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  • Quality of help Medium-to-high
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  • Types of services Essays, Questions & answers, Proofreading, Editing, Study resources
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CleverrUp is a relatively new company that provides many-layered homework services in a variety of spheres. It could solve your Math problems, write an essay, find an answer to a particularly complex question, give you a tutor, and so on. Its prices are affordable and its quality is of acceptable level. It follows deadlines properly, but there are next to no Cleverr Up reviews online because a firm hasn’t been working long.

This CleverrUp review is a bit atypical because we usually focus on essay writing reviews. But many students are using its help or leaving their requests for us to investigate it, so we decided to try. It provides lots of different kinds of assistance, including tutoring and the best homework help. We researched its website and background, looked for reviews about it, and placed several orders of our own. Our team didn’t know what to expect, but we were eager to find out.

Samples: Quality & Originality

Analyzing paper writing samples is one of the central pieces of our review of CleverrUp. Samples usually mean free examples of a company’s writing. They imply what kind of quality you can expect and prove that this agency has your interests at its heart — it doesn’t simply try to make money on you, it’s invested in giving you help and knowledge even when they are free. But it works only as long as quality is high, so let’s check it together. We took four random samples and performed an analysis.

Cleverr Up has average samples. Some of them are better than others; some are not good and obviously written by students. But they are diverse and interesting, so if you need inspiration, you could check them out.

Personal Food Acquisition and Food Sourcing Diary in Anthropological Perspective

Category: Food
Length: 1700 words
Analysis: This sample has average quality. It lacks a thesis, uses a claim from a source in its place, and presents overly simple ideas, even though it uses complex language to do it. At the same time, some insights are enlightening, and the text follows the topic properly. There are some grammar mistakes & punctuation issues, too, although they aren’t too serious. A writer picked good sources and based on the votes of the majority, most people liked this sample.


About Restorative Justice

Category: Crime & Law
Length: 1063 words
Analysis: Similarly, this sample has average quality. Its ideas are great and it also uses credible sources, but it has a very weak quality of proofreading. As you can see from the screenshot, it has a silly mistake right in the first sentence, using “restaurant justice” instead of “restorative”. It means that the writer didn’t bother to read what they wrote even once. But it is enlightening and most students voted in favor of this sample.


Cultural Relativism and Fieldwork

Category: Culture & Sociology
Length: 1169 words
Analysis: This sample has a much better quality. It sounds pretty professional and it explores a complex issue with an acceptable level of insights. While it has some mistakes, they are few in number. Most importantly, it relies on great sources and cites them as needed. From drawbacks, its language isn’t always academic — you can see the usage of phrasal verbs like “deal with” on the screenshot. It has a lot of positive votes.


Course Code

Category: Culture & Sustainability
Length: 2232 words
Analysis: In a similar way, this sample is studying a complex subject and offers several perspectives on it. It’s not perfect: there are language issues, the sources are used too sporadically, which leads to unsupported claims, the thesis is too vague, and some expressions are informal. But sources themselves are good and the writer clearly understands their topic. Most students supported this sample, too.


Sample 1

Personal Food Acquisition and Food Sourcing Diary in Anthropological Perspective

Sample 2

About Restorative Justice

Sample 3

Cultural Relativism and Fieldwork

Sample 4

Course Code

Interface and Usability

Our review begins with overview of a company’s interface. It’s simple and intuitive. From the drawbacks, it’s somewhat repetitive: it says the same thing in different words, such as have a quick question?”, “ask an expert,” etc. It also has a generic white color as its major background. But the pictures are quirky and relevant, and there is relevant info offered.


Types of papers:
All types

Services You Could Order from CleverrUp

Like several reviews of Cleverr Up mentioned, this company provides many different services that aren’t limited to academic writing. You could order tutoring from one of the experts there — all you need is to point out our area of specialty and your course. There is also a proofreading option for those who want to make their texts perfect. If you have any questions about practice or theory, you can ask CleverrUp’s experts about it. They’ll reply to you in a couple of minutes. So, they can help with many aspects, and we, as a review team, appreciated their many-sided approach.

Prices: prices are affordable. One page costs $15; you need to figure out other prices by specifying your requirements because they depend on many factors.

