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High school, college, and university students can order several types of services from FreeEssayWriter. This includes writing and editing, as well as working with online presentations. The company covers different essay types, including applications, reviews, reflections, research, lab work, dissertations, reports, speeches, etc. The choice is satisfying.

Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Categories –
  • Access Free
  • Originality of Samples Plagiarized
  • Quality of Samples Low
Tools: Yes


Easy to Navigate: Yes


First Impressions

Each FreeEssayWriter review we found online dates back to at least 2020, but the company states it’s been working for almost 10 years. Its hook hides in its name: college students are always trying to save up, and the idea of finding a free academic writer is akin to a dream. We got bombarded with requests to research this agency and find out if it truly doesn’t charge for its services.

FreeEssayWriter has 250+ experts, which isn’t a lot. Despite its nearly decade-long experience, it served just around 2K clients. But with 100 subjects covered, students stand high chance of finding the kind of help they seek. Internet reviews are mostly positive, and we wondered if we’re going to feel the same. Our team felt skeptical — we don’t believe in free services, but we decided to look for facts.

Tools for Making Studies Easier

We wrote the best plagiarism checker review and we analyze other tools in writing companies to see if they care about students. FreeEssayWriter has samples, though only a few. There is a blog with educational articles — it’s good enough despite language issues, so we recommend checking it out.

Free Samples & Their Analysis

Some Free Essay Writer reviews mentioned samples, and it took us some time to figure out where to find them. Samples are free papers on diverse academic topics — sites add them for boosting their reputation among students. We always love checking them, and in this case, we found such samples on the website of FreeEssayWriter parent company. It’s called MyPerfectPaper. How good are they? This is what we discovered.

Access: Free & No Registration & Easy to Download

Originality: Mostly plagiarized. There are several websites working under this company, and they have the same samples.

Categories: None. Only 6 samples are present, which is a disappointingly small number.

Quality: Medium

Summary: As we saw during our review of Free Essay Writer, their samples have medium quality. Some of them are impressive and will be helpful to students. Others, not so much. Grammar issues seem to be common, so you’d have to find the best grammar checkers after placing an order. There is also a problem with numbers. 6 free essays are too little to meet students’ needs.

freeessaywriter samples originality

Immigrant Students

Pages: 62

Assessment: This is an example of dissertation with great sources and interesting ideas. It has some language issues: using passive voice in academic works isn’t a good idea, especially in dissertations, and this writer over-relies on it. Generalizations like “all Persians” are weak, too, but these mistakes aren’t detrimental. The content is educational, and overall, this is a worthy sample.

free essay writer sample



Effects of Cultural Diversity on Performance of Virtual Teams

Pages: 12

Assessment: This is another solid sample with interesting insights and strong research. Writers chose great sources to support their arguments and they met their research objectives. But language is once again a problem, just as structure. One paragraph should have at least 3 sentences in quality academic works, and sentence length shouldn’t
exceed 35-40 words. As you see in the example of the second paragraph, it consists of just one endless sentence. Mistakes and unnatural constructions are also present.

free essay writer sample 2


Philosophy Research

Pages: 6

Assessment: Our review team was getting positive about samples in this company, but only before we read this one. It doesn’t meet any academic requirements. Sources are weak: .net and .com sites are unacceptable in credible academic papers. Contractions like “doesn’t” should not be present. Using short sentences and first-person pronouns is also wrong. Ideas are vague and there are some unsupported claims.

free essay writer sample 3

Literature review: Saudi Arabia Policy and Perspectives on MOOC Education

Pages: 18

Assessment: This sample has mixed quality. Writer introduces facts and some of their sources are good, but sentences are long and rambling. A couple of sources come from unreliable platforms and grammar issues are frequent. “With wide illiteracy, the norm” is one example. Some information is repetitive.

free essay writer sample 4


Sample 1

Immigrant Students

Sample 2

Effects of Cultural Diversity on Performance of Virtual Teams

Sample 3

Philosophy Research

Sample 4

Literature review: Saudi Arabia Policy and Perspectives on MOOC Education

Interface and Website Content: Analyzing Oddities has a strange interface. On the one hand, it looks modern enough, but on the other, some parts of its content have obvious mistakes. The central page has several instances of ellipsis, which isn’t a common choice among English native speakers. The company also constantly warns that its prices might be higher than other essay help websites offer. It has a question in its FAQ section: “You charge more than a lot of other websites. Why?” Managers claim that it’s because of superior quality. That might be so, but why call itself “free” if it is anything but?


