Pros & Cons
  • numerous subjects are covered. 
  • helpful free essay samples. 
  • exam revision automation. 
  • urgent task delivery option. 
  • extensive payment options
  • high prices
Writing Services: Yes
  • Minimum Deadline 4 hours
  • Lowest Price £124 per 1000 words
  • Discounts Not available
  • Payment Methods AliPay, WeChat Pay, Visa, MasterCard
  • Guarantees 24/7 Support, Money-Back, Native Writers, On-time Delivery, Proofreading, Revision
  • Types of papers Essay, Thesis, Dissertation, Book report, Outline, Book review, Movie review, Case Study, Reaction paper
Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Samples 10k+
  • Number of Categories 1k+
  • Access Free essays samples
  • Originality of Samples Almost all Original
  • Quality of Samples Medium
Tools: Yes
  • Citation Tools
Easy to Navigate: Yes



Even though UKEssays is a legit British academic writing service, it is still one of the higher-priced options that may be over what an average college student may afford. Our review team has also encountered serious proofreading and editing issues. Speaking of available samples, they contain high plagiarism, which is also reflected in existing orders. We would not recommend using this service because there are numerous cheaper options without quality deterioration. Although they provide a plethora of essay writing assistance, it is not the most reliable service. They also provide urgent deadlines for college students, yet their pricing method does not justify their policies.

Starting with our UK Essays review, it must be said that they claim as the only legal essay writing service in the UK, which is not entirely true since some other companies claim to operate within specified British laws. Founded in 2003, UK Essays offers more than essay writing by focusing on dissertations, reports, reflective writing, case study work, editing, PowerPoint presentations, homework help for college students, and CV composition. According to, this service has received 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 1176 reviews. Since their customers are mostly British university students, all prices are given in pounds and start from £124 per 1000 words and a 7 days deadline. Considering that it is roughly 3 pages, it is about £40 per page of undergraduate-level writing. The UK essay help is not cheap, yet it is final quality that matters. Read on to see what our personal experience has been like with this service.

UKEssays Writing Tools

In terms of writing tools, they do not have a lot to offer, mostly containing citation generators. They include Harvard Referencing, APA, Vancouver, OSCOLA, and some other less common in UK styles like Chicago, Turabian, or MLA.

ukessays review of tools

Tools offered at the UK essay are all free and contain no negative sides or remarks. Trying it with several books and magazines by entering ISBN or DOI numbers have resulted in good citing examples.

UK Essays Review Breakdown of Samples

The UKessays offers a nice selection of samples that showcase the quality and various types of company’s work. They are written by their experts and represent a good range of papers that can be sorted by subject or assignment type.

Access: Free essays samples

Originality: UKessays claim that papers are original but indeed they could have been used by many students as everyone has access to samples.

Number of categories: 1k

Sample quality: Medium

4 Samples Analysis

As seen from our screenshot, only plagiarism report leads to, which is UKEssays’s sister company.


All these UK essays represent 90-100% original company’s work. All our other entries caught by free plagiarism check lead to their sister sites that also belong to our reviewed service. However, these samples were published long ago so their uniqueness is doubtful. As essay examples are free to access, they could have been used and submitted by students many times.

The analysis shows that every sample that one may download contains several mistakes that influence quality of an essay. Checking through four categories, one can say that samples do not have thorough research since most writers have been in a hurry. Therefore, one must take samples as basic references to see what kind of quality and content can be provided in each category. 

All in all, samples in UK essay writing service vary in quality, yet they are mostly fine, representing quality writing. If the task is more complex, all mistakes start to appear, yet full text must be taken in each case.

The Effectiveness Of Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Eating Disorders

Category: Psychology

Topic: Healthcare

Word count: 2050 words

Analysis: The first thing that catches one’s eye is that content in our Psychology essay is focusing on nursing and healthcare aspects. It does not relate to Psychology per se. Text contains several lengthy sentences with minor mistakes. Some sentences have a run-on structure. The amount of quotes is too large with an author’s voice not being there.


