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  • Discounts Not Available
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  • Guarantees Customer Satisfaction
  • Types of papers Essays, Editing
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  • Online Courses: No
  • Access: Paid Tutoring Services / Paid Homework Help
  • Quality of Help: Low
  • Subjects: All Subjects (over 300 subjects)
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This company promises immediate expert help, yet it does not keep its promise and only charges overly high prices for mediocre quality textbook assistance. Their services provide answers that are blindly copied from other websites. According to various online reviews, this company must be avoided because they will make you wait for solution by presenting only several lines that will not be sufficient even for the simplest Physics or Maths assignment. Speaking of writing, their services contain plagiarism and pricing that does not match their quality. If you want to receive immediate homework help, we recommend looking at other and more reliable writing services.

While this idea sounds good, it is not always so in practice when the company does not offer any quality control or anything that would let our 24HourAnswers review team be happy with our results. It is not an essay writing service per se because this service decided to provide online tutoring instead by offering answers to confused students. What makes this service shady, as we could find out for our 24HourAnswers review, you never know how much you have to pay because it is a process that represents some lengthy negotiation.

We also suspect that this company lets its writers bid for the best price or let available experts provide certain answers. The majority of online testimonials that we have seen relate to subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Programming and spoke of low-quality help, which is what we considered writing this 24HourAnswers review.

Content Writing Tools

Unfortunately, we could not locate any essay writing websites free or paid tools that could have helped our 24HourAnswers review earn a better reputation. It seems that this tutoring service does not provide college students with any samples or anything that would help them test the waters. Keeping this in mind, we shall proceed with our final thoughts.

24HourAnswers Samples

This service does not provide any free college paper samples, which is another proof that they do not want to share anything that would show their quality. Although they seem to provide literary works and book reviews, it seems that 24HourAnswers are mostly based on Physics, Math, or Chemistry.

Website Navigation and Interface

They have a nice website interface with most things outlined logically, which means that one does not have to spend a lifetime looking for answers. Although they do not have any price calculator or anything that would help determine an approximate price, they have several examples that act as the starting points for various subjects.

Types of papers:

24HourAnswers Writing Services

It would be more appropriate to identify the list of available services like online tutoring or dealing with textbook questions. What it means is that you can order a typical essay writing as we did with our past reviews, yet it will take another process as you will deal with some assistant in a question-answer format. Of course, 24HourAnswers still lets you choose anything from Math multiple answers to Psychology or Literature Reviews. What makes things odd is that you never know the price! Considering this fact, we have placed a complex Mechanical Engineering task for our 24HourAnswers review and had to wait about ten minutes before we received our response from the first available writer.

Prices: This is where things get tricky because they do not have any “price per page” model. You must contact one of the available writers and negotiate your final price depending on what you require. When looking at their homework library with available solutions, one can assume that you will pay from $18 to $50 per solution. As for essay writing assistance, our 24HourAnswers review experts have noticed prices going up to $200 per 4000 words of literary writing.


Delivery Time & Deadlines: It is once again negotiated, yet they promise to deliver your solutions almost immediately as you approach their experts. Writing this 24HourAnswers review, we had to wait more than six hours for our engineering solution to be completed. It might be considered fast, yet we have read several 24 Hour Answers reviews that spoke about late delivery.

Confidentiality & Guarantees: They keep your data confidential. Operated by Parker Paradigms, Inc and located in New York, they seem to be legit with no safety issues. They offer safe and additional payment methods as well.


User Support: They do not have online chat. You can only send a message by filling 24 Hour Answers com support form. Once you log in and talk to their customer agents, they will redirect you to choosing your expert. It takes some time to receive your reply, which we have experienced for our 24HourAnswers review.

Homework Help:


It works this way: you log in and enter your homework question because it may be possible that they already have a solution in their homework database that can be used as a template. Once you send your task without finding anything, they will provide you with a list of available experts that have experience in your subject. When we entered Mechanical Engineering with some details about our task for this 24HourAnswers review, we received the majority of the same authors that we had for other non-Engineering subjects.

Revision & Refunds

They do not have free revisions because once you receive a proposed solution and mark it as complete, you can only place another paid request and hope to deal with a previous writer. As for refunds, they will not pay you back unless your expert has not offered any solution.

Writers: Who Are They

They have several professional essay writers available that you can study, which is what we did for this 24HourAnswers review. They have a detailed profile for some specialists, which sounds helpful, yet does not guarantee that this data is real since you never know who is providing online assistance. Judging by our review experience and numerous 24HourAnswers reviews, it was obvious that our expert had little to no knowledge in Mechanical Engineering and probably looked up information online.

