User Agreement

In order for our community to thrive, upholding the terms of this user agreement is crucial for everyone.
This User Agreement to all users’ interaction with our platform, as well as affiliated applications, API, e-mail, and all our other services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Services”).

Please remember that if you take advantage of our services you are thereby bound by this User Agreement. If you don’t accept these terms, usage of the website and other services is not allowed.

We advise that you study our Privacy Policy which will provide detailed information regarding the storage and use of personal information.

1. Access to Our Services

Please bear in mind that you can register on our website and interact with other services if you are over 18 y.o. Also, you should meet the age criteria set by your country in order to access the services or provide verification from your parent or legal guardian that they consent to your usage of the services.

In case you agree to these terms on behalf of another entity or legal person, it indicates that they are obligated to be governed by these terms.

2. Use of our Services

By agreeing to these terms you receive a right to access and use our services according to the guidelines stated here. Please note that this right is personal to you, can be revoked, and can not be transferred to another person. Any rights that are not directly stated by these terms reside with us.

Unless specifically granted to you, user’s rights do not allow you to assign, license, transfer, sell, host, otherwise abuse, correct, use for derivative works, edit, or decompose our content or services.

The right to update or discontinue the services resides with us and can be exercised without notice. All possible additions or revisions of the services will be in compliance with these terms. You consent to the fact that we shall not be liable if the service is altered or terminated.

3. Account Creation and Security

If you desire to interact with our services, you may be obligated to create a personal user account (hereinafter referred to as “account”) and enter your user information such as name, password, e-mail, etc., as further clarified in the Privacy Policy. Responsibility for data entered into your account and its security resides with you. Please send us a notification if you suspect any unauthorized activity on your account. We recommend setting a secure password. If you wish to transfer or sell your account you can not do so without our consent.

4. Content

Our services can feature different types of content, such as but not limited to text, photos, images, audio and video files, links, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “content”), posted by us or our users. We are neither responsible for said content nor guarantee its fullness, trustworthiness, or authenticity.

If you post content you thereby take responsibility for this content and confirm that you have appropriate rights to share said content with our services.

Please note that ownership to your content resides with you, but by entering it using our services you grant us: a royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, transferable, perpetual, and sublicensable license to use your content, as well as display, perform, duplicate, modify, adapt, prepare derivative works of, distribute or store your content as well as any of your details such as user name, likeness or voice associated with your content in all currently available formats and channels, or those that will be developed later.

The aforementioned license gives us the right to adapt your content to distribution, broadcast, syndication, or republication by other services or companies.

You also grant us the right to remove metadata associated with your content. You permanently abandon any claims and assertions of moral rights or attribution with respect to Your Content.

If you shall voluntarily give to us any feedback or share a suggestion regarding our service, you consent to us potentially using said feedback freely and at no cost.

Please know that we have a right to remove your content from our services for any reason, without explanation, and at any time, among which due to violation of these terms, our regulations regarding content, or in case we may become liable due to your content.

5. Content by a Third Party

Our services may include content that features links to outside resources, such as websites or services, possibly included as advertisements and which may belong to our affiliates or other service users (hereinafter referred to as “content by a third party”). Such content is not controlled or overseen by us, thus rendering us not responsible for any included third party content. Please exercise caution while interacting with content by a third party and do so at your own risk.

6. Restricted Conduct

When using or accessing LetsGradeIt, you must comply with these Terms and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Please review the Content Policy which is part of these Terms and contains LetsGradeIt’s rules about prohibited content and conduct. In addition to what is prohibited in the Content Policy, you may not do any of the following:

Please follow all the regulations provided in these terms and adhere to all legal requirements when you use our services. We suggest that you examine our policies regarding content and attitude when dealing with our services. Other restricted conduct also includes:

  • Using our services in a way that can result in disruption or impairment.
  • Acquiring unsolicited access to user accounts, inner or private website information, such as networks or computer systems, or attempt at such acquisition.
  • Spreading of any malware through our services, such as viruses or code, or other malicious attempts to impede the services.
  • Taking advantage of our services with the purpose of infringement, breach of laws, or intellectual property rights.
  • Using services to obtain data by means not allowed by these terms.
  • Using our services in a way that can be considered fraudulent or abusive.

If instances of restricted conduct or any actions were done without compliance with our regulations shall come to your attention, please report said instances via Contact Form on the site.

7. Moderation of Services

A user on a voluntary basis can be given the position of moderator. We do not monitor or control the activity of moderators, thus can not be liable for their conduct. One’s position as a moderator can be revoked or terminated by us on any occasion and with no provided reason. We bear the right to overrule or abolish any moderator’s activity if we believe that it goes against the best interests of our users and the community.