Would A Change In The Law On Assisted Dying Be Ethically Permissible

Category: Law
Topic: Law & Ethics
Word count: 2850 words
Analysis: UK essay’s Law paper contains a weak thesis and ideas scattered in an introduction part that do not explain our sample’s main thesis. One sentence starts with “because”, which is unacceptable for university-level grammar.


Factors Influencing Sanitation Conditions in Ghana

Category: Environmental Science

Topic: Nature

Word count: 10255 words

Analysis: This UK essays Environmental Science dissertation is mostly good, yet there is no clear overview section as can be seen below.

A Comparison of Teacher Education in Australia and the UK

Category: Education
Topic: Teacher Education
Word count: 9720 words
Analysis: Our UK essays writing’s Education dissertation represents a very good example that follows dissertation rules, yet represented thesis is too short and has no clear explanation regarding “common aspects” discussed.


Sample 1

The Effectiveness Of Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Eating Disorders

Sample 2

Would A Change In The Law On Assisted Dying Be Ethically Permissible

Sample 3

Factors Influencing Sanitation Conditions in Ghana

Sample 4

A Comparison of Teacher Education in Australia and the UK

Interface and Its Usability

Speaking of this website’s interface, it has a nice color scheme with a simple menu that includes a list of services tab, a brief explanation of how their service works, special offers that contain various discounts, samples of the company’s work, user reviews, information about how the UKEssay works, and a list of free academic resources. There is a UK phone on top of the service page with a login offer and a handy notifications icon. As always, 24/7 live chat is an obligatory feature these days that works as soon as you fill in your basic information with an essay request.

Types of papers:
All types

UKEssay Writing Service

  1. The company completes essays of various kinds, dissertations, research paper writing services, report writing, case study, resume assistance, Capstone project, and even PowerPoint presentations. In addition to that, they have proofreading, editing with an essay marking.
  2. Current offers (see website’s menu tab) have a 25% off proposal on all services. Another option is free dissertation titles service, however it’s not one of the websites that write essays for free. Friend referencing will provide you with a 15% off coupon. At the time of composing UK essays reviews drafts, our customer support agent has provided another 20% discount, which means that one should check special campaigns when placing an order.
  3. Existing payment options include Bank Transfer, Mastercard, Visa, WeChat Pay, or even Alipay.
  4. Delivery times and deadlines are mostly good according to reviews. This UK company always tries to send your essay before your deadline, which has also happened in our case.
  5. Revision policy is offered for free, yet refunds represent service’s most common problem as you must pass their check control with company’s QA system. Since they are quite biased, your chances of winning this battle are very low.
  6. is reviewed by British media including BBC or the Guardian, that claim they are a fully legal company.
  7. Your writers cannot be chosen. Their experts will choose you the most fitting person for your task. According to customer support, all their writers hold an Undergraduate 2.1 or higher, with a greater number qualified master’s level or Ph.D. Still, it cannot be verified and one cannot access any profiles.
  8. Quality of essays. Based on reviews and our order, it’s safe to assume that quality is higher than medium. Order’s quality is based on your request to match specified task requirements.
  9. UKessay customer support is excellent and detailed. They are friendly and offer detailed information, so you do not have to browse through their website. An operator has responded in about two minutes.

Overall Impression and Online Reputation

Speaking about UK essay has been generally positive if not for service’s high prices with those minor mistakes, which has made our personal experience not as good as it could be.


Sitejabber has 37 entries at the moment of our review. Currently, it has 4.65 stars, which is a good position. However, there’s one negative review, which speaks of their refund. It has been UKEssay’s most frequent complaint so far in case of low quality. No talk about any missed deadlines though.


Trustpilot has a surprising 3.2 stars out of 5 and 14 reviews. Discovered negative review discusses the company’s poor standards. Regarding other negative reviews, they speak about moderate quality and high prices, which is also true for our essay review.

Concerning service’s other reviews, they are mostly positive, speaking about their being legal and safe even when your university spots something wrong. However, some students claim that UK essay writing has low quality and lack refunds.

