Pros & Cons
  • Affordable prices for services
  • Pleasant online operators
  • Creative website approach
  • Unsatisfying writing quality
  • Concerning privacy policies
  • Difficulties with getting a refund
  • Questionable Essay Zoo reviews
Writing Services: Yes
  • Discounts 15%
  • Minimum Deadline 1 hour
  • Payment Methods VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal
  • Guarantees 24/7 Support, Confidentiality, No Plagiarism, Proofreading, Quality, Revision
  • Types of Papers Essays, Research papers, Term paper, Thesis, Dissertation, Coursework, Book report, Book review, Movie review, Case Study, Lab report, PowerPoint presentation, Article, Article critique, Annotated bibliography, Reaction paper, Admission essay, Proofreading, Editing, Resume/CV
  • Lowest Price $12.91
Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Samples 50k+
  • Number of Categories 23
  • Access Paid
  • Originality Almost all Original
  • Samples Accuracy & Categorization Accurate
  • Quality of Samples Low
  • Website Navigation Complicated
Tools: Yes
  • Blog with recent articles

This EssayZoo review differs from most other evaluations we’ve performed because it results from an accident. We came across this website by mistake, and from then on, we felt intrigued. Its name is unique, and its interface fully reflects it. The image of different animals and birds decorates its homepage; an eager monkey is a part of its logo, and it follows you at different stages. Our team liked the idea of a zoo — each animal is unique and has its needs, which describes the situation of clients who hire academic writing services. Some need writing, others are interested in editing, and some study at school while the rest are in the process of graduating. Cheap prices and a huge collection of samples brightened our opinion even more. We were excited to see what else EssayZoo has in store, but unfortunately, not all our findings were good. Let’s tackle this company’s performance step by step.

EssayZoo offers a great range of services. They are not only academic in nature — they include options for various people who find themselves in need of writing. High school essays, college term papers, dashboard tasks, and university-level dissertations are among the common options. Resume writing is for those who are looking for a job yet have no idea how to make their achievements (or the lack of them) look appealing. Website content providers are also present: they are ready to help you write articles for your site, book reviews, etc.

Apart from this, as we saw from our review of EssayZoo, it also has proofreading and editing. These are popular choices of students who come from non-English speaking countries. They are hesitant about their language skills, especially in important assignments, so they seek help from experts. This company has the means to satisfy them all — it has multiple writers & editors who are online practically all the time. We were happy with our discoveries so far.

EssayZoo Review of Tools

Some agencies have them, but EssayZoo doesn’t. This is disappointing. We hoped to see a plagiarism checker or conclusion generator, but nothing was present. All that is present on the site is a blog section with numerous articles that seem to be updated recently.

EssayZoo Review of Samples

EssayZoo has over 50K paper samples. This could be a great advantage, but you can only access some of them for free. If you like the start, you should buy the rest. We didn’t like it. Agencies that really care about clients offer them freely.


Access: Paid

Originality: Almost all Original

Number of Categories: 23

Samples Accuracy & Categorization: Accurate

Quality of Samples: Low

Worldview Analysis: Rationalism and Impact on Government and Society

Category: History

Wordcount: 550

Analysis: We looked through this essay, and it wasn’t inspiring. Language is awkward and barely academic. The first sentence has an odd construction: “consistent agitation for observance of civil rights” makes no sense. We wouldn’t buy such paper.


Positive Influence of Music and Movement on Preschoolers

Category: Education

Wordcount: 825

Analysis: This essay sample was poorly written and contained some grammar errors. Some word and phrase choices made by the author made it seem like the article was generated via a program, not written by a human, let alone an expert in the field of education.


The Brain Science of Obesity TED Talk

Category: Literature & Language

Wordcount: 275

Analysis: This sample had a few punctuation errors. In general, the quality of this sample was OK, but it would need to be edited manually before a student could submit it to a professor. For a paid sample, such quality of writing is substandard.


Sample 1

Worldview Analysis: Rationalism and Impact on Government and Society

Sample 2

Positive Influence of Music and Movement on Preschoolers

Sample 3

The Brain Science of Obesity TED Talk

User Interface

EssayZoo website design looks outdated comparing to similar platforms. It features a blue, brown and yellow color scheme and animal-related graphic design. Navigation is not very easy, as you have to scroll and read through much information to get the details you are looking for. There are no separate sections on refunds and guarantees, which is not user-friendly.


Types of papers:
All types

Writing Services for Students

EssayZoo offers different writing services that you can choose from on the website. That said, the pricing policy for the various services isn’t very clear. There is no pricing chart, but there is a price calculator when you make an order.


Prices: When we read online reviews of EssayZoo, we noted that most clients seemed content with the prices. Upon studying them, we agreed. The company charges starting with $12.91 per page — this is a price for a high-school paper with a deadline of 10 days. If deadlines are shorter, the price increases, but the difference is in cents, so it isn’t even noticeable. Discounts that reach 15% are given to first-time clients, which is a pleasant addition. What’s less pleasant are extra options that come for money, such as plagiarism reports. They cost about $9 while they should come for free.