Deliveries & deadlines: Most reviews we managed to find claim that this company delivers their projects on time. What we ordered got to us on time, too.

Discounts: Unfortunately, we didn’t find any info about discounts. If you want one, you have to negotiate with a company’s representatives.
Writers: You could ask online experts one question for free. You could also purchase two types of accounts: one gives you a right to ask 5 questions per month and the other one allows 10 questions.

Cleverr Up Guarantees

Guarantees: CleverrUp has plenty of safe and customer-friendly guarantees. All of them are transparent: your account is yours only; when you purchase a subscription, you cannot get a refund, but if you asked for a service like an essay, you can get your money back. Accounts are automatically renewable, so make sure you cancel your subscription if you don’t want to use this firm any longer. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Customer support: Reviews of Cleverr Up we located praise this customer support, and we share their opinion. You can start a chat any time and you’ll get good answers in record time. These experts are helpful and loyal, and they always work quickly.

Quality of Their Assistance

The level of help at this company is mostly satisfying. There are some issues, especially with questions & answers, but any big project has a sufficient level of quality. This is what our experience says.

Our Order

To test CleverrUp personally, we placed one order for an essay and asked two questions online. Our essay was done in a really good way. It was written professionally and had great sources. As for questions, one was answered in a semi-satisfying way. The reply of an expert was accurate, but it wasn’t complete. The second question wasn’t answered properly at all — the calculation was wrong. Because of this, our opinion is that the company has an average-to-acceptable level of quality.

What Cleverr Up Reviews Say

Like we’ve mentioned, there are almost no reviews about this company. The ones we found were sent to us and to our colleagues privately, and they were reliable enough to let us make our conclusions. Most of them express their satisfaction with CleverrUp. The only reported problems concern some experts who give answers to questions online. They aren’t always correct, which is an issue. But all in all, quality is good.

Look for CleverrUp Reviews and Write Your Own

From everything we discovered about CleverrUp, we give it 3.5 out of 5 points. It’s a new and promising company, but it hasn’t done enough to win the loyalty of its customers yet. Its samples are of average quality, so it needs to work on them. There are almost no online reviews you could access, which also doesn’t create reliability. Most prices are unclear, but the ones for written content are affordable. Quality is mostly good, and speed of help is fast. Try CleverrUp by yourself and tell others what you think! We’ll appreciate your input.

CleverrUp Review FAQ

Is CleverrUp safe?

This company is safe in the sense that it guards your confidentiality and doesn’t share your data with others.

Is CleverrUp a scam?

Not at all. You can get real help from it, both with your homework and academic essay.

Is CleverrUp reliable?

We would say that it’s mostly reliable. Its answers aren’t always correct, but it has solid essay writing and proofreading quality.

Clinets' Reviews
Already voted!
1 Reviews

I am very satisfied. The specialists in this team really know how to write essays. Communicating with this company is very easy and fun, with no rudeness, only good emotions after communication. I am glad I came to you.

1 Reviews

I am very happy and satisfied with their use. Have ordered here many times and can’t remember what problems I had with this service.
Thank you

1 Reviews

They guys did a fantastic job with my History project. Really happy. They delivered the final. Project on time. It really saved my time and money.

1 Reviews

The help from the academic expert was okay, I got B but I do not need more than that so it is fine with me.

1 Reviews

I am really happy to use their services. At the beginning, I had a doubt about the results, but after communicating, and using their customer supports, I was surprised to see how helping and concerned they are.

1 Reviews
Cleverr Up

Essays are always calmly written. There’s this uniqueness about them. They work so well.

1 Reviews
Cleverr Up

Very satisfied with customer service here. But it would be great if your responded a bit faster

1 Reviews
Cleverr Up

A question to the management: why other similar services have a discount bring a friend or a discount on the next order, and you do not have it? As for my essay – everything is super.

1 Reviews

If you really need to order a job, then you can turn to this service. The essay was written in the stipulated lines, but the essay itself could have been written better. this is my opinion 🙂

1 Reviews

It seems to me that the topic of my essay was not fully disclosed… but this topic was really difficult for me, so I turned to them for help… maybe I’m wrong or too picky… we’ll see what my professor has to say.

1 Reviews

The service was easy to find common ground with, but as far as I’m concerned it was a little pricey.

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