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  • free essay samples
  • homework help services
  • free tools
  • affordability
  • plagiarism issues
Writing Services: Yes
  • Discounts Not available
  • Minimum Deadline 3 hours
  • Payment Methods VISA, MasterCard, PayPal
  • Types of Papers Essays, Term paper, Thesis, Dissertation, Coursework, Case Study, Admission essay, Scholarship essay
  • Lowest Price Starting at $10 per page
Essay Samples: Yes
  • Discounts Not Applicable
  • Number of Categories 4
  • Samples’ Accuracy & Categorization We could only access about ten samples in their “Essay” category. The other samples had broken links.
  • Quality of Samples Medium
  • Access Free
  • Samples Originality Plagiarized
  • Types of Papers Essays, research papers, dissertations, coursework, personal statements
Tools: Yes
  • CAPS converter
  • Word counter
  • Reference generator

It could have been an excellent company with the top essay writers since they have a good website structure and modest prices. What makes them unreliable is their attitude to plagiarism issues. Even though they keep things affordable, it lacks proofreading. Some of their samples are stolen from other websites and contain plagiarism as well. They offer various homework help services, which have some positive sides to it, yet this company has a lot of things that must be improved. Thankfully, you can talk to your writer, which simplifies things a lot if you are lucky. It has good perspectives, which is why it has earned some positive points.

This company has been unknown to our team, which has made it even more interesting as we wrote our Essaytigers review. While we are facing yet another college essay service, it is always important to find out whether they can provide something unique and meet the specified deadlines. Although they have served college students since 2012, we could not find anything that would tell about their past writing experience. They have moderate prices that start at $10 per page. They have no special discounts or anything that would bring up unpleasant surprises. Read on to find out about our Essaytigers review order and the results we have received to see whether it is worth paying your money.

Review of Tools

What we have here is a good word counter, convert case that helps you to adjust your text from Caps or any other trouble, and reference generator, which is not bad at all. It was a good addition that our Essaytigers review experts liked a lot.

Essay Tigers Review - Samples

Another negative point of our Essaytigers review is the lack of proper samples that are offered by this company. Although their categorization system seems to be good and divided for essays, research papers, dissertations, and case studies, we could only see several essay samples. The rest belonged to the broken links, which is why we couldn’t check the other types of their writing. The worst part, however, was related to plagiarism problems.


Access: Free

Samples Originality: Plagiarized. We do not recommend using samples from this website as you might be accused of plagiarism and have some negative consequences.


Our team has chosen four different college paper examples that seem to show various essay types. It is also said that these essays have been written by their specialists.

Number of Categories: 4

Samples’ Accuracy & Categorization: We could only access about ten samples in their “Essay” category. The other samples had broken links.

Quality of Samples: Medium

Our Essaytigers review team could not access all that this company had on offer, yet we do not recommend downloading any free essay examples that can be found online. As we can see from this particular review, these papers have a low originality ratio, which can easily place any college student in danger.

The Effects of Single-Parenting on a Child

Category: Cause-and-Effect Essay

Wordcount: 590 words

Analysis: This sample has decent grammar with no major problems in terms of spelling mistakes or commands. However, this paper is supposed to be a cause-and-effect essay, which is not explained in any way. Stylistically, this Essaytiger paper provides a bias towards females who raise their children alone without statistical information that would provide the number of single fathers. Even though we can see relevant sources, this paper has only 22% originality.



The Long Road to My Passion

Category: Admission Help Essay

Wordcount: 505 words

Analysis: This admission essay contains poor English grammar and run-on sentences with no point or any value. It has low originality and the ideas that an author implements are not interconnected with each other. It would have been good to restructure and proofread this admission essay.



Category: Definition Essay

Wordcount: 548 words

Analysis: This is definitely one of the worst English grammar examples. This assignment is so bad that it is almost unreadable. In terms of structure, it does not provide a definition because it should have started with a dictionary reference without going into a deeper philosophical meaning.


Sample 1

The Effects of Single-Parenting on a Child

Sample 2

The Long Road to My Passion

Sample 3


What We Think About the User Interface

Unfortunately, Essaytigers website has numerous broken links that have been discovered during our free essay samples analysis. We did not find any compatibility or design issues, some things could have been made simpler or more informative.


Types of papers:
Dissertations, Essays, Research papers

Writing Services Company Offers

Taking a look at this tiger business, we see that they offer admission essays, scholarship help, argumentative assignments, compare & contrast, narrative, descriptive, expository, critical, informal, reflective writing, dissertation guidance, thesis writing, case study help, coursework assistance, term papers, and speech writing. We could also see that Tiger essay service provides proofreading and editing that starts at $6.

