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  • free essay samples
  • innovative editing methods
  • urgent delivery
  • high prices
  • lack of writing services
Writing Services: Yes
  • Minimum Deadline 3 hours
  • Lowest Price $11
  • Discounts Not available
  • Payment Methods PayPal, Visa, MasterCard
  • Guarantees 24/7 Support, Money-Back, On-time Delivery, Proofreading, Editing
  • Types of papers Essay, Thesis, Dissertation, Book report, Outline, Book review, Movie review, Case Study, Reaction paper
Samples: Yes
  • Number of Samples 27
  • Number of Categories 1k+
  • Access Free essays samples
  • Originality of Samples Almost all Original
  • Quality of Samples Medium

Kibin is not a writing service as they only offer free samples and specific editing services that are quite pricey, according to our reviews experience. The problem with this business is that it does not offer more than what an average person would receive with the help of the basic Grammarly plan or similar tools. Speaking of positives, they offer good samples that are not free to use but they represent their quality and attitude to plagiarism issues. It is not a bad service per se if you need basic assistance or some help with style and grammar, yet there are many more affordable options that are worth trying.

As we were analyzing various information for our Kibin review, we hoped to work with another essay writing service, which is not the case here. According to what we could find out, this service offers 24/7 editing and proofreading services with a selection of essay samples. Since they are not free and you won’t be able to see them with some sort of email subscription, it must be noted that Kibin is not cheap! Their prices for basic editing will start from $13.61 for 1000 words 3 hours deadline. Your credit card will be billed $14.95 monthly even if you do not access any of their services or decide to cancel your subscription. In addition to their paid essay database, they offer Free Thesis Builder and Free Paper Grader, which means you can submit your essay and have it graded by one of their specialists. Since they do not provide essay help from scratch, our review of Kibin will focus on editing and proofreading features, which do not seem to get much positive feedback online.

Kibin Essay Writing Tools

They have a citation check that costs $1 per one citation, which is way too expensive since one can find numerous free citation generators online.

Another feature is the Thesis Generator, which is free and offers step-by-step guidance that may help you to get rid of writer’s block.

The most interesting or unique feature that we have found at Kibit is their free Paper Grader, which lets you upload your essay and have it graded by one of the company’s professionals. We did so and waited for 27 hours until we received a short reply stating that our paper would receive a “B” grade with not much explanation as to why it is so.

The other reviews do not mention this feature, so we do not know if such represents a normal experience.


The company also posts various essays that are graded, which is why we hoped for a detailed review, which was not the case here.

Essay Samples Review

Unlike other similar services, Kibin does not offer anything for free. Although you can take a look through the first part of an essay example, you have to pay if you want to see the rest.


Access: Paid Subscription.

Samples Originality: Even though they do not provide free essay samples, their content is almost original as can be seen below. However, we do not recommend using their samples and submitting them as your own work. Many students could have accessed these essays before you and submitted them to Turnitin.


We did not encounter any major issues with plagiarism, although services like Turnitin would show that this essay has only 87% originality because of the book’s famous quote being used in its original form.

The number of categories: 27 categories. They cover most academic subjects. Good topics variety here.
Samples accuracy & categories: No issues encountered.
Samples quality: Medium. Some of our examples have not been proofread and contained poor English style.

Summing things up, it is quite disappointing that Kibin does not offer free essays that could be used for inspiration and asks users to subscribe and pay to download their samples. It is unlike most services that offer email subscriptions. It is a negative point that we should note in our review.

Sample Analysis Evaluation

As always, we took four different essay samples that they have to check their accuracy, proofreading, and editing aspects in the first place.

The Concept of Personal Responsibility in Catch-22, a Novel by Joseph Heller

Category: Literature

Topic: World Literature

Word count: 2588 words

Analysis: This sample does not have any major proofreading or editing issues, yet its structure leaves several doubts regarding the author’s intention. Regarding personal responsibility, the introduction fails to tell basic information about Heller’s novel or to pose an argument that would explain why the responsibility factor is relevant. The lack of any quotes makes this review look like a summary with a basic retelling of facts that any reader might already know.


Understanding Depressive and Bipolar Disorders, and the Biological Factors of the Psychological Disorders

Category: Psychology

Topic: Psychiatry

Word count: 676 words

Analysis: It is one of those Kibin essays where you only see how it starts, which is why the lack of any quotes or references speaks about the author’s inability to conduct proper research. It gives no medical explanation concerning depression or bipolar disorders. The paper follows a high-school writing style with a collection of ideas and facts that are not structured. Some stylistic and English command issues have been spotted, especially in logic between the sentences.


