to analyze not just similarity percentage but also their grammar. This is essential for those who care about their academic grade. From positives, this is one of rare sites that doesn’t ask its users to register or log in. They only need to undergo basic verification process to prove that they are humans. Report needs some time for being generated, be patient with it — it’ll be there in a few minutes. Free version is available and it supports 1000 words per check, which is more than in most cases. Paid version opens new benefits and opportunities — access them if you like its work. From downsides, not many databases are covered, accuracy isn’t 100%. Minimal package will buy only about 10 checks, decide whether it’s worth it for yourself. Still, price-quality ratio is very satisfactory.

Price: Free basic version & minimal price is $10 monthly

Accuracy: Medium

Database: Could be more extensive

Usability: Anti-robot verification needed


  • Great free version
  • Informative reports
  • Extra options available


  • Not the most accurate plag finder
  • Need to wait before report is ready

7. SmallSeoTools


This is the best free plagiarism checker for students who write short and medium-sized papers. Design could look somewhat overwhelming: there is a lot of red and purple, don’t be alarmed when you visit this website for the first time. Like with previous checker, you should prove your human status and that’s it. No need for accounts or email sharing. Results are displayed quickly and they are shown sentence by sentence, which is very useful. You could click “matched sources” to see where the problem is. Reports aren’t particularly detailed, if you are a meticulous plag avoider, you might need a more informative option. Recently, SmallSeoTools introduced an advanced version. It comes cheap — students should pay just $10 for 30K words, which isn’t much, but the problem is, we didn’t see what benefits you’d get apart from increased size. It clearly needs some more work before it becomes fully functional. In both cases, accuracy is very high, and this is the most important thing.

Price: Free & paid version starts with $10

Accuracy: Best

Database: Many databases searched

Usability: Only verification needed


  • Top free plagiarism checker
  • Paid version is cheap
  • Results are easily comprehensible
  • Accuracy is great


  • Redundant paid version
  • Overwhelming design

8. Plagtracker


If you visited this website and saw its design, don’t be concerned. Yes, it leaves a lot to be desired, but this is a really good plagiarism checker that works in a speedy and efficient manner. Results are ready almost right away, and you don’t have to pay a cent for them. Reports offer lots of information and are mostly accurate. The problem is with website mechanics: users might need to refresh their page five or six times before they see “check plagiarism” button. While accuracy is pretty high, only some databases are searched.

Price: Free

Accuracy: Mostly high

Database: Medium

Usability: Not good


  • Absolutely free
  • Reports are informative
  • Scanner does quick work


  • Flawed website
  • Issues with design

9. UniCheck


Students and professors alike use this best plagiarism software because it is effective and diverse. It works on an account basis, and no free version is present, but its results are accurate. Reports are very informative: they mention suspicious sources, phrases, originality percentage, and point out direct quotes. While users should wait for quite some time, they usually end up satisfied — this could be seen from positive reviews about this checker. It works with many databases, although not with all of them, which is a flaw.

Price: Minimal cost is $5

Accuracy: Best

Database: Very good

Usability: Account required


  • Reports have many useful details
  • Even large projects could be checked
  • Price is cheap


  • No chance to test it for free
  • Problems with website
  • Tedious process of creating an account

10. Grammarly


There is no point in describing this checker in-depth since everyone already knows it. Grammarly is extremely popular and has numerous great reviews. It’s detailed, thorough, and offers help with plag, grammar, punctuation, etc. Unfortunately, for checking plagiarism, people should pay — no free test is available. Prices aren’t high, but students might still find them excessive. Grammarly supports various databases and its work is accurate, but contrary to its reputation, it skips some issues sometimes, double-checks everything.

Price: Minimal price is $12

Accuracy: Best

Database: Impressive search

Usability: Need to create an account and pay for usage


  • Excellent reputation
  • Good prices
  • Quality results


  • No free version
  • Reports appear slowly

How Just Is Our Plagiarism Checker Review?

We always follow objective criteria. Plagiarism is a vital issue, we approach it with all seriousness. Our team reviews history, reputation, prices, and features of different checkers. We use rare free essay examples to test them and see how much plag each tool will uncover. Only options that each of our tester considered the best get a place in our list.

 LetsGradeIt's team
LetsGradeIt's team

Team of researchers, teachers, and professors gathered together to help students with their educational needs. Experienced enough to call ourselves good academic advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plagiarism Scanners

What is the best plagiarism checker to pay for?

Based on our reviews, we can name Copyleaks, PlagScan, and Scribbr as the best scanners you could purchase for eliminating every trace of plag from your works. The first two have free versions you could try before deciding which of them you like most.

Can I check plagiarism for free?

Of course. There are two possibilities here. You could find free plag software or use a trial version of a checker you’re interested in. There are many options available online, there is a variety for you to pick from.

Is any plagiarism checker as good as Turnitin?

Yes, for sure. While teachers prefer Turnitin, you could easily find the best plagiarism checker software available to students. All ten options we offered are accurate enough to help you clean your essays.

What is the best website to check plagiarism for teachers?

Most colleges use Turnitin, but there are other legit options, too. For instance, many professors like Grammarly, Scribbr, and Copyleaks, and you could use them just as easily.

What is the best plagiarism checker for students?

The best plagiarism checker and proofreader for students is Scribbr — it’s not the cheapest option, but it offers the fullest and most wholesome packages.

What is the best free plag checker?

Those looking for the best plagiarism checker online free should try Quetext. It’s simple, quick, accurate, and it works on a completely free basis.

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