Prices: Their writing services start from $10 per page, while editing will cost you $6. We did not see any discounts for our Essaytigers review. Although they say that returning customers will receive discounts, we did not get anything for our second test order.


Speaking of editing, we see the following pricing:


Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal.

Delivery Times & Deadlines: They promise to deliver your assignment in as little as three hours. Our order has been provided on time and we did not see any challenges here.

Confidentiality & Guarantees: This service seems to be confidential and they provide refunds. Their terms of the policy provide customer safety in a better way than what we have seen in some other reviews. However, we have seen numerous essay tigers reviews complain about plagiarism issues. The order that we have received for our Essaytigers review has contained only 27% of originality, which is unacceptable.

Writers: Although we could talk to our assistant directly and discuss every issue as the task has been done, we did not receive any information about who did our assignment. Our writer has been assigned automatically while they have a $9.99 option to choose someone who is more experienced.


Speaking of their “huge pool of freelancers,” it seems to our Essaytigers review ex[erts that it is exactly what we have experienced because of plagiarism issues and poor English grammar. Moreover, they do not seem to check their tasks upon completion since our order’s title contained something from the old template. Some essay tiger reviews also notice such minor issues that should have been avoided.

Quality of Writing Services

Low. You have an Undergraduate, Bachelor, and Master-level writing levels. The undergraduate will start at $10, Bachelor’s is $16, and the Master’s will be $19 per page. Our paper contained all the negative examples of poor writing that included bad grammar, plagiarism issues, and some minor mistakes related to formatting. The paper could have been improved easily if it was an English-speaking writer with some academic writing experience. The other online reviews also faced plagiarism issues even when the writer used reliable sources.

Customer Support Overview

It is clear that their support is handled by outsourcing. They find it difficult to speak proper English, especially when our Essay tigers review team tried to explain our assignment topic. While we cannot say anything bad about their helpdesk, it could have been better if they had a better understanding of college-level English terms.

Online Reputation & Overall Impression

Essay Tigers do not have a good online reputation. The only thing that most people seem to agree upon is their timely delivery. Unfortunately, their poor quality and English grammar issues only make things worse. We could spot serious plagiarism issues even with all the proper sources included. Here is what we have at Sitejabber:


A serious concern that we can see from the review above is related to a refund rejection. Is essaytigers safe? No, it cannot be considered safe if things like that seem to happen.

Here is what we have at Trustpilot:


Is Essaytigers legit?

Although they seem to be legit and operating since 2012, according to their website, it is a bit suspicious. They are located in the USA (California), yet it seems to be their virtual office with no location or a legal address.

Our Order & Final Verdict

Our paper contained serious plagiarism concerns and English grammar mistakes. Our APA title’s page has been left from the previous assignment or a template. The lack of proofreading has also been present. While we could talk to our writer, it seems to our Essay tigers review team that he could not understand our instructions. receives only 3 stars out of 5 because of our negative experience with our order, plagiarized samples, and some website issues with the broken links. The three stars, however, are given because their homework assistance services have been better and has a good perspective.


Is EssayTigers safe?

We have seen some online reviews that spoke of refund problems. They have no physical office or registration number. Our Essaytigers review order has faced plagiarism issues.

Is EssayTigers scam?

They are a legit company as it seems, yet we would check things twice. Their payment system is safe. Essaytigers writers are non-English speakers although they claim otherwise.

Is EssayTigers reliable?

Turning to essaytigers reviews and our order, it is not reliable. Although our assignment has been delivered on time, our paper has not been proofread. Our experts do not recommend this essay writing business.

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1 Reviews

They missed my deadline but i still respect them because they followed the instructions i gave them.And I shared a lot of ideas to help them and give them the tone i wanted. They delivered and i’m grateful for their efforts.

1 Reviews

i knew something was wrong when they asked to pay before sending my paper back. don’t trust scammers!!!

1 Reviews

The content is 5 points, but the design of the article is 3 points

1 Reviews

avoid this shitty company. They take the money, but do the work “not at all”. Everything I asked for was not taken into account in my work. It feels like illiterate writers work here.

1 Reviews

Customer support is robot or smth. Does not understand the difference between thesis paper and thesis statement. They do not even bother to act interested

1 Reviews

That’s a lousy essay, I’d say no essay at all…. The most frustrating thing is that it took a lot of my time and money

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