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  • Types of papers Essay, Assignment, Research Paper, Argumentative Essay, Book/Movie Review, Scholarship Essay, Admission Essay, Case Study, Coursework, Presentation, Term Paper, Research Proposal, Speech, Capstone Project, Annotated Bibliography
  • Payment methods Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Google Pay
  • Minimum deadline 3 hours
  • Lowest price $13.99
  • Guarantees Revision, Quick Delivery, 24/7 Unlimited Support, All papers double-checked
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  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Citation Generator
  • Conclusion Generator
  • Thesis Generator
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Topic Generator
  • Words to Minutes Converter
  • Words to Pages Converter
  • Word Counter
  • Alphabetizer
  • Case Converter
  • GPA Calculator
  • Title Page Generator
  • Writing Prompt Generator
  • Essay Rewriter

EduBirdie needs no introduction since this company has been often covered by the likes of BBC and CNN as the scam company that uses writers from all over the world. Although it is legit, it has serious plagiarism issues and ethical aspects as they treat their freelance specialists in a truly bad way and openly lie about their skills and qualifications. It is one of the companies you must avoid because there are many safer options. Judging by our personal experience with them, they may be among affordable solutions, yet the quality is always poor and lacks proper formatting and English writing mechanics.

As we had to start with our EduBirdie review, we could not escape a familiar feeling of dealing with another clone of PapersOwl or GradesFixer, which appears true as all these companies are operated by the same company known as Boosta Ltd or I3 Technology Ltd. The purpose of such essay service cloning is quite obvious yet our aim here is to analyze every benefit we can get and determine whether there is any major difference when compared with their essay writing counterparts. What we have here is an extensive collection of various writing services that include dealing with coursework writing and dissertations among other things. You may request editing or proofreading of your final paper separately, although it is also included when you request a custom essay.

About the Website


Running ahead a little bit, we must note that the worst part about this service is their bidding system, which means that even though their prices start from $13.99 per page, your final price will depend on their writers’ bidding. It makes it complicated when determining how much does Edubirdie cost. While you can always choose your preferred specialist, your options are limited to those experts that have proposed the lowest price. Unfortunately, it does not mean that your writer will be the right one for your task. Although we have already seen such a system at homework help sites for college students before, EduBirdie seems overly focused on it, which reminds us of an essay writing mill for freelancers where people fight for their tasks. As one of the longest-running companies in the essay writing field, they could have provided a healthy alternative, which is not an option so far.

Once again, we cannot say anything negative about website design or navigation as it has a friendly user interface and you are instantly greeted by a nice looking blue birdie that reminds you of the PapersOwl symbol. In terms of categorization, they have everything located within one’s reach and it is easy to find specific parts when looking for more information. Unfortunately, we could not find any free samples that would determine this service’s work, yet they provide various essay writing and student tips, which must be serving as a moderate replacement.

Essay Samples Overview

Speaking of their freebies, we could not locate any free essay samples in this case and their list of useful tools is good for a change. Remember that checking anything with free plagiarism tool online cannot promise accuracy and are usually not the same as checking your final paper via Turnitin. If you want to keep your academic future safe, avoid copying anything from essay samples as these free examples are accessed by thousands of students online.

Services Offered by EduBirdie

Essay Writing Help

Starting with basic essay writing, EduBirdie offers assistance with application essays and help for those college or university students who require scholarship writing. You also have several sections for your essay purchase, which is probably done as an effort to attract more online traffic. Essentially, it only confuses customers and does not help much since the yellow “hire writer” button is sufficient.

Navigating further through Edubirdy essay writing website, we have a research papers section, dissertation help, case study section, coursework help, term paper guidance, and some other categories like Annotated Bibliography writing or help with Math problems.

Editing and Proofreading

If you would like to hire an expert to proofread or check your assignment for grammar mistakes, repetitions, style mistakes, and structure, they provide professional proofreading and editing services that cost $7 per page, which is quite a sum to pay for some basic checking that is most likely similar to what free Grammarly features can provide. Their research paper editing is also $7 per page. Since these two services must be different (and most of us would pay twice as much), things appear a bit suspicious in terms of what criteria are used for their proofreading purposes. Most Edu Birdy reviews do not mention their editing services precisely since editing is included in usual services.

Speaking of EduBirdie workflow, we have been surprised by their lack of stable prices or any discounts for their customers. Even though we have asked about it exclusively, their customer support has told us that instead of any discounts or special campaigns, they have introduced their bidding system that acts as a market bargain. Indeed, it feels like bargaining for good prices but it does not feel right when you do not know how much one must pay.