8. Policy Regarding Infringement

We firmly believe in integrity or a person’s intellectual property and request that our users act according to this policy. To ensure the safety of one’s intellectual property rights we see to every instance of infringement and eliminate all infringed content, as well as remove users who take repeated actions of infringement. If a case of infringement comes to your attention please contact us directly.

If your content shall be removed due to an infringement of copyright issue, we will send you a notification via email. If you think that your contact was removed wrongfully, you may fill out a Contact Form or directly contact us [email protected] You can use copyright law (17 U.S.C. § 512(g)(3)) to help you complete the form.

9. Alterations to the Terms

We reserve the right to update or alter Terms of Use as the need occurs. The current version of the Terms will be featured in this section for users to access. Please be aware and acceptant of the fact that each interaction with our services is governed by said Terms, and by interacting with our services you consent to be bound by our current Terms. If you don’t agree with alterations to Terms, please terminate your activities with the services before the alterations become active.

10. Account Termination

You may terminate these Terms at any time and for any reason by deleting your Account and discontinuing use of all Services. If you stop using the Services without deactivating your Account, your Account may be deactivated due to prolonged inactivity.

We may suspend or terminate your Account, moderator status, or ability to access or use the Services at any time for any or no reason, including for violating these Terms or our Content Policy.

Our Terms will no longer oblige you if you delete your account and stop the use of our services.

Please know that if you don’t terminate your account it may be deactivated by us due to user inactivity. We reserve the right to delete your account, revoke your moderator status and prevent you from using the services if the need occurs, providing no reason for it.

11. Additional Provisions

Stated Terms are an agreement between us and users in regard to your access to our services and their use. Our inability to reinforce the rights and specific provisions set in these Terms does not constitute the abandonment or rejection of such provision. In case these Terms partially become Illegal or otherwise invalid, the remaining provisions shall stay effective. The right and obligations set for you in these terms may not be transferred or assigned without our consent. Our rights and obligations set by these Terms can be willingly assigned and transferred.

Content Policy

We take great pride in our community where all users can freely talk about their experiences, partake in discussions, vote for the best answers, place inquiries, and share their thoughts and opinions. Users can interact with one another, find people with similar interests, and build relationships that make our community stronger and more fruitful.

The value of a community is measured by its individual members – whether they are understanding, kind, creative, and inquisitive. A good community can provide a safe and pleasant environment for every member. Therefore, we encourage our community members to act respectfully, make other users feel safe and welcomed, as well as respect their privacy.

Different communities have their special set of rules that users create and follow, which are enforced by moderators. Activities in the community are affected by each member who takes time to enrich it, participating in votes or discussions. As long as the rules of the community are followed, it can allow positive interactions to shine.

Please find a set of rules for our community below and take your time to read through them carefully. These rules will provide guidance for you and other users and will help build a positive atmosphere for all participants. We strongly suggest that you take each of the rules to heart.

Rules of our Community

  • Respect your fellow members. Community is a safe space where like-minded people can freely and safely interact without fear of violence, harassment, or bullying. The promotion of hate based on identity or vulnerability is unacceptable in our community.
  • Be yourself, but follow common rules. Your content should be original to you. We welcome members that are genuinely interested in our community and will not post spam, cheat, or manipulate the community.
  • Be Mindful and respectful. Posting personal or confidential information about others without their explicit consent is forbidden. We also do not welcome members who share intimate or sexually-explicit media without explicit consent, as well as sexual or suggestive content involving minors.
  • You may use any name you prefer when interacting within the community, but the impersonation of others with the purpose of deceit is unacceptable.
  • Lawful and transparent. Our community abides by the laws, therefore sharing any illegal content or promoting illegal or prohibited transactions is forbidden.
  • Final rule is simple but crucial – one must not break the site or take any actions to interfere with its normal work, so as not to prevent other members of the community from using the website.

Rule Enforcement

Rules are only helpful if properly enforced, therefore we take time and dedicate much effort to keeping our community healthy and flourishing. If you break the rules of our community consequences will be swift to follow and sometimes even irrevocable:

  • You will be contacted by admins and suggested to correct your behavior.
  • If you break the rules repeatedly, you will receive increasing attention from our admins and the last chance to correct your attitude voluntarily.
  • Your account will face restrictions, while certain privileges will be revoked.
  • Content you post will be taken down.
  • If you do not oblige, you will be suspended from the website either temporarily or permanently.
  • You will face a ban for your actions and be forced to leave the community permanently.
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