A Research on the Mining of Bituminous Coal

Category: Environment

Topic: Mining

Word count: 1967 words

Analysis: We have not encountered any major issues regarding this particular sample except for the lack of any sources or references. For example, an author states that bituminous coal is of higher quality than lignite coal but of poorer quality than anthracite. Since it is not common knowledge, this information should have evidence or statistical data. It is not bad per se, yet even free essays examples must follow academic writing structure. Asking people to pay money for something that has poor quality is unacceptable.


Sample 1

The Concept of Personal Responsibility in Catch-22, a Novel by Joseph Heller

Sample 2

Understanding Depressive and Bipolar Disorders, and the Biological Factors of the Psychological Disorders

Sample 3

A Research on the Mining of Bituminous Coal

Interface and Usability

Kibin has a nice website but when we tried browsing through their samples database, it took longer than usual until everything was fully loaded. The structure itself is nothing to complain about with no visible elements or explanation of such a major slowdown.

Types of papers:
All types

Kibin Writing Services

Unfortunately, Kibin is not one of the websites to help with homework and does not offer any writing services like WritingUniverse or Gradesfixer. What they provide is professional editing and proofreading. It is supposed to help students polish their papers and get rid of most mistakes. The major problem here is that it deals with grammar and spelling issues, providing even lesser assistance than Grammarly, which can be used free of charge.

  • Prices: Their prices start from $11 to $14, depending on whether you have 72 hours deadline or only 3 hours. Remember that we talk about editing here, which is way too expensive when you can receive original essay writing by paying a bit more at some other companies. Moreover, they do not have any discounts or special campaigns.
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard.
  • Delivery and Deadlines: Unfortunately, Kibit fails to deliver editing work on time. Our sample has been delivered 13 hours late.
  • Revision policy and money-back guarantee: They have no refunds available and our revision instructions have been ignored.
  • Confidentiality & Guarantees: Kibit is a legit service and we have not spotted any confidentiality issues.

Kibin Editor Services

Kibin does not provide any information about their writers except stating that they are ninjas, wizards, experts. Indeed, you should trust your editing to so-called experts with user profiles that cannot be checked. You cannot choose your editor. The majority of customers complain that they could do better editing and that Grammarly does exactly the same free check, which involves spelling and grammar editing.


Our experience and communication with Kibin’s editors have been unsatisfactory as well. Some other reviews of Kibin are also negative:


Papers Quality: If you do not want to have your deadline missed, better turn to free features of Grammarly or ask someone else to proofread your paper. Our experience has shown us that their experts may even add some mistakes that have not been thereby cutting your sentences into several smaller ones, which takes away the original meaning.

Customer support: We could not encounter any live customer support unless we made a payment, giving us a chance to connect with their writers. The basic help only provides articles with general information.

Kibin Review - General Impressions

Kibin’s online reputation is not so good, considering their lack of essay writing and high prices for editing that does not include any bonus features. Looking at their essay examples and the fact that they do not provide any “before” and “after” samples of their work, it’s not surprising that most customers are not happy.

Turning to Trustpilot, we receive reviews that confirm our personal opinion:

Kibin’s representatives seem to reply to negative comments, which is quite good, in our opinion. Still, lack of any free essay samples that would show improved results is an omission that makes any cooperation risky.

Is the company legit? Kibin belongs to legit services and poses no risks as to confidentiality.


Our Order and Final Verdict

Our experience has not been good since we paid $35 for editing that corrected two cases of spelling and one awkward sentence. When we asked to change some styling aspects, our writer ignored this request. Some sentences have been ruined by making them smaller without bridging words.

Our final verdict: 3 stars out of 5.


Is Kibin safe?

Yes, it is a legit company. It has been on the market for a long time providing their services to students from all over the world. They have many reviews online.

Is Kibin free?

No, both essay samples and editing features are only per subscription. Although a limited number of people have access to their essay examples, it is not advised to use them and submit them for grading.

Are there Kibin discounts?

According to our experience and other Kibin reviews, they do not have any discounts. We doubt that there are any discounts ever on this website.

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My thought when communicating with the writer was that he was capable. It’s just a shame he couldn’t meet my standards. I was really looking forward to using them long term.

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Recomending them to my friends means i’m an awful person. They are just not good enough

1 Reviews

I gave them multiple jobs all at once because I read they had only hire certified writers. At the end, I couldn’t even pick one out of the job they did because the whole thing was really poor. I need my money back please.

1 Reviews

The essay had no structure. Reading and making sense of the contents was like the toughest thing. I can’t believe I actually paid for their shite services.

Ostin ಠ_ಠ
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just as much as I like your operators, i often get disappointed by papers. please, hire better writers, thank you

1 Reviews

My personal top 3 throw away money looks like this: 1. ordering work on your service. 2. buying bitcoin at a high rate. 3. Buying a skateboard that I still haven’t ridden

1 Reviews

the writer wrote what I wanted, but I was saddened by the slow operation of this service

1 Reviews

I can’t say anything bad about this service, but I can’t praise it either

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