Types of papers:
All types

EduBirdie Prices and Rates

As one can see from their website, their price starts from $13.99 per page. Our personal experience for a 5-pages long essay and three days before the deadline has resulted in $178. Although we had several bids of $113 and one offer at $114, we decided that we would listen to customer support’s recommendation and choose an expert who would be capable of handling our specific subject (an essay about rock music). It appears that our price begins from $35 per page. If one waits for a little bit, more bidding offers will appear. Quite an interesting approach that EduBirdie custom essay writing service finds normal.


Discounts: At the moment, there are no discount offers.
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Union Pay.
Delivery time & Deadlines: they promise to write any paper in up to 3 hours, yet the reality is very different from that. In accordance with online reviews, they are not the best company for the timely delivery. It is not even because of submitting things late. As we could find out with our personal order sample, you will need at least two revisions if you plan on getting things right and eliminating various mistakes. Once everything is sorted, an average college student will be long past one’s deadline.

Revision policy & Refunds: The situation is quite complex here because does provide free revisions but it will take some time and nerves while waiting and explaining your reasoning. For example, we asked our writer Irene to improve our thesis statement. When we received our paper, our conclusion was shortened, yet our thesis remained exactly the same. Regarding refunds, it is barely possible to win this battle because you must provide complaints of your college professor, scanned revision request, or even your grading report with a bad grade. We recommend not doing so ever because such an activity would disclose your personality and put you at risk. According to numerous Edu Birdie reviews, asking them for a refund is almost never successful unless you can prove you’re being right.

Confidentiality & Guarantees: This company is relatively safe and legit. It has even appeared in a CNBC feature, which already says volumes about their international recognition. Nevertheless, they should have focused on better guarantees with their essay writing quality and the writers.

Before we proceed with the analysis of the service’s writing experts, we would like to mention a strange activity of this company that is charging money for being inactive during some period of six months. It is exactly what a user review below speaks about, which means that it is better not to leave any funds in your Edu.birdie account even if you plan on keeping it active waiting for refunds or revisions. Strangely enough, nothing has been mentioned on their website’s policies.


We shall leave it in our review purely as an example of a suspicious attitude that has all features of fraud. They will ask you to add certain funds to your account by claiming that your money will be released only when your task is ready. Remember to never add more than you are possibly planning to pay.

Edu Birdie Review of The Writers

In this section, we describe our own research, observations, and suspicious details that appeared during our analysis.

Investigation of Writers

This is where their major trouble lies since the crucial concern that we had when placing our order was the credibility of their specialists. We have chosen a professor called Irene as it has been recommended by their support for our specific (and not too difficult) task. Since we have read numerous online reviews about the use of fake profiles and photos taken from the web, we decided to check whether it is really so by doing a simple web search on professor Angela.

It has led us to Twitter where “Angela” appears to be a student called Jess with interests in softball. All things considered, our review of EduBirdie has been darkened by this unfortunate fact.



Writing Resources for Students

Leaving all the negative parts of our Edu Birdie review aside, we have some good things to say about their free tools that would come in handy for most college students.

Free Tools

EduBirdie offers various free writing tools that include plagiarism detection tool, grammar checker, conclusion generator, thesis generator, paraphrasing tool, and topic generator. You can also use interesting words to minutes converter, which will be handy for slideshow presentations. Then you have a word counter, words to pages converter, alphabetizer, case converter, GPA calculator, citation generator, title page composer, and writing prompt generator. Considering the free nature of these tools, everyone will find something useful here.


As the majority of Edu Birdie reviews seem to focus on their negative experiences, we wanted to add something positive to our exploration.

Communication and Quality of Papers


Proceeding with our custom essay, we could talk to their Professor Irene (or what her or his real name might be!). It has been a challenging experience since our writer definitely was a non-native English speaker because some rock music terms typical for the English-speaking community have been misunderstood. Providing professional academic help and claiming that you are a professor must be proven in practice. Unfortunately, their claims are very far from the truth.

The most irritating aspect of dealing with essay birdie is their bidding system, which is extremely similar to those used by PapersOwl and GradesFixer. It makes it safe to assume that we are dealing with the same group of writers since we have also noticed similar fake profiles and a lack of any information regarding “writers you can choose”. As their prices are not that cheap, some clarity with detailed writer credentials would be welcome.

Quality of Papers

Even those fake writer profiles could have been ignored if their essay assistance would be flawless and without major mistakes that the majority of college students would instantly notice. Our edubirdie essay order about rock music has been written entirely about how violent and bad rock music is by totally ignoring our comments and a necessary focus on the history of this particular music genre. Our writer has continued with various religious accusations and things that we did not ask to include without providing any references or reasoning. Leaving these stylistic issues aside, our assignment required two urgent revisions with a thesis statement change, which did not take place as our writer has ignored our request and edited our conclusion instead.

