Pros & Cons
  • Cheap prices for essay writing
  • Diverse services available
  • Free samples present
  • Low essay quality
  • Fake Educibly reviews
  • Most operators are rude
  • Site is not easy to browse
Writing Services: Yes
  • Minimum Deadline 1 hour
  • Lowest Price $11.96
  • Discounts $10 for first-time customers
  • Payment Methods MasterCard, Discover, VISA, and American Express
  • Guarantees Fair Prices, Timely Delivery, Refunds, Originality, Great Experts
  • Types of Papers Essays, Dissertations, Discussion posts, Summaries, Lab reports, Presentations
Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Samples 6
  • Number of Categories 6
  • Access Free
  • Originality of Samples Almost All Original
  • Quality of Samples Mixed
Tools: Yes


Easy to Navigate: Yes


Overall Summary

The decision to write and update Educibly review is the direct result of our visitors’ feedback. You wanted to find out more about them without paying for their work, and as you know, seeking and endorsing the best essay services is our job! We gladly divided into this new research, hoping to expand our list of top providers. Educibly has an interesting name, and it began to function 13 years ago, which makes it an experienced and resilient company. It has affordable prices and free samples, but we also encountered issues with quality and other unpleasant problems. Find complete outcomes of our evaluation below!

Is Educibly good at meeting the needs of its diverse clients? This was among the first nuances we set out to uncover, and soon enough, we satisfied our curiosity. The company works with over 16 subjects, and it provides multiple academic services. Customers could order writing, editing, proofreading, re-writing, formatting, or presentations with slides. This is a great pick, and we’re happy to see that Educibly has enough experts to cover all these options.

Extra Tools from the Company

We found no tools for students.

Analyzing Essay Samples

Samples are papers on academic topics for clients. Educibly offers them for free. There are only six of them, though, which makes them basically useless. Is their quality good, at least? Let’s find out.

Access: Free. There are 6 samples currently available that can all be accessed for free.

The originality of Samples: Almost All Original

Number of Categories: Educibly currently offers 6 categories of samples.

Quality Of Samples: Mixed

Use of the Internet in Designing an Effective Organization

Category: Undergraduate Paper

Wordcount: 12 pages

Analysis: This is a long essay that keeps recycling the same ideas. It has mistakes, such as repetitions, unclear subject (who is “it” on a screenshot?), “few” instead of “a few” and other problems. It’s not terrible but it’s far from good.

use of the internet in designing an effective organization

Sample 1

Use of the Internet in Designing an Effective Organization

Academic Services You Could Order

Essay types differ as well, and among all websites that do your homework in 2023, this one is among the most productive. Educibly offers help with research, essays, dissertations, reflections, lab reports, applications, and other similar variants. It caters to those looking for a job, too, as you could order resume writing or editing. We didn’t know what awaited our team next, but at this stage, we were happy with our findings. Whatever kind of help you need, you’ll probably find it here.

Types of papers:
Dissertations, Essays, Research papers
Prices for Academic Services reviews rarely discuss prices, but we know that this nuance interests you the most. The best dissertation writing companies should set moderate prices for their help, and to our delight, we noted that Educibly followed this pattern. One page of a high school essay is going to cost you $11.96 provided that your deadline is at least 14 days. It’s a weird but low price as per market standards. There are discounts, too: first-time customers could pay $10 less than they have to, while those who place orders regularly could rely on a loyalty program. It presupposes small but consistent discounts of about 5%.

Deadlines: Expectations vs. Promises vs. Reality

Some reviews of Educibly complained that their writers failed to deliver papers timely. This wasn’t our experience, but we wanted to dive into this matter deeper. As it turned out, the company boasts of accepting even the hottest orders. The shortest deadline is just one hour, which is crazy because there is no way a writer could manage to complete even one page by this time. Finding an expert usually takes 30 minutes minimum; reading and making sense of instructions takes no less than 10 minutes. Who can research and write worthy content in the remaining 20 minutes? The company shouldn’t make such obviously impossible promises. It doesn’t create the best impression.

