Pros & Cons
  • a good collection of free essay samples
  • customer support
  • one of the best blogs with reliable information
  • affordability
  • a bit pricey for urgent tasks
Writing Services: Yes
  • Minimum Deadline 3 hours
  • Lowest Price Starting at $12.99 per 275 words
  • Discounts 17% for the first-time customers
  • Payment Methods VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Wire Transfer
  • Types of Papers Essays, Research papers, Term paper, Thesis, Dissertation, Coursework, Capstone project, Book report, Outline, Book review, Movie review, Research summary, Report, Case Study, Lab report, PowerPoint presentation, Article, Article critique, Annotated bibliography, Reaction paper, Project, Admission essay, Scholarship essay, Personal statement, Proofreading, Editing, Rewriting, Resume/CV
Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Samples 20
  • Number of Categories 15 (including Business, Engineering, Psychology, Healthcare, Education, etc)
  • Access Free
  • Quality of Samples Medium
  • Originality of Samples Almost All Original
  • Accuracy of Samples & Categories Accurate except for one wrong link in “Adolescent Development” paper that we wanted to choose for our TrustMyPaper review had a correct description but led to another link that represented an accounting paper
  • Website Navigation Simple
Tools: Yes
  • Plagiarism checker, title, conclusion generator

According to our review and analysis of free essay samples, TrustMyPaper is one of the best essay writing services that offer good papers that are delivered on time. No major plagiarism issues or grammar problems. It may be a little bit pricey, yet this company seems to provide reliability and excellent customer support. Their free samples are organized in a good way and contain good examples based on different subjects. Timely delivery and a good selection of payment options make it a good choice for most academic tasks. It allows you to pay a little bit extra and receive plagiarism reports and get in touch with the writer in case of such necessity.

Each time that we start with another review, we try to determine whether an essay writing service can earn your trust, which is exactly what we are planning to do with our TrustMyPaper review. As usual, we have another company that offers assistance with academic writing assistance, proofreading, rewriting, editing guidance, admission services, and dissertation help services. It must be noted that this essay business charges a little bit more than the other writing services, which is quite acceptable if their quality and delivery are top-notch. Placing our order with TrustMyPaper, we were quite surprised as our order has been completed on time, containing no major mistakes. We also considered some other aspects as we formed our opinion.

Tools for Writing

TrustMyPaper does provides free essay tools like conclusion generator, plagiarism checker, and essay title generator. Also they offer an amazing blog with helpful articles that are quite good. These blog articles provide good information with nice examples and several tests that will help any student to learn without paying anything.


They also provide general information in the “Questions” tab that helps to explain how this service works, which saves you some time and keeps you from talking to their customer support.

TrustMyPaper Samples

TrustMyPaper does not provide you with numerous samples like the other college homework help sites, yet they have lengthy papers that do not look like short college snippets. One can see various references and scientific works, which is something better for a change.


Access: Free
Originality of Samples: Almost All Original


Although this particular paper is quite good, we can see that it could be found online, which means that students should not copy anything from these reference samples. It can result in plagiarism risks since anyone can access these papers.

We have taken three different samples to analyze them in terms of quality and accuracy.

Number of Categories: 15 (including Business, Engineering, Psychology, Healthcare, Education, etc)

Accuracy of Samples & Categories: Accurate except for one wrong link in “Adolescent Development” paper that we wanted to choose for our TrustMyPaper review had a correct description but led to another link that represented an accounting paper.

Quality of Samples: Medium.

Thankfully, trustmypaper paper writing is much better, based on our order because these samples vary from quite good to totally wrong. Still, it differs from most free writing samples that our team has reviewed in the past. Some samples that are more scientific represent an in-depth thought and structure.

The Perception of Indonesian Students on the Effectiveness of ESL Instructors

Category: Sociology

Wordcount: 36 pages.

Plagiarism report: 50% originality.

Analysis: It is mostly a good paper that has no major issues, yet our experts have noticed some run-on sentences and a lack of additional sources where statistical information must be provided. It has generally good English and structure. A slightly better wording and a greater focus on Indonesian students would have helped this research to be more on topic.


The Value of Sports in American Curriculum

Category: Education

Wordcount: 3 pages

Plagiarism report: 79% originality

Analysis: Although we could not see an original article mentioned for this review of, we can assume that it has dealt with sports in American high-schools. It is a good paper with several sources, yet this assignment lacks a better structure and some outline because it has good ideas that are just not structured. In terms of grammar, it has minor issues but nothing too serious.


Starbucks Competitive Advantage

Category: Business

Wordcount: 3 days

Plagiarism report: 62% originality

Analysis: This paper requires proofreading and has some grammar issues, which must have been missed when an author edited this particular paper. It includes sources that contain no mistakes but as soon as some other (non-quoted) sentences come up, it includes serious proofreading issues that make this paper barely readable. It has good ideas that could have made it excellent. This is why paying $4.99 (proofreading) extra makes a major difference!


Sample 1

The Perception of Indonesian Students on the Effectiveness of ESL Instructors

Sample 2

The Value of Sports in American Curriculum

Sample 3

Starbucks Competitive Advantage

User Interface

They have a nice website with no obtrusive elements or anything that would bring in confusion. A good aspect of TrustMyPaper is that they provide a good pricing scheme with no cards up their sleeve in terms of additional services or unexpected surprises. Everything is structured logically.