Such an attitude is quite strange if one considers that we have chosen their Premium feature and paid 10% more than their standard price. Choosing their recommended writer has resulted in a rude attitude and lack of understanding of what our revision was for. The overall birdie essay quality has been far from good as well.

Customer Support

Their 24/7 support service truly stands out once you are planning to place your order and they will spend some time trying to explain their bidding system and all these benefits that come with waiting for a good price. Once you are in trouble and complain about wrong revisions and issues with your order, they change their kindness for ignorance and seem to apologize by providing little to no help.

EduBirdie Reviews

It is hard to find a company that has as much negative online coverage as EduBirdie. Starting with these reviews at Trustpilot and Sitejabber, it is enough to say that even working with their Platinum writers by paying extra money does not help any.


Moreover, you can read various fake reviews online that are generated by non-existent users who claim that they have received their essays in less than five hours. Notice their refund issues too.


Considering our experience with a simple subject, it rings true.

If this does not sound enough, consider the fact that the BBC has made a special feature about their cheating practices and the invitation of various Youtube influencers to promote cheating.


General Impression

If it does not seem convincing, then nothing will.

Is the company legit? Surprisingly enough, they are legit and provide writing services online that do not violate the law.
Our order: The sample that we have received was of very poor quality, both stylistically and in terms of academic structure. If a paper has no sources and does not follow original instructions, it is not worth the high price that you pay.

Our review verdict is: 2.5 / 5 stars.


Is EduBirdie safe?

As a legit service with years of experience, they are relatively safe. They belong to those companies that are known to the public. Still, when concerned, think about the lack of proper refunding.

Is EduBirdie real?

Unfortunately, we cannot say so because of their fake profiles and frequent cheating. According to the BBC, they are not. Judging by our review, they are a legit company with questionable practices.

Is EduBirdie reliable?

Their prices seem to be based on bidding so you never know who is going to write your paper. Their reviews vary and include negative ones. Their reliability is shaky, in our opinion.

Is EduBirdie plagiarism free?

We did not encounter any plagiarism issues with our essay. However, you must always check with free plagiarism detectors before submitting anything. Remember to check things twice.

Are there EduBirdie discounts?

We have not encountered any discounts. EduBirdie support told that they use price bidding instead. Still, some campaigns have been available, according to online reviews.

Can you get caught using EduBirdie?

It is always possible, according to popular is edubirdie legit reddit questions. As practice shows, using most online writing services can get you in trouble. Do so at your own risk.

Is EduBirdie a cheater?

Technically, they are not. Any academic assistance that you pay for can be approached as tutoring. Nevertheless, when you ask someone to write your paper, it is not completely legal.

How much does Edu birdie cost?

Their prices start at $13.99. Editing prices start from $7 per page. Things can change if your task is urgent or you choose premium quality.

How do I get my money back from EduBirdie?

File a complaint report, contact their customer support. Make screenshots of your communications. If nothing helps, share online reviews.

Where is EduBirdie located?

According to their website, they are registered in Bulgaria but are operated by a company located in Ukraine.

Already voted!
Niko Swift
1 Reviews

They didn’t edit the paper they sent and it took them really long to deliver

Blade Barclay
1 Reviews

it took them 2 extra days to deliver my report

1 Reviews

Liked the paper you wrote for me guys but the operator was not in the mood for talking. Just saying

1 Reviews

I want to share my experience with this company. the manager was polite and answered all questions. the work was done on time. when submitting the work the teacher made a lot of corrections, I had to go with the edits to retake 4 times, at the 5th time I passed, thank God.

1 Reviews

The photos on writes profiles are stock photos, those are not real writers, comments also fake I guess. And very expensive, it worth it

1 Reviews

Good service, but a bit expensive for students.
It would be nice if they gave at least some discounts or offers for students.

1 Reviews

The plus is that the work was done quickly, the minus is that some mistakes were made.

1 Reviews

prices seem affordable to me , but I would like the quality of the writtten work was better

1 Reviews

I think I’ll come back here if I can’t find a better service

1 Reviews

there was a slight delay in the delivery of the paper, but it was well written

1 Reviews

I placed the order on 25.01 received it on 28.01. In principle, they did not let me down with the deadline, but I did not want to have grammatical errors in my essay. Next time, please be more careful.

1 Reviews

the esssay service delivered my order within the deadline but the quality was average

1 Reviews

The prices were reasonable and competitive, but I expected more from them…

1 Reviews

I used an essay writing service for the first time and it was okay. The essay was delivered on time, but there were a few grammatical errors. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough to get me a passing grade. I guess it’s worth it if you’re in a rush, but you should still proofread it before submitting it.

1 Reviews

I found the whole experience excellent. The support team was not so useful when I had a simple question.

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