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  • affordable prices for essays
  • friendly and quick support team
  • nice quality
  • safety policies
  • not all experts are qualified
  • inconsistent info on samples
  • website reviews are untrustworthy
Writing Services: Yes
  • Minimum Deadline: 6 hours
  • Lowest Price: $11.40
  • Discounts: 10%-15%
  • Payment Methods: VISA, MasterCard, American Express
  • Guarantees: 24/7 Support, Money Back, No Plagiarism, Revision
  • Types of Papers: Essays, Review, Research, Dissertation, Post
Essay Samples: Yes
  • Access: Available upon request
Tools: Yes
  • Essay Title Generator
Easy to Navigate: Yes



The goal of EssayService review is to follow the sea of requests we got about investigating this company. It appeared in 2012, and it had a decade to build its reputation and make its services perfect. At first glance, it seemed to have gotten mixed results: its prices for essays are low and most clients seem happy, but the website is problematic on different levels and some negative comments paint a concerning picture. We were determined to understand it inside and outside, so we turned ourselves into clients who needed a great writer for our essay. See the results of the analysis right below!

Seeing what the company offers is always a good way to start the analysis. EssayService has a wide range of services, and this pleased us a lot. You could order three major options: writing, editing, or re-writing. Proofreading is missing, which is unfortunate, but even if you need a simple grammar check, editing might take care of it. These guys handle all kinds of papers: they could write standard research essays, perform in-depth analyses on a topic, make up quick discussion posts, work on dissertations, fill up lab reports, create reviews or application essays, etc. They support various subjects, too, and that’s another advantage. Students can request an expert in Math, Physics, Chemistry, or hire a specialist in creative disciplines like English, Sociology, or Philosophy. For our essay, we ordered a term paper on Nursing, and the writer accepted our request before we had time to blink.

Tools from the Company

The company offers an essay topic generator. From the positives, it works quickly and it’s easy to understand how to use it. It comes for free. From downsides, it has a limited database with options.

Essay Samples: Are They Present?

Samples are an extra part of our review, and we didn’t like what we’ve seen. The company claims that it can offer samples at request — it even has a video about it, but when we asked operators, they told us they don’t share their writers’ works. This is inconsistent and confusing.

Prices for These Academic Services: A Norm or a Rip-Off?

Is EssayService good to its clients? When it comes to prices, yes! Students could order the cheapest writing services without overpaying a cent. The minimum price for one page is just $11.40, and with a discount of next to 15% for first-time customers, you might end up paying no more than $10. Understand that this price has certain conditions, though: your deadline has to start within 2 weeks, and you need to pick a high school level. If you change any of these terms, the price will increase — fortunately, not by much.

More reviews should have mentioned payment methods, but since this is their limitation, we decided to bridge the gap. In this company, clients can pay for their orders via three different methods. These are MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. That’s not a big pick, but at least these options are secure and you can know for certain you won’t lose your money to scammers.

Delivery Time: Promises and Reality

Every client wants to get their plagiarism free essay on time. Students said different things about it in their EssayService reviews: someone’s orders came in time but others got theirs late. The shortest deadline that the company accepts is 6 hours. This is great because it means that even students who just realized they need an essay ASAP will find assistance. But how realistic is it that the writers will be able to complete your task in this time?

The answer is unfortunate: everything depends on the size and complexity of your request as well as on a specialist. is going to accept any task, even if it’s clearly impossible, meaning that unless you evaluate your situation objectively, you might face disappointment. Let’s imagine you need 15 pages of book analysis in 6 hours. No one can produce a paper this big in such a short time, but the company won’t care. It’ll take your order and then no one will be willing to accept it. Stay vigilant and don’t always trust similar promises. Note that writers might be late even if you gave them enough time — it really depends on the person who ends up writing a paper for you.

Revisions and Refunds: What Are Your Chances at Getting Satisfaction?

Is EssayService legit? Yes. It works legally and it sets up policies that protect the quality of clients’ orders. If you don’t like the paper you got, you have 14 days for revision. Contact your writer or operators and tell them which aspects aren’t correct and what you’d like to change. Revisions might be effective: when we ordered it, we got a vastly improved paper, but we cannot say what the situation is for other customers.

Similarly, it is difficult to determine what’s going on with refunds. Only some reviews of EssayService disclose whether they got it, and our case isn’t illustrative because our essay wasn’t bad enough to warrant using a money-back feature. But this option is present for those who hate their papers and cannot use it. Some conditions apply, and they are mostly favorable. In case of bad quality or lateness, you’ll get a sum back — its amount depends on each unique situation.

Rules of Privacy and Security

Like with quality guarantees, privacy policies are favorable for the most part. The company collects data its clients share and stores it on encrypted servers. You need to be careful with details you choose to reveal because if you overshare with your expert, this could be used against you. Is EssayService reliable in how it handles non-sensitive info from its clients? Mostly. It might apply it in its marketing campaigns, but it won’t abuse it or share it with any unrelated parties.

