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Academic Writing Services at This Company: Yes

Great Assignment Help reviews aren’t very helpful since they are all few in number, but they make one thing clear: they offer numerous services. You could ask for research, analysis, descriptive, or term papers. Writers accept requests for dissertations, and they could edit, proofread or rewrite your essay. Programming tasks are also games.

Essay Samples: Yes
  • Number of Categories 10+
  • Access Free
  • Originality of Samples Original
  • Quality of Samples Low
Tools: Yes


Easy to Navigate: Yes


First Impressions: How the Website Looks and Sounds

We began our review by analyzing its website. Its design is modern but bland. Color combinations are nice, but some unique pictures or eye-catching logos are lacking. The interface is simple, though — college students won’t have problems instantly finding the category they need.

What concerned us was website content. Whoever wrote it is not a native speaker, and it’s embarrassing that managers even posted something this flawed. Here are some examples: “Education indeed the most significant part of every student’s life.” Something is missing here, isn’t it? Like a verb. This sentence, “Team of experienced and knowledge assignment writers” is ironic because it tries to assure readers of the company’s professionalism but proves the opposite by using a noun instead of an adjective. Our first impression was mostly negative.

Assessing Customer Support

Operators reply 24/7 and are always courteous. We asked them if their company has the best paraphrasing tool for academic writing we could use and they suggested several options and gave detailed advice. We contacted them a few times and remained satisfied.

We chose to work on GreatAssignmentHelp review because this online essay writing service is new, and everyone deserves a chance to increase their number of customers as long as they provide quality services. Our team started with the basics. GreatAssignmentHelp offers academic writing help on different levels, and it has 28 pages of articles on its blog. If you’d like to learn more about it and its workers, stay tuned and see what we’ve dug up.

Academic Tools from GreatAssignmentHelp

GreatAssignmentHelp has two tools. They are an online word counter and grammar checker. Using them is free and they work efficiently enough. Grammar checker could use some improvements, though. We would also prefer bigger diversity, but even one tool is already good news.

Samples at How Good Are They?

When companies have samples, it’s a sign they support all students, including those who can’t or don’t want to pay. Samples are free papers on academic topics that you could use for ideas, guidance, or knowledge. That’s why they have to be perfect — they represent the quality of company’s writers. We tested four random examples.

Access: Free & No Registration

Categories: GreatAssignmentHelp has 1100+ essays in about 50 categories. This is a great range of choices as many students will find what they need.

Accuracy: Some works of GreatAssignmentHelp don’t belong in their categories — you can see it in the example of our first analyzed essay. “Crisis in Sudan” has nothing to do with “art.”

Quality: Medium

Summary: Samples we read during our review of Great Assignment Help were mixed. Some had better quality than others; most used professional sources but all had issues with grammar & punctuation. Students could get great ideas from these works, but we advise against copying them. This wouldn’t bring you a high grade. Managers should definitely spend some time on proofreading these essays.

Science Crisis in South Sudan

Category: Art

Count of Words: 1316

Assessment: This sample is in the wrong category, but it has rather good quality. It deals with relevant topics and introduces the background properly by explaining what problems exist in Sudan and what they might lead to. Its sources are great as they are all academic articles. The sample has some significant language issues, though. It uses “does” with “measures,” which is incorrect, and it has some repetition and informal words. The writer overuses the word “like.”

sample 1 greatassignmenthelp

Importance of standardization

Category: Nursing

Wordcount: 1101

Assessment: Unfortunately, this isn’t a good sample. It has many examples and offers some good thoughts, but the depth of research is shallow and most sources are .com articles. They are not credible. There are also problems with grammar and punctuation. Confusion between “which” and “that,” repetition of “thus,” usage of phrasal verbs, and spelling Coca Cola without capital letters are just some issues.

sample 3 greatassignmenthelp

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Category: Criminal Law

Word count: 311

Assessment: This sample has mixed quality. It develops the topic professionally, starting with background, disclosing what the experiment was, how it was set up, and what are the results. Its thesis is too vague, but it is present. The source is a relevant YouTube video. But sadly, the details are scarce, and the writer made plenty of mistakes. “Both groups have similar kinds” is an unfinished sentence; there is notable tautology and overuse of passive voice.

sample 4 greatassignmenthelp

Gender Equality and Gender Liberation

Category: Sociology

Wordcount: 1061

Assessment: This is yet another sample with mixed quality. It has excellent sources, but the writer starts introducing strong ideas only in the second half. Before that, it’s all generic statements and vagueness. Their command of English is weak. The constant usage of “male” instead of “males” makes for laughable situations. “Dominants” instead of “dominates” and “but” at the start of sentences diminish overall quality.

sample 5 greatassignmenthelp

Sample 1

Science Crisis in South Sudan

Sample 2

Importance of standardization

Sample 3

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Sample 4

Gender Equality and Gender Liberation

Everything About Prices, Discounts, & Payment Methods

No reviews mentioned prices, so we decided to do it ourselves. One page costs beginning with $12.00. This is affordable, and we noticed that discounts are available. You’d have to find out a code from chatting with operators. Payment methods include credit & debit cards and PayPal.