Types of papers:
All types

Available Writing Services

As we composed our TrustMyPaper review, we found out that this company offers professional academic writing guidance based on argumentative, analytical, reflective, or any other essay type, dissertation help, personalized admission, and resume help. Moreover, they offer copywriting, rewriting, and proofreading services. Some reviews have noted that they provide great editing help and assistance with multiple-choice questions that are good when you have to get ready for an exam.

Prices: This service has various academic writing levels that will shape your price. The lowest (high-school level) with a two-week deadline will be $12.99 per page (275 words). However, if you change your level to college-style quality, your paper will cost $14.99. See their pricing scheme below:


You can set your date, essay type, quality level, or number of pages to calculate your final price. It makes it quite good when you want to avoid surprises. For example, editing per page with fourteen days until submission will be $5.99.

Regarding discounts, they offer 17% trust my paper discount code for the first-time customers, which brings their prices to acceptable norms in our opinion.

Payment Options: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Wire Transfer

Delivery Time & Deadlines: They promise to deliver your paper in 3 hours, yet it will cost about $40 per page, which is understandable, especially when dealing with some complex tasks. Our order has been delivered on time. Although we have spotted trustmypaper reviews online that complained about a late delivery, our task has been done timely.

Revision Policy & Refunds: If you have canceled your order or they could not do your assignment, you receive a 100% refund. If your paper came up bad or had plagiarism issues, you will be refunded as well after you explain and prove the problem. They have free revisions with some extra paid services of which we shall talk below.

Confidentiality & Guarantees: They are a legit company with no issues or bad press from what we could tell. They have safe payment methods. The service provides phone numbers in the US/UK.

Expert Writers

Unfortunately, you cannot choose your writer from the list but you have an opportunity to pay +25% to your order’s price and deal with their premium specialists. If you want an expert from their top 10 writers, you can pay +35% to your order’s price.

Papers’ Quality

This is where our TrustMyPaper review gets most interesting. In addition to their high-school, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Master’s, and Doctoral levels (your price will change), they also have additional services that can help make your paper perfect. Starting from plagiarism reports (which we have requested for our TrustMyPaper review) to proofreading or receiving a draft while the paper is in progress, they provide you with transparency as you work.


Customer Support

Their customer is one of the best. We did not take any of their premium helpdesk features (see above), yet our assistance has been patient, friendly, and helpful. We can say that it was one of the best experiences as we communicated. Some TrustMyPaper Reddit reviews also praise this company’s support.

Online Reputation & Overall Impression

At the time of this review, we could not access the company’s TrustPilot page. They have over sixty reviews on Sitejabber that provide all kinds of testimonials with most complaints dealing with plagiarism. Even though we have requested an additional originality report for $29.99, our order has been perfect in this regard. Here is what we have at Sitejabber:


Is TrustMyPaper legit?

This company is legit and provides constant support and help. Although one can assume that they have some issues with originality or timely delivery, they always investigate each case and do not hide from you. They provide a toll-free number and let you talk to your writer via their messaging system.

Our Order & Final Verdict

Unlike some TrustMyPaper paper writing reviews, we are satisfied with our order. It has been delivered on time, had no grammar or plagiarism issues. It has been formatted according to our required style. Although we had to pay an extra price, it was worth it because we received what we’ve asked for.

Based on our order’s quality, excellent blog, great customer support, and refunds, we can give this service 4.5 stars out of 5. While we have seen some problems and encountered several negative reviews, you can pay more and avoid most issues. If it means paying and receiving good work, it is worth it.


Is TrustMyPaper safe?

They are safe and provide great customer support. Just message them and explain what task you would like to complete. They have revisions and refunds.

Is TrustMyPaper a scam?

Our experts did not notice any illegal activity. Just request a plagiarism report and editing. It costs more but keeps you safe!

Is TrustMyPaper reliable?

Asking is trust my paper legit and safe, we can say that if you pay for extra services, you have more chances to succeed. Set your deadline sometime before the submission date. It will help you ask for revisions if any problems occur.

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1 Reviews

I have nothing but love for them. They’ve never done any work that is below top quality. All their deliveries have been top top.

1 Reviews

It was my first time using them and i loved the experience. All round, they were great.

1 Reviews

The paper wasn’t bad. Thanks for the quick turnaround too. i appreciate fast work.

1 Reviews

Blog posts on your website were incredibly exciting to read. I enjoyed every bit of them, useful tips

Eva Adams
1 Reviews
Trust my paper

The chat with an operator went good. But that was it. My essay was full of grammar mistakes and just empty. Not happy!

1 Reviews
Trust my paper

not satisfied with the service. When writing the order I dropped all the necessary information, methodology, plan and recommendations. I don’t know what prevented the author from writing a good paper…

1 Reviews

I was given the work on time, but I’m most importantly hope to get a good grade.

1 Reviews

I wish the prices were a little lower, but overall it’s okay.

1 Reviews

writer has done a good job, I’m already in anticipation of what grade I’ll get

1 Reviews

80% of the work is well written and the rest seemed to me that some suggestions were copied from the Internet. now I can not trust this service 100%

1 Reviews

I was a little uncomfortable when I was told that they might not give my work back in time for the deadline, but it’s a good thing they gave it back with a little delay

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