Writers as They Are: Can You Rely on Them?

EssayService doesn’t handle its writers’ profiles believably. There is a section with “writers” where students could see their photos, rating, and the number of orders they completed, but it doesn’t inspire credibility. Using the first writer as an example: the site claims he completed over 115K orders and has nearly 42K reviews. Similar numbers are offered for most other experts. Considering that there are only around 3K Essay Service reviews on independent platforms, it is impossible to believe that this many people decided to leave comments on a writer’s performance. We’ve been exploring academic market for many years, and no company, not even those that have been around for many decades, has the same amount of reviews. These writers also have fake photos, so we had no reason to trust them, and you shouldn’t either. The comforting thing is that you can speak with them personally and then decide which writer is the best.

Quality That EssayService Provides

Based on available reviews of EssayService, the majority of students are happy with their essays. There is no division of quality, so everyone is paying the same sum. Our order arrived timely, and it had the five pages we asked for. The drawback? Its grammar. The text had many mistakes that no native speaker would ever allow. Contextual issues were present as well. Thesis was absent, paragraphs didn’t have academic structure they should have. We asked for analysis of 5 specific points, and of them, only 3 were analyzed. The writer picked solid sources and handled other two questions well, but this essay was useless without revision. Afterward, it got better, but the first impression was mostly negative.

Speaking with Customer Support

During our review of EssayService, we spoke with operators at length. They were helpful and friendly, and their replies came quickly. We didn’t have to wait for longer than a minute before someone joined the chat. This process remained pleasant throughout our experience.

Understanding the Company with Reviews

There are multiple reviews written about this company. Some of them sound real, but the majority evoked our suspicions. Let’s have a look at several examples.


It’s difficult to evaluate over 3K positive reviews since they all have only a couple of generic lines. From our experience, it is suspicious. What’s even more suspicious is that half of negative reviews are actually positive or neutral: this is an old trick some services do to make it look like they have several negative ratings for authenticity. We picked a real negative review for analysis. It criticizes the help EssayService offers and proves the lack of professionalism of some writers.



No reviews present. This is extremely odd. This site usually goes in tandem with the previous one, so it looks like managers are indeed responsible for multiple comments on SiteJabber. Real clients would have left reviews on both sites.


Same here. No reviews from customers.


Observing the site is a part of our detailed EssayService review, and the situation with reviews there is ridiculous. They are all generic 5 stars with no additional information.


Final Verdict for EssayService

We assign EssayService 3 stars out of 5. It’s neither the worst nor one of the best sites to help with homework we’ve seen. It has low prices and good policies; some of its writers are experts. But its quality is not always high and reviews seem mostly fake. If you need a reliable company, try other lists we composed — we’ll help you find top providers.

Is EssayService reliable?

Depends on a writer. Some of them are great, others not so much, so choose carefully. They have a useful educational blog that has many handy resources and guides for students.

Is EssayService safe?

Yes. Just don’t share extra details you wouldn’t want any strangers to know. Your contact data is safe.

Is EssayService a scam?

No. This is a real company that provides true academic writing services to its clients.

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1 Reviews

My only issue is with their turnaround time, they simply took longer than I expected to.

1 Reviews

Weak research….I’d love to rewrite it and I demanded a refund ofc

1 Reviews

For the money I paid, I received work that was completed quickly and ok quality.

1 Reviews

I was very upset that I had a bitter experience when I contacted this place. Well, as they say, “we learn from our mistakes.

1 Reviews

I had to look for another service, because this service was not up to the task.

1 Reviews

it’s some kind of bad luck… I regret that I didn’t read the reviews about this service before ordering from them.

1 Reviews

Why are you ignoring my messages? How many letters do I have to write to you to get my money back?

1 Reviews

The essay service provided me with a paper that was full of grammatical errors and lacked proper formatting, resulting in a poor grade.

1 Reviews

My encounter with EssayService left much to be desired. The essay I received was far from satisfactory, lacking depth, critical analysis, and coherence. It seemed hastily put together without proper research or attention to detail. The customer support was unhelpful and failed to address my concerns adequately. Despite requesting revisions, the revised version did not meet the required standards. Given the disappointing quality of work and lackluster customer support, I would not recommend EssayService for academic writing needs.

1 Reviews

EssayService was highly disappointing. The quality of the essay I received was below par, filled with grammatical errors and inconsistencies. It was evident that the writer lacked a solid understanding of the topic, resulting in a superficial and poorly researched piece. The customer support was unresponsive and provided minimal assistance when I sought revisions or clarifications. Additionally, the pricing was not justified considering the subpar quality of work delivered. Overall, I would not recommend EssayService as a reliable source for academic writing assistance.

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