Understanding Essay Delivery: Is It Timely?

The agency treats clients’ deadlines responsibly. From reviews of GreatAssignmentHelp we read, that no one complained about failed deliveries. We placed an order as well and our writer submitted it on time. What we liked is that the company accepts orders with a deadline of 12+ hours. It doesn’t risk dealing with more urgent orders, and while this might upset some students, it also gives it credibility.

Revisions & Refunds: Are Clients Protected?

You could ask for a revision within 30 days after getting your essay. Refunds are offered if there is plagiarism in a paper, requirements weren’t met, or GreatAssignmentHelp failed to find a writer. These are good policies, but refunds aren’t absolute. You won’t get 100% of the money back even if a writer submitted a terrible paper.

Picking Writers & Their Credentials

Several reviews of Great Assignment Help mention writers in a positive way. The company has more than 5K experts. You can see some of their profiles on the site: they don’t have pics, just ratings, names, and short info about themselves. Names seem real, but most of these people aren’t native English speakers, though they are experts in their spheres. Their awkward language skills are obvious in a screenshot.

greatassignmenthelp writers

Paper Quality: What We Learned During Great Assignment Help Review

Reviews praise GreatAssignmentHelp, but we can’t say our experience was overly positive. The writer delivered the paper timely, yet we observed the same problems we’ve seen in samples. The research was strong enough, with excellent sources and good ideas, but language left a lot to be desired. Constant mistakes were grating, and the language was not academic.

Is Privacy a Guarantee?

GreatAssignmentHelp promises to protect clients’ confidentiality. It won’t share your data with your university and it immediately clears info about the payment method you used. Plagiarism free essay help online is also a promise.

Reading GreatAssignmentHelp Reviews

Reviews on the company’s website as well as some independent platforms are positive, but mostly, they are either irrelevant or fake. GreatAssignmentHelp claims that it got zero 1 or 2-star comments in several years of its existence. That’s impossible. Homework help website reviews sound the same and constantly use the keyword “assignment,” though most students would call it an essay, paper, or homework.

greatassignmenthelp reviews

Two reviews we found on SiteJabber are not about this company, which makes the situation confusing. The one on TrustPilot is obviously fake. The alleged student introduces their first and last name and analyzes a company as an expert, which is ridiculous for a simple comment.

greatassignmenthelp review sitejabber

greatassignmenthelp review trustpilot

Our Evaluation of This Academic Service Provider

We give GreatAssignmentHelp 3 stars out of 5 and we don’t recommend paid help. It has useful free samples, helpful tools, friendly support team, and low prices, but most of its writers don’t know English well. Grammar in your paper will be terrible. If you want free conclusion generator or proficient experts, look at our other reviews. We constantly grade services in search of the best options.


Is GreatAssignmentHelp safe?

Its policies are safe, but it cannot guarantee perfect quality because its writers are not English speakers.

Is GreatAssignmentHelp free?

You could find free essay samples there, but if you need unique help, you’ll have to pay for it.

Are there GreatAssignmentHelp discounts?

Yes, but if you want to be eligible for them, you need to chat with operators.


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1 Reviews

I am not satisfied with your services. It looks like you employ freelancers from other countries for whom English is not their first language.

1 Reviews

It was really great! My previous experience was meh but this time I got an awesome writer, yay!

1 Reviews

The service is fine, you can order here. The only thing is that there could be more discounts for students, as students always need the money.

1 Reviews

First they gave one writer, then they replaced him with another. maybe it was for the best, because they gave me a good grade.

1 Reviews

I wasn’t feeling well, got sick on Covid. I had to look for a service that would help me write an essay, as there was little time left before the deadline. The guys from the service helped me, for which I am very grateful. The only thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t give me a discount, even though I asked them to.

1 Reviews

found a mistake in the essay. to save time, I already corrected it myself

1 Reviews

The essay is clean and without errors, I have checked it. But I have some doubts whether it is plagiarized.

1 Reviews

The essay service delivered my order on time, but the quality of the paper was not exceptional.

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