Is Reviewed Company Legal? claims to be fully legit and represents registration, physical address, and legal history. Even though one is dealing with a company that has been registered in the UK, it still looks like contacting a ghostwriter with no clear credentials or direct communication, which isn’t possible in a case like a dissertation.

No direct contact takes more time and provides no guarantees that you will meet your deadline. They have been operating since 2003, which speaks for their reliability, yet UK essay writers are unknown to an average client, so it’s a risky challenge for most students.

Our Order from UkEssays

Of course, the most important part of writing a critical review of any company is personal experience, which has been unsatisfactory in our case. Our professional team of academic specialists, former teachers and professors checked an essay that was completed by UKessays writer. Even though our deadline has been met, dissertation quality appears to be low and contains several typos and repetitions. Our order contained several mistakes that related to sources that have not been properly referenced. UK Essays must focus on this aspect more.

The paper has not been properly edited or proofread in advance, which cannot earn a good mark from our review. The structure has been generally good and the references contained the latest entries from both magazines and the print books. Requesting a free revision, we received it two hours before our submission date, which did not grant us much time to check the paper. The revision has been fairly good and our issues have been faced. Still, such minor mistakes must be eliminated, considering the high price.

Conducting an analysis based on both online paper writing service reviews and our own order with our reviewed company, we are generally satisfied with a total of 4,3 stars out of 5, which is quite good for one of the best companies in the United Kingdom in terms of advertising their products.


Is it safe to buy this service’s essays in the United Kingdom?

They state that their service is fully legal, yet it must be done at your own risk. Submit your papers only when you are certain that your British university won’t find out that you are using UKEssays.

What should I do if my 7 days amendment essay period has ended and I still need to correct something?

From UKessays reviews we have found out that even if your seven days have passed, they will still rectify any issue for you. All it takes is sending your details and providing your writer’s ID. However, it may be possible that such revision work won’t be free.

Can I request editing for my paper that I have already written before?

This kind of service is offered as well. Editing of 1000 words will cost you £65.00 for an undergraduate level. A typical deadline that is usually set is 7 days. However, our British service claims to send you the paper long before the deadline, which is true according to numerous UK essay writing company reviews.

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1 Reviews

They laboured hard and I appreciate the time and energy they put into writing my paper.

1 Reviews
UK Essays

Needed help with my essay as I was out of time. i didn’t want to give my friend the work because i wanted something of stellar quality. It’s painful that i was billed yet i didn’t get the level of satisfaction that I wanted.

1 Reviews

got my assignment after the deadline…. 🤬

do NOT count on them!!

1 Reviews

The quality of your content was more than okay. Thanks people.. Will need you guys again soon.

1 Reviews

chatting was a bit unfriendly but my research paper turned out pretty well

1 Reviews

There are both positive and negative experiences with this service. On the positive side: the work was done on time. On the negative side: there were some grammatical errors.

1 Reviews

For the essay you wrote, I got a D. I will rate your service at the same level!

1 Reviews

I can’t say I’m super happy with the paper I ordered here. I think they could have come up with something better.

1 Reviews

I wish I could learn to write myself and save money on it, but so far the guys from this service help me out

1 Reviews

There is something to praise the guys from this service, they really did a good job, but there is also something to scold them for, is that they asked to give them more time than expected.

1 Reviews

my essay deadline changed, so I had to ask the writer to write my essay before the agreed deadline, and I had to pay extra for that, which was a little frustrating

1 Reviews

For technical reasons, they could not deliver my paper on time. They apologized, but I certainly had to be nervous.

1 Reviews

Since you wrote the essay quickly and professionally, I have to give you 5 stars.

1 Reviews

If I had been told to choose one essay writing service, I would 100% choose this particular service.

1 Reviews

The customer service team was helpful in addressing my concerns and answering my questions.

1 Reviews

Wow, this essay writing service is the bomb! I struggled so much to write my paper, but these guys really helped me. They took my ideas and turned them into a great essay that got me an A. I don’t know how they did it, but I’m just glad they did. The process was easy and the price was reasonable. I definitely recommend them!

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