Quality of Papers

It is hard to judge when you are dealing with Engineering and talking to your online assistant who does not seem to know the basic concepts or just tells you that you are “probably right”. Your experience might vary depending on your request, yet our 24HourAnswers review proves that this company does not provide high-quality writing or assistance because they do not control these conversations, which makes things a bit chaotic.

Overall Impression based on 24HourAnswers.com Reviews

Taking a look at TrustPilot for this 24HourAnswers review, we can see that the majority of customers who have dealt with this tutoring service experienced a lack of any support once their session has been closed. It is also not clear how exactly they estimate the final sum because you may either receive an immediate reply in about twenty minutes or wait for six hours as we did for this review of 24 Hour Answers to receive a simple Engineering solution.

Here is what we have discovered:


What has made us concerned is that this company has also stopped replying when we asked for a brief revision. Our experts have been told that our tutoring session has been closed, and we had to tell that something is wrong. In truth, we did not close our chat or marked anything as resolved.

Is 24HourAnswers Legit?

They seem to be based in New York with a physical registration. They seem to be legal, yet you never know any stable pricing or guarantees when you pay and talk to some “expert” that works like a college professor who either helps you or shows that he or she is an expert with no proper replying as it has been in our case. It becomes unclear as to what kind of services 24HourAnswers provides.

Our Order from 24HourAnswers

What we have received in terms of online tutoring has been one of the worst experiences because our tutor did not know anything about Mechanical Engineering and provided us with quotes taken from various websites. If we had to check these answers against any plagiarism detection tools, it would become a total failure. They do not seem to provide any assistance per se. When our experts asked for a two-page explanation, we received a page and a half in six hours that was mostly copied from the web. It is what has helped make our final decision for this 24HourAnswers.com review.

Final Verdict: Our experts can only give this business 1.5 stars out of 5 because we did not receive professional assistance as homework websites for students should provide. Also we have been charged $36 after we have negotiated for two pages of relatively complex Engineering answers. Our assignment has been terrible and contained no formatting or anything that would make our document ready for submission. The lack of proper communication and sudden closure of our tutoring session has been quite unpleasant. It has also taken the stars away from this 24HourAnswers review. We do not recommend dealing with this service as it does not provide any guarantees even if you negotiate a good price.


Is 24houranswers safe?

Writing our 24HourAnswers review, we would not call them safe because they do not provide a stable pricing scheme or guarantees of any academic help. You are left to deal with an unknown tutor who may provide you with several phrases and mark your case as resolved. It reminds of awful online customer support when one is dealing with general support agents.

Is 24houranswers scam?

Although many online reviews claim that this company is a scam, it is a legit tutoring business registered in New York, USA. The only negative part about it is that they do not seem to have any quality-control policies. If you do not want to risk, it is better to avoid this service.

Is 24houranswers free?

No, it is not free. Their prices might start from $18 per task. It is based on tutor-student negotiation, which means that customers never know the amount they will pay. Some prices given as an example are overly high.

Is 24houranswers legit?

It is a legit company with no clear policies or refunds. It makes this company questionable. Our review of 24HourAnswers asked for a refund, yet their customer support said that our case has been resolved.

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1 Reviews

I requested for a tutor for my statistics problem. i got one but the one i got was a wannabe.

1 Reviews

no way im gonna use this site anymore, srevice here sucks!!

1 Reviews

Are you serious?? Robbing a student is normal? Those who have not yet had time to make an order, recommend to think, before you get into this swamp!

1 Reviews

this site helped me lower my grade point average and come to terms with failure. I lost confidence! I think if I order counseling from a psychologist, I will also be fooled there.

1 Reviews

My paper was delivered later than my deadline and I’ve missed submission. I am very disappointed. I think I won’t use it again.

1 Reviews

My essay is bad. I was disappointed in this service.

1 Reviews

Very expensive service. I spent all my savings and ended up with lousy paper of poor quality. It was my dumbest purchase in a while.

1 Reviews

They are very slow, it is better to find a service that works faster and better.

1 Reviews

There are no discounts and their prices are much higher than other services. Whether it makes sense to overpay for such quality, I do not even know, you decide.

1 Reviews

The essay service provided me with a poorly written paper that did not meet the requirements

1 Reviews

There were a lot of mistakes in my work, which made me very angry…

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