Types of papers:

Key Point of Free Essay Writer Review: Prices & Payment Methods

Customers are excited about this company because they believe they won’t have to pay anything. Many of them ask us, is this true? Not entirely. Each first-time client could get a paper of up to 2 pages for an “admin fee,” which is $10. This is generous, but calling it free is misleading. After that, one page costs starting with $15. Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express are supported payment methods.

Possible Essay Delivery Time

Several reviews complain about late deliveries. This is odd since the company’s position is admirable: it claims that it won’t accept a paper with a short deadline. Unfortunately, our essay arrived late, too. Managers apologized, but seven-hour delays are unacceptable.

Revisions + Refunds: Are You Eligible?

Yes, FreeEssayWriter offers both revisions and refunds. You’re eligible if you request revisions within 14 days. Refunds might be issued 30 days after delivery, but conditions that come with it are strict. For example, a client cannot claim a refund if they receive a bad grade.

Choosing Writers, Studying Profiles

Clients could speak with their writers personally, which is great. They could indicate which expert they want after browsing their profiles, but look at this writer:

free essa ywriter writer

And now look here:

free essay writer writers

The photo is fake. This doesn’t inspire trust!


Truth About Writing Quality

Reviews of Free Essay Writer have a lot of praise for this agency, but our experience was different. Apart from being late, the paper had weak structure, bad grammar, and unverified sources. Conclusion was non-existent. We requested revision, and it arrived after 48 more hours: conclusion made an appearance, but other problems stayed the same. Our team was unsatisfied.

What About Confidentiality?

The company’s privacy policy is dubious. It admits that it can share your info with third parties for marketing purposes. We have no idea what this involves. Another guarantee concerns plagiarism: FreeEssayWriter promises to deliver only unique works.

Looking for Truth in FreeEssayWriter Reviews

There are many reviews about FreeEssayWriter, and they are mostly good. But we have some suspicions. Many posters have photos in their profiles. What is a student going to do when reviewing online writing services? Multiple comments offer descriptive details that make them sound like ads. We aren’t sure how many of them are real.

free essay writer reviews

Is FreeEssayWriter Legit?

Our team awards FreeEssayWriter 2 stars out of 5. It has generous offers, like paying $10 for the first order, but quality is bad and writers might fail deadlines. Policies and online reviews raise some questions, and we cannot call them entirely trustworthy. Students could read good samples on this parent company’s website, but since there are only 6, most won’t find what they’re looking for. Check our reviews about other writing services and homework answers websites. We covered all possible kinds, and you’ll find the perfect fit soon.


Is FreeEssayWriter safe?

This is a real company whose writers can write a paper for you. But the quality of this paper is debatable as many experts have no idea what they are doing.

Is FreeEssayWriter free?

Not exactly. You can ask for 2 pages by paying $10 if this is your first order. Free samples are available, but custom writing services will still cost you.

Are there FreeEssayWriter discounts?

First order costs only $10, but it can’t exceed 2 pages. There is also a perpetual 50% discount, but it’s not efficient as it just makes the price for essay writing standard. Without it, the costs would be a rip-off.


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This site takes money from students, and in return gives poor-quality work stolen from Wikipedia and slightly paraphrased.

1 Reviews
free essay writer

First of all, nothing is free here! Second of all, this is s scam scheme that works smart. I don’t hope to get a refund

1 Reviews

It’s a complete scam. They claim that you don’t have to pay until you see and are satisfied with your paper. However, the reality is that you won’t get to see your paper until you make the payment. And once you’ve paid, they automatically consider it as your satisfaction, regardless of the quality of the paper. Doesn’t it sound like a trap or a scam? Yes, it certainly does.

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