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  • a good collection free essay samples
  • homework help services on STEM subjects
  • helpful blog for college students
  • affordability
  • late paper delivery
  • major plagiarism issues
Writing Services: Yes
  • Lowest Price $10
  • Minimum Deadline 3 hours
  • Discounts 5% for the first time orders
  • Payment Methods VISA, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Apple Pay, Splitit
  • Guarantees 24/7 Support, Confidentiality, Customer Satisfaction, Money Back, No Plagiarism, On-time Delivery
  • Types of Papers Essays, Annotated bibliography, Article, Article review, Biography, Book review, Movie review, Business plan, Capstone project, Case study, Coursework, Research papers, Term paper, Thesis, Dissertation, Admission essay, Resume/CV, Personal statement
Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Samples 75
  • Number of Categories 12
  • Access Free
  • Originality of Samples Almost all Original
  • Quality of Samples Medium
  • Website Navigation Simple
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  • Helpful Blog With Educational Info
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We do not recommend using this service because our custom order contained plagiarism and the paper itself has been delivered late. They have good free essay examples that are mostly reliable and can be used for reference purposes. Their homework help mainly focuses on Physics, Maths, and Chemistry, yet it will take you an unknown amount of time as you wait for the best writer available. It seems to be one of the writing mills where your expert can be basically anyone. The only good point is the blog and affordability, which could have made this company good if not for plagiarism problems.

Coming across this nice website that offers academic writing help online, we did not know what to expect as we composed our PaperHelp review. They seem to offer good prices per page and provide problem-solving and admission help, which is often the case with most essay writing services, yet do they deliver? Our task is to provide you with a real-time review and share our experience. Unfortunately, as our experts placed personalized order, we have encountered a lack of academic structure, poor grammar, and instructions that have not been followed. Checking things further, one can say that this service is not entirely bad, yet it has lots of things to improve as you will find out below.

Useful Tools: PaperHelp Review

Unfortunately, we could not find any helpful essay tool for our PaperHelp review. The only useful part that can be offered without any charges is the blog with some articles that assist with academic subjects and hints.


For example, it has “How to” guides that would explain how an essay must be written, yet it has general information only (no unique data) that does not equal any free tools.

PaperHelp Samples

Although one could not find a plethora of college paper examples to check out, half of the papers reviewed were completely original, which is a nice surprise. Nevertheless, we do not recommend downloading free examples or copying anything since it is not safe and may lead to plagiarism.


The Originality of Samples: Almost all Original. At the time of writing this review article, there were some essay samples that have passed plagiarism checks. However, we cannot guarantee that no one used them by the time you read this article. That is why think twice before copying any text from this website and pasting it into your essay.


Accuracy of Samples & Categorization: Accurate.

Samples Quality: Medium.

Summary: We have encountered several high-quality examples for this PaperHelp review that was fully original. It is much better than what our experts usually found in past reviews.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Sample on Media and Violence in Children

Category: Rhetorical Analysis

Wordcount: 3 pages.


Writing this review, we were quite surprised to encounter 100% originality. It has decent grammar and no structure or style issues. It has minor proofreading issues that could fix some sentences, yet it would not degrade one’s final grade. If only PaperHelp assignments could be that good, things would have been much better.


Discussion Essay About Slavery and Frederick Douglass’ Heritage

Category: Essay

Wordcount: 1 page.


It appears that this essay is based on a book review by Frederick Douglass. It has a deep discussion even considering this paper’s short format. It has a source that supports one’s thoughts. A nice example!


Persuasive Essays on Gun Control: One of the Best Examples to Follow

Category: Persuasive Essay

Wordcount: 4 pages.


This essay sample lacks a good thesis that would make this persuasive essay confident. It only lists several facts and compares the pros and cons of being proactive concerning gun control issues. It has minor grammar issues that are mostly present because of poor editing.


Sample 1

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Sample on Media and Violence in Children

Sample 2

Discussion Essay About Slavery and Frederick Douglass’ Heritage

Sample 3

Persuasive Essays on Gun Control: One of the Best Examples to Follow

Interface Of the Website

It has a nice rocket spaceman design, which is quite nice and makes this business unique in terms of layout. It has most Paper Help assistance aspects outlined, which makes it easy to approach things. As soon as you need to find something, it can be encountered at the top or through their price calculator.


Types of papers:
All types

PaperHelp Writing Services

As we started with this PaperHelp review, it became clear that this writing service offers all kinds of essay assignments, resume writing, admission help, research paper help, dissertations, editing, proofreading, multiple-questions, or problem-solving, which would be quite good if only it could maintain decent quality.


Prices: Speaking of affordability, your page will start at $10 per 275 words of highschool writing, yet your prices will change if you select a college or university level or will change your deadline. Our PaperHelp review order was $18 per page since our experts chose university level. As for editing, it will be $6 per page if it is high-school or $11 per university-level. Regarding discounts, you will receive a free title, bibliography, and a plagiarism report if it is your first-time order. Some other writing services offer it free all the time. Now, if your order costs over $500, you’ll receive a 5% discount.