Bad Quality Problems: Revision & Money-Back Policies

For ensuring that we have detailed Educibly review, we read all the policies on the company’s platform. They were mostly solid: clients could ask for revisions or refunds within 14 days after getting their essays. We approve of such an approach, but the problem is, it doesn’t seem to be working properly. When we placed our revision request, we faced disappointment. It took ages and in the end, it wasn’t that good. The mistakes we outlined remained and two new errors appeared. Based on reviews, for getting a refund, clients need to go through seven circles of hell and even then they’ll return only a part of the sum.

Is Your Information Safe Here?

Another important aspect we explored during our review of Educibly was privacy, and we didn’t feel satisfied. The policies seem great at first: the company promises to defend its clients’ interests and store their data securely. But when we looked at what kind of info it collects, we were shocked. Educibly can easily use your name, date of birth, location, etc. for its own purposes. It shares info with third parties and might even post a review from you on its site using your real name!

Choosing the Best Academic Writers promises that it employs only the best writers who focus on details and produce excellent papers. But is it true? Not from what we experienced. Our specialist did bad work and was awkward at communication. They sounded desperate and English wasn’t their first language — this much was obvious. Maybe this was because we refused to pay extra for a better writer… and yes, this is a real option you could order. For an extra $3.59 or $7.18, you could hire advanced or premium experts respectively. We disapprove of such an approach and consider it damaging to quality and reputation of this agency.

Customer Support: Professionals or Rude Amateurs

Not every person is capable of representing clients. We have a lot of expectations from them: they must be patient, warm, and welcoming; their language should be professional and they have to respond within a minute. Almost none of this was the case with Educibly. These guys replied to our messages quickly, but they sounded robotic or rude. Their responses were barely relevant: we asked about samples and they talked about buying a paper. We clarified info about writers’ qualifications and they copied a generic response about having dedicated experts. This was a frustrating experience.

Insights from Online Educibly Reviews

Whenever we search for top nursing essay writing services and companies offering academic help in general, we place orders with them. It helps us see what quality clients could expect. In the case of Educibly, we asked for an essay of 3 pages that we wanted to be delivered in two weeks. The high school level was the cheapest, so we picked it. Our goal was to pay the minimum and check what our writer would produce.

The results were underwhelming. While we got an essay on time, it had terrible grammar mistakes and serious content issues. The expert, if we can call them that, didn’t follow our demands. They put all info in three huge paragraphs without breaks; no thesis was present and only one subject was explored instead of the four we requested. It felt like the writer read only the first line of instructions and ignored everything else. Such an essay was not academic — it would not pass any evaluations if our order was real.

Insights from Online Educibly Reviews

Before our team makes our conclusions, we consider what other students said about a company. We were angry to notice that Educibly seems to have numerous fake comments. See the evidence for yourself:


educibly sitejabber reviews

There are over 60 reviews on this site, and most of them are positive. Yay! But in reality, everything is not as good. Check this example — there are numerous generic comments written in the same style. There are no details, no personal feelings, merely brief enthusiastic phrases. Another suspicious thing is that plenty of these reviews fill out the “reasons I chose this business” graph. It is highly atypical and we’ve only seen it here, which proves that such comments were written by the same person or following the same template.


No reviews of Educibly here.


Same situation.


educibly reviews

The company offers reviews on its site, and they are clearly fake. Do you believe that students put up their pics for the world to see on an academic platform they bought an essay from? Yeah, our team doesn’t believe it either.

Final Words about Educibly

Is Educibly legit? Yes, and it has some strengths like cheap prices and free samples. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Bad quality, cold operators, dubious policies, and fake comments make this company untrustworthy. We give it 2 stars out of 5. Maybe it’ll do better in the future.

Is Educibly reliable?

Not really. Writers might let you down because the quality of their work is far from perfect. Based on other Educibly reviews, this problem might be common and not just limited to our experience.

Is Educibly safe?

Only partly. It promises to protect clients’ data, but the amount of information it collects, the way it does it, and claims of sharing it with third parties make it untrustworthy.

Is Educibly a scam?

No. As you could see from our review, this company has been working for over 12 years and it provides real services to its clients, even if the results are often disappointing.

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I wouldn’t risk ordering from this site again sicne the writer who did my article obviously has grammatical problems….

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I will never order a single job here again

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