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  • Minimum Deadline The shortest deadline the company can handle is 3 hours
  • Lowest Price $12.99
  • Discounts discounts include a 15% off for first-timers.
  • Payment Methods VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • Guarantees 24/7 Support, Confidentiality, Customer Satisfaction, Money Back, No Plagiarism, On-time Delivery, Proofreading, Quality, Revision
  • Types of papers Essays, Research papers, Term paper, Thesis, Dissertation, Coursework, Capstone project, Book report, Outline, Book review, Movie review, Research summary, Report, Case Study, Lab report, PowerPoint presentation, Article, Article critique, Annotated bibliography, Reaction paper, Project, Admission essay, Scholarship essay, Personal statement, Proofreading, Editing, Rewriting, Resume/CV
Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Samples 200+
  • Number of Categories 13
  • Access Free
  • Originality of Samples Mostly All Original
  • Quality of Samples Medium
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EssayThinker is becoming more and more popular among students, and our EssayThinker review will take a look at how effective it is as a writing service provider as well as its customer service capability. With so many essay writing services flourishing in recent years, we hope that this Essay Thinker review will help you to make the right call.

EssayThinker offers both best online essay writing services and business writing assistance. The company started as a group of Ph.D. students who wished to help their fellow students with assignments and essays. Their business quickly took off afterward, but they have never really forgotten their core values: To help fellow students get over difficult assignments with ease. On, EssayThinker features a score of 4.2, which indicates a high level of general customer satisfaction.

EssayThinker Writing Tools

EssayThinker does not employ any special tool during their writing process. However, they do come with a blog that shares plenty of writing experience as well as tips for future writers. If you decide to edit or to write essays on your own, these tips will be invaluable resources.

EssayThinker Reviews about Samples

Our review team has completed thorough investigation on website and conducted analysis of essay examples. Here’s an information they were managed to find out:

Number of Samples: EssayThinker provides more than 327 different samples across many topics.

Number of Categories: There are about 13 different categories, making sure that the customers can find what they need with ease.

Access: All samples can be accessed for free.

Originality of Samples: EssayThinker uploads mostly original samples on their website

Quality of Samples: The general quality of most samples is high.

EssayThinker does upload a good amount of samples on a wide range of topics to their website, allowing the customers to judge the quality of their writing services on their own. The quality of these samples is great, proving the writers’ competency.

Breakdown of Samples

In this section, our review of EssayThinker will take a closer look at the existing samples on the website. In general, samples written by EssayThinker do come with a good amount of errors and writing blunders, but they are of passable quality, especially if you are requesting simple essays. If you wish to order complex articles, there will be a lot more errors.

Christianity vs Islam

Category: Religious Studies

Word count: 616

Analysis: This is one of the few samples that failed to hit the mark. As you can see, there are plenty of basic grammatical errors. The thesis statement does not really cover all the topics that the paper is going to discuss, so it is a bit weak. A plagiarism check reveals that a good portion of the article could be plagiarized from another article. This article is one of the rare ones that simply does not work from EssayThinker.


Quality Assessment Study

Category: IT & Technology

Wordcount: 803

Analysis: This one is much better than the previous sample. There are still errors, but much fewer than in the one before. This essay features a good thesis statement that gets straight to the point. This essay also does not seem to plagiarise any other document, as plagiarism check has revealed. This essay should be a passable one for graduate students.


Three Different Types of Diseases of The Skin and Treatments

Category: Healthcare & Medicine

Word count: 1038

Analysis: For a medical essay, this article is passable. There are some grammatical errors, but most of them are false alarms from the grammar checker. The one big issue with this article is the fact that it does not have an introductory paragraph, which will come as a shock to readers. In terms of plagiarism, the essay is fairly unique with some parts overlapping with some official documents.


Sample 1

Christianity vs Islam

Sample 2

Quality Assessment Study

Sample 3

Three Different Types of Diseases of The Skin and Treatments

Interface and Its Usability

For our review we have investigated interface and usability. Website design of EssayThinker really nails the need for simplicity, as you can practically see all the important information on the homepage. There is a calculator that allows users to get their automatic quotes with ease, and page also lists out the main services provided by the company, so users will know right off the bat what they could expect from EssayThinker. Right below first section of the page is a short video that offers some basic explanations into the services the company provides, as well as for instructions.

At the bottom and the top of the homepage is the contact information of the company, which includes a phone number as well as an email address, ensuring that customers can quickly connect with the company when needed. Color scheme of homepage is designed to be fresh to look at, making sure that the users’ eyes will not be lost during navigation process. There doesn’t seem to be a live chat function on homepage just yet, but during writing process, you can chat with the writer in real-time, a crucial function that every writing service should have.