Delivery & Deadlines: EssayZoo supports urgent orders along with orders with lengthier deadlines. We were astonished to see that it accepts requests from clients who need an essay in just one hour! We doubt this is feasible or real, but this option exists, so try it at your own risk.

Confidentiality & Guarantees: In this detailed EssayZoo review, we analyzed the policies of the company line by line. Clients need to know that they are safe and that the info they share won’t be used against their interests. Unfortunately, things are more complicated in EssayZoo. The company admits that it collects much private info about you, including the financial type, and can share it with third parties. More than that, even if you request them to delete everything since you’re leaving their website, it won’t concern these other parties! They might refuse to obey your request, and EssayZoo openly states that there is nothing it could do, particularly if the process takes much time. We were furious with these policies. They are not safe.

Revision Policy & Refunds

Is EssayZoo good at covering its bases? Yes, at least on paper. Its revision policies are generous. Clients could ask for amendments within the next 30 days. This ensures that if your writer makes mistakes, they’ll be forced to correct them for free. But there is a drawback: there is no guarantee that writers will complete it before your deadline. They could amend the paper in three, five, or seven days, which isn’t ideal. We asked for revision personally since we didn’t like the quality of our order, and the results were poor. The writer barely corrected anything, and they did this almost a week after the initial deadline.

A Few Words About Writers

As showed us, writers are divided into different groups. Some hold impressive qualifications, but others lack them. Our writer was like this. They didn’t perform their task as we expected – but we’ll disclose the details below. What you need to learn is that this company separates its experts into different quality categories. There are average writers and top writers who you could hire by paying an extra $2.95 per page. We never liked this approach. All writers must be equally professional. Review of Paper Quality

We ordered an essay in Nursing with 5 pages. We asked our writer to deliver it in 2 weeks, and while it arrived on time, this is where the good news ended. Look at this list of issues we found:

Bad grammar. Our writer wasn’t a native English speaker. It was obvious from poor constructions, wrong verb choice, and mixed tenses.

Flawed content. Is EssayZoo legit in terms of writing quality? Based on our writer, not really! They didn’t follow our instructions. We sent them a case study, and they summarized it instead of analyzing it. This was the opposite of what we ordered.

Incorrect sources. The writer used four sources. Only one of them was credible, the rest were random articles from the Internet.

Problems with formatting. We wanted Chicago formatting. It is tough, but professional sites need to understand how it works. EssayZoo didn’t since our essay wasn’t formatted correctly.

This is where the situation with refunds comes into play, and this isn’t something you’ll find in other EssayZoo reviews. The company gives its clients only 3 days to request their money back. This is impossible to realize: you won’t even know what your professor said during this time.

Customer Support

Operators are always online. Chat is a part of this website, and you can activate it in less than 10 seconds. We didn’t have to wait for replies, someone was there to assist us every time. We can only praise operators.

Online Reputation: What EssayZoo Reviews Told Us

While EssayZoo has been working for over ten years, it didn’t gain much attention. There are few reviews online, and this is strange. Their authenticity is also dubious.

Only nine reviews are present, and they are very generic. We aren’t certain we should trust them. Look at this example: a reviewer wrote a comment targeting other students and inspiring them to place an order. Marketers are more likely to do it.


Only four reviews of EssayZoo are on this platform, and they are equally suspicious. See the identical style of missing words and awkward speech in two examples on a screenshot. They both also discuss samples mostly, which makes them even more similar — worryingly so. We can bet the same people wrote them.


Final Verdict

At the end of our review, we give it a rating of 2.5 stars. It provides cheap services with generous revisions; it has a curious website and responsive customer support. But its writers are disappointing, and getting money back is basically a pipe dream. Privacy is also not guaranteed. We don’t recommend it as a top service. Look at our more positive reviews for locating the website that won’t fail your expectations!


Is EssayZoo reliable?

If you care about quality, you shouldn’t trust this company. Unfortunately, not all of its writers are qualified — some could let you down by failing to follow your instructions.

Is EssayZoo safe?

Not particularly. It has worrisome privacy policies: it might share your data with third parties, and it refuses to accept responsibility if these parties misuse it.

Is EssayZoo a scam?

No. As reviews show, this company provides real services to its clients, and it’s been working for over a decade. No scam can survive for such a long time.

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1 Reviews

This service is a joke! My paper was delayed and It wasn’t even that good.

1 Reviews

It was my first order and it went OK. I got a B, but to be honest I hoped for an A, since the essay I got here was pretty pricey.

1 Reviews

I wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone. Not only did I spend a lot more on my paper than I planned, but my art essay also had some plagiarism concerns.

1 Reviews

I can’t say that it’s the best paper I ever bought online, but I’d say it’s worth is money.

1 Reviews

On the plus side, I can highlight the fact that my work was written by a professional, and of the minuses is that the work was not given within the stipulated time

1 Reviews

It wasn’t quite done perfectly, I think it could have been done done better.

1 Reviews

some of the words in my paper were very abstruse to me, I wish the writer had written a little more simply, so you could immediately understand what he was talking about

1 Reviews

I expected the amount to be less, but I was pleased with the quality and speed of completion.

1 Reviews

Essay service customer service was adequate, but could have been more responsive.

1 Reviews

The service provided a high level of attention to detail in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but they failed to meet the deadline.

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