Delivery Time & Deadlines: They promise to write your assignment in three hours, yet our deadline has not been followed. Receiving our paper 16 hours later than our specified deadline has taken several stars off from our PaperHelp review. Some other PaperHelp org reviews have also complained about a late delivery, which seems to be this service’s main problem.

Confidentiality & Guarantees: Their terms of use policy states that they own sole copyright for all intellectual property, which means that your paper can be placed online as the logic speaks.


However, they are a legit company that seems to offer academic service with such statements.

Customer Support: Their customer support is probably the best part of this PaperHelp review. They have been helpful and tried to explain every bit that was unclear to our team. They are probably outsourced because they had to wait for their writers to appear and did not know who is the best for some subject. Still, PaperHelp’s customer service was friendly.

Homework Help:


Q&A: Yes

Tutoring: No

Online Courses: No

Access: Paid Homework Help

Discounts: Not Available

Quality of Help: Low

Subjects: Limited Amount (Math, Physics, Chemistry)

Mobile App: No

Revision & Refunds Policy

PaperHelp provides only three free revisions, which is still not helpful as our experts and many other customers had to wait for another writer or pay an extra to work with your previous expert. Their refunds are virtually non-existent because they will be the ones to decide if your paper is good or not.

Essay Writing Experts

You can choose their Top Writers, yet it has no profile information or anything that would help you win over this or that person since you cannot talk to them before making a payment. You may request a basic Paper Help Org writer at no extra charge, which is a standard, an advanced native English writer who is the best in your subject, and their TOP writer who has the highest rating. We did not use their paid “Preferred Writer Category” at $14.99 for our Paper Help review, which is why we shall see what some standard writer will do.


Quality of Written Papers

Our PaperHelp review order has been a negative experience because our writer did not understand certain instructions and had no knowledge of our subject. We had to ask for three free revisions, yet it did not help much. As for other online reviews, it was either a win or miss. They have high-school, college, university, and Ph.D. levels. We chose the “university” quality for the assignment for review of Paper Help, yet it has not helped us.

Overall Impression about PaperHelp

This company appears somewhere in the middle as we checked through various online reviews. However, our order had the same issues as a plethora of customers have faced, – late delivery, no listening on behalf of your writer, and limited revisions. Of course, some clients mentioned a lack of any academic format rules being followed, which is what our experts have encountered.

For example, here is what we have at Sitejabber:


It shows that this person has encountered some non-native English speakers, which goes against what is promised by this service.

Here is what some reviews at TrustPilot have:


Choosing their top writer is what we hoped to find out for this PaperHelp review, yet could not tolerate an additional price. Even though our review of Paper Help worked with a basic writer, one can see that changing the writer’s quality might not result in a better outcome.

Is PaperHelp Legit?

This company is registered by CoreForce Ltd (Larnaca, Cyprus), yet their physical location is in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. While it is normal practice for homework helping websites, this company seems to be legit with no serious issues.

Our Order from PaperHelp

Unfortunately, our task for PaperHelp Review has been delivered much later. The instructions were not followed and three revisions did not help. Our order did not have plagiarism issues, yet it was mostly because of no quotes that had to be there. Is PaperHelp reliable? We would not say so as some other online reviews had the same issues. What has made our review negative is a late delivery of our assignment.

Final Verdict: Our PaperHelp review can only give this essay writing business 2 stars out of 5. The only two stars go out to free college examples that were mostly original and much better than what this company offers. However, their major issue is late delivery time, which seems to be quite frequent. Even if your college paper contains no major mistakes, PaperHelp attitude to paper deadlines must be fixed.


Is PaperHelp safe?

It’s not safe because your order might not be delivered timely. Even though this company promises to provide your paper in three hours, the practice shows that it is not really so. If you want to stay safe, consider some other writing service.

Is PaperHelp scam?

No, our PaperHelp review could not notice any illegal activity. They claim that your task (or intellectual content) belongs to them. It is something that you may have to discuss with the company’s support.

Is PaperHelp free?

It’s not free. Their prices per page start at $10. They provide mostly original paper examples free of charge. However, our experts do not recommend copying its content.

Is PaperHelp legit?

According to our Paper Help review, it’s legit. They are registered in Cyprus. They have a physical address as well.

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Lost count of the errors i found in the essay. I really don’t understand how they could do this. it is really unfair to me.

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They missed the topic. Everything was wrong as they used a wrong topic.

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Paper Help

Using their service was a mistake… it won’t happen again, I promise myself.

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Paper Help

Ordered an essay three days ago and still havent got it. not good >:(

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Paper Help

the company promises to deliver the paper in three hours, but for some reason my order was delivered in five hours, even though my order was not very big/

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Paper Help

expensive and of poor quality! I don’t want to deal with you anymore! you have disappointed me!

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No paper help, this is how you should call your company. The quality is hideous

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I’ve never been screwed like this before. Not only did they delay the deadline, but they also wrote nonsense, not an essay. I’m crying!

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No service… they don’t know how to work… that’s the whole reason

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I am completely disappointed with this service… they need to change the writers

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