Types of papers:
All types

Prices & Rates for Services

The company offers its services to international customers, so the prices are in USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, and CAD. The minimum price for their services is $14.99, and the minimum deadline is 3 hours. The price of their services will gradually increase depending on the deadline and the complexity of the texts, up to a maximum of $44.19 for a one-page essay for graduate students. EssayThinker price range is excellent, but the price does go up a lot if the deadline is way too tight.

In general, EssayThinker seems to provide a wide range of paper types, making sure that you can find the type that you need. The range of payment methods might be a bit limited for people without access to VISA cards, however. That said, the first-timer discount is pretty significant, especially if you make big orders.

Writers at Essay Thinker

EssayThinker does not allow you to pick your own writer, but you can pay a bit extra to get premium writers, who are more qualified and more experienced. These writers have the highest customer satisfaction scores.

Our Personal Experience with EssayThinker

Our review team made an order of 3 pages with a deadline of three days to test the delivery capability of the company. They requested a book report from the company and decided to go for a premium writer. Within just 2 hours, the company assigned a writer to our project. The first meeting was productive, and our reviewers were able to convey our needs to the writer. She kept close contact with us and responded to our queries in a short amount of time.

She submitted the article about 6 hours ahead of the deadline. The essay itself was good in general. There were mistakes here and there, but the structure was rather solid. There was also no sign of plagiarism in the essay.

Online Reviews of EssayThinker

Online reviews of EssayThinker have been quite enthusiastic. On, there are currently 58 different reviews, and the average score for the website is 3.5 stars over 5, which denotes an above-average overall score. There are a few negative complaints about the customer services and the writing quality, however.

On TrustPilot, the company has 29 different reviews, and the average score is 4.2. Most reviews of Essay Thinker are positive, but there are several reviews that are very critical of their writing quality.


Conclusion of Our Review

With fast delivery and good adherence to the deadlines, EssayThinker does score pretty well according to our book. The errors can sometimes be quite glaring, but the writers from the company also help you with editing as well, so don’t hesitate to ask for further edits. Our review gives a solid 4.5 out of 5 to the website, denoting very good online homework services with some hiccups every now and then.

FAQ After Review

Is EssayThinker safe?

This company will never reveal the identity of its customers. They will also remove all written essays from their database to prevent plagiarism, so their services are completely safe.

Is EssayThinker legal?

The services provided by EssayThinker are completely legal. Many professional writers have already engaged in ghostwriting, so you should have nothing to worry about.

Is EssayThinker reliable?

Their writers are always available for 24/7 live chat, and their support line is also ready to help whenever possible. They take the deadlines quite seriously as well. As a result, our review team believes that their services are reliable.

Reviews from Customers
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1 Reviews

I have completed the essay on my own and ordered an editor to proofread it and fix mistakes. Everything went well.

1 Reviews

Magnificent quality! I use Essayhinker for my papers the second year in a row.

1 Reviews
Essay Thinker

Highly recommend ordering essays from this company. I have my preferred writer who completes my Literature essays for good grades 🙂

1 Reviews
Essay Thinker

I love essay thinker! My friend recommended it to me so I use it.

1 Reviews
Essay Thinker

The paper was fine but delivered a bit later than expected.

1 Reviews
Essay Thinker

Discounts provided for loyal customers are so great. As a student I appreciate even the tiniest opportunity to save some money, so thank you with all my heart!

Jimm Bridge
1 Reviews
Essay Thinker

poor quality. had to rewrite everything myself

1 Reviews
Essay Thinker

the essay was written faster than the stipulated deadline with an overabundance of words , for some reason more time was spent on revision than on writing the essay itself .

1 Reviews
Essay Thinker

my advice to you: it is better to sitdown and write yourself. Then you will not have to deal with this miserable service and all the ensuing consequences.

1 Reviews

My Accounting assignment was plagiarized in Turnitin. How did you manage to plagiarize it as you had to do your own calculations??? I wonder. It’s a superpower

1 Reviews

I do not want a scandal, but this is no good. I paid money, but received an essay rewritten from another site. I do not recommend this service to anyone.

1 Reviews

how pissed off I am with this attitude…. I gave them the task of writing an essay by October 3. in the end it was returned to me on October 5. well, how can you treat the work??? how?

1 Reviews

I gave the last of my saved money to have an essay written for me. And what did I get in the end?! a paper of very poor quality that I am ashamed to even show it to my professor… I am shocked and want to cry…

1 Reviews

I didn’t want to write a bad comment until the last one, but after you repeatedly failed to correct your mistakes